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Johor Bahru for a day

Hey, peeps! I'm back for my blog since I'm having blogging mode now. *yea, it's hard to bring up the blogging mode* While, before the mood is gone, I'll be blogging first ^^

Regarding to title above, u know what i'm going to blog lorh obviously. But the night before Johor trip, me, Yorath, and Aco stayed at Jerome house for a night. And it's my first time to hear Jerome played his guitar for me *ya, i asked  one larh >.<"* cool! it's different from those he uploaded to Youtube lor... Live music is more awesome! haha! After that, we except Aco, we lay on the mattress and watched "Grow up" together. I'm not sure what Aco doing at the time we are watching the movie. *surfing porn sites?* LOL. idk!

Almost 7am we only take a short nap until 10am. Yorath woke me up and ask me whether still stick to the plan to Johor or postpone the date? because we planned to wake up at 9am and start the journey. Both of us just can't make any decision and end up ask for the time to make decision. =.=" Yorath said if the time "minutes" is in odd then we go Johor. But that time was "10:37am" lol. Not going. Went to Yorath house and asked him to send me back after he took his bath. After taking bath, he said " let's go lorh! i'm super energetic after taking bath" =.="  We went Johor in the end XD

on the way *my arms are so fleshy*

The highway to Johor was so terrible. I wonder where are all the toll fees we paid. The road was like so stony and got a lot of holes. I was like sitting on a bumping car. I think u will feel slightly better if u drive Merz. XD

The aim to Johor is to meet up Max, and tasting Johor crabs. ^^. We arrived in the afternoon and met up Max. He brought us to Restaurant Chuan Xin, Skudai have our abalone Kuay tiaw soup.

First try and it's not bad ^^. Forgot to take the pic before dining. *I'm starving that time*

not bad, got lot'sa dishes in the kuay tiaw soup and the selling price is from RM5-RM10 based on the size you eat.

After the brunch, we choose to carpooling. Therefore,  we parked our car at Sustera Shopping complex and sit Max car and he will be our tour guider =) it's great to meet him back after he graduated early in TA collage. He bring us to Danga Beach for the daytime view and will be back to there at night.

guess who is carpooling with us? ^^

Domo-Kun is joining with us XD It's Max love.

Since I'm the one who is sitting behind, so I force Domo-Kun to camwhored with me. LOL.
having evil plan~ hiak hiak hiak ! domo-kun, lai~

failed. hand shaked

domo-kun look pissed-off. lol, okay... set him free
he bite me for forcing him to take picture with me.

okay, stop the craps before u think I'm nuts. ^^. After a few times of camwhoring, we reached Danga Beach finally. But the sun was freaking torrid.

Danga Bay

Danga Cruise 8 - they having a service for dinners, birthday parties, private functions (example, wedding), and corporate events. You may enjoy your events while the cruise sails the strait of Johor. This cruise has the capability to accommodate up to 1000 people i guess. But, the price to rent I'm not sure. Cool huh?! if the home party can be hold at here how great is it! But, it's impossible to invite those not from johor to come lorh. I'm still looking for big Banglow with swimming pool and aircon for the function.

Max and Yorath walking in the torrid sun.

loving the view of Danga Bay. Hope to sail one day

funny expression XD lol. the sun is killing me!

caught the ah moi-s riding funny tricycle.. no, no, what to call those with 4 wheels but still need to cycle? >.<"

sweating after the walk at Danga Bay. *chubby face*

did u see those buildings? it's Singapore. too bad, can't go to Singapore although just took 20 minutes to reach from Johor Bahru. I got no passport >.<"

 passed by Johor sultan house.

Next journey, to the City Square! Shopping make me feel extremely good especially when there are lot'sa stuffs suit my taste! Didn't snap any pic while I'm busy shopping. Snapped a few pics when i realised my foot need a rest.

tiring foot, i wonder where is Max foot huh?

took  from level 3 at Roibo.

my favourite.

having my Apple smoothie with pearl.

After that, continue the walk. LOL. I'm hardworking if u ask me to shop, but don't ever call me to jog. >.<" *I'll die for it* Went to a fun shop. I'm not sure whether "De toy and gift studio" is the correct shop name or not. I spotted something fun in the shop! The cute camera with instant washing photo function. So damn cute!!! the cheapest selling price is from RM100++ and the expensive one cost RM500++. I love the one with hello kitty or with the pink strip, too bad i didn't snap the photo of the fujifilm Polaroid camera.

see, both of them. Take from google image ='( and i missed it! FML! I almost withdraw my money out for this already but Yorath stopped me from bringing them back!!!!!! He kept on telling me it's not worth to have this camera. DSLR is the best la I knw! but once u fall in love with something u love, it's doesn't matter if it's worth to buy or not, doesn't matter if it's only 8 megapixel! just like when u fall on me, u don't care how ugly I look, u will seem it's worth to spent the rest of ur time with me. >.<" forget it. I gonna bring it back once i have the chance to go again! =P

there's also selling tons of Kitty stuffs in the shop. Max is Kitty fans too! XD

this is too cute! Kitty majong! too bad, i don't know how to play. so, i didn't buy it.

this set of majong cost RM400++. lol.

Anyway, Mama bought one small set of majong for travelling use and Yorath bought 3 sets of mini majong back just now. Super cute. Show u guys on the next post.

bought a warm milky yellow singlet at "Oxygen Pink Boutique" weird name but doesn't matter, the clothes there are trendy, cheap, and with quality assured. I got no idea how come they could sell so cheap for the clothes. Even Yorath also said "huh? so cheap arh?! "

my love! it's hard to get good quality cloth for the short with cheaper price! bought from the same shop. only RM29 for a Korean high waist short. Malacca may cost u RM59.90 for quality like this. Regret for not buying more clothes from there. But, I also felt kinda shame for letting 2 guys waiting me while I'm entering all those boutiques larh. Lol.

so, next destination. "Duty Free Zone" ^^ interesting! no where else can compete with them lorh! *price*.

the wines and the beers sell with damn cheap price like nobody business.

Tobacco is one of the duty free item too. They selling premium cigar and cigarettes. For the mad smokers, it's your heaven! =.="

fine wine and whisky.

Vodka and liquor.

Yorath considering whether to buy them or not. 

Went out and take a look on the outside views of Duty Free Zone
the Pub street in Johor Bahru. U will see Johor sultan's son in De-Paradise only. Max said so. Lol. Maybe u can go there and see his sport car parking outside.
Max said, the alcohols are still selling so expensive although those pubs is in the duty free zone. So, u can imaging how much they earned.

one of the bistro

tired, because there got nothing i like. >.<"

end up we just bought 2 bottles of vodka with fruit essence. Tried the blueberry vodka already. Not bad! =)

Duty not paid. ^^

bought some chocolate for the family =).

After that,it's time for dinner! Max drove us to super far to have crabs! yum! i slept in the car for 1 hour i guess. Reached a restaurant with freaking lot'sa people but we changed to another place because they ran out of crabs already. The waiters said "u have to book the crabs fist before u come" =.=" gam kua jiong meh!

Went to Lai lai chinese open-air restaurant have our dinner. =) the dishes are awasome man! didn't snap the dishes we ordered.

everyone know where is the best! =)

waiting for the dishes. ^^

paiseh, only manage to capture the only dishes before eat. Salted egg yolk crabs! it's damn delicious!
Gonna try up black paper fried crabs and spicy one for the next time! slurp!

crabs lover!

sisa-sisa of crab shells >.<"

always never realise that i havent take any pic before start to eat. >.<"

this is the reason i love FOOD! i own a mole beside my mouth. They called as "Tam Jiak Ki" it means mole of esurient in hokkien. >.<" that's why i can't stop eating.

Back to the trip story. After the great dinner with Max, we when back to Danga Beach to have a drink as i said we'll be back in the night.

having scott and carlsberg gold for the last few hours with Max.

before Max is in red. =)

testing the flash. Failed

here come the fatty girl with the beer.

the Danga Cruise 8 is back from sailling away. Some one is having event on the cruise. Cool!

The last pic before we say bubye to Max! we'll be waiting u to come Malacca and it's our turn to be your tour guider =)

That's all for the post!

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