Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The last fun εїз

Final exam is around the corner. fml! I hate the most is not during the exam but the days before the exam. I'll be like robotic human "k"-ing notes and memorizing the God damn theories. *suffering*

So, before my study week ended, i plan to "get-siao" for a week and another week for doing revision for the coming final. On the week days were quite "sian" got nothing to do just doing the routine activities. Online, yum-cha, and sleep. I can't bear with the dull day until thursday having birthday party and stay at Jerome house again to watch "Piranha 3D" * i fell asleep >.<"*  the movie quite stupid. =.=" keep on showing boobs =.=" lol.

Weekend, I asked Yorath to plan to go somewhere far far away for 2 days but he can't think of any. So, if Yorath can't think of any, let's let the shopaholic think for him. XD I ordered him to bring me to KL and shop and maybe stay there for a night. So, he dare not to disobey my order but "guai guai" bring me to KL ^^.

-outfit of the day-

All the way long in the Plus highway was extreme jam at the opposite side of our way, i guess everyone is rushing back to their Kampung at the last minutes. Luckily our way was moving smooth. We stopped at Senawang resting point and bought my strawberry Gigabite and Yorath's red bull *>.<" hate the most*.

yummy munchy's gigabite!

After bought the snack and drinks, continue our journey to Sunway Pyramid. Seaching for parking bay but there got non! never meet traffic jam at parking lots lorh~ it's so hilarious. 

caught in the jam for 20 minutes. * ridiculous!*

He hate to wait the most~

We went to Sunway Pyramid actually wanted to try the T-bowl cafe food one. Unfortunetely, the shop is not exsist yet. The receptionist said the cafe suppose to be done on this month but they postponed. T-T too bad, got no fate to meet the toilet bowl >.<" . Besides penang, where else still got toilet bowl concept cafe?? *sungei wang!, i just found out from google map* stupid dumb! i just missed it T^T * really got no fate to try "shit"-ice-cream.

so, went for Yorath favourite fast food restraurant. -Jeng-Jeng-Jeng- Subway. He is craving for Subway since he went to Penang and had once. *bcoz Malacca don't have!*

Yorath ask me to act like i'm having both * actually i'm not!*

1/2 for candy

1/2 for Yorath ♥♥

Anyway, we did shop at Sunway Pyramid. Spotted nothing there and Yorath told me he forgot to bring his lovely iPhone charger =.=" * quite make me pekceh* So, i thought Jusco got the charging battery machines *but there got non* so outdated >.<" Malacca got lerh! Anyway, iPhone don't have mobile battery. Can't do anything if i found the machine. So, we got no choice but to search for Mac shop. Purchased the Apple iPhone car charger =.="

one of Yorath's favourite- Lancer Evo 10 . *he got millions of favourite car =.=*

My legs felt tired when i can't find anything i like. So, let's stop by at "Juice Work" and had a drink

 fatty candy

Yorath having lychee + watermelon

we wanted to ski at the ice rink but there is freaking lot'sa people. * raya day 1* Took a picture of the ice rink from Juice-Work.

spotted 4 persons fell on the ice rink ^^

After the walk at Sunway Pyramid, we proceed to Time Square *shopaholics' heaven* they sell dresses with super cheap price. The shopaholic *candy* carried 4 plastic bags out from Times Square. lol. * not enough yet* But someone *Yorath* was tiring of walking around and accompany his girl to look those clothes. So, we step in Gasoline to have tea break.

Time Square Gasoline- FlintStone concept.

♥♥-our first try-♥♥

okay okay only larh the food.

After the dinner, shop around and thinking to drive up to Genting Highland and meet up Max and friends. So, we did! >.<"

shopaholic leaving Time square ^^

the result after the shopping day. 。◕‿◕。

bubye Time Square!

proceeding to Genting Highland at night. Got lot'sa cars doing the samething too.

took off the hairband *felt my head swollen. lol*

Reached Genting Highland and meet up Max and new friends at Pangsapuri Ria. Stay a night with them. But before we slept, we went to Casino * my very first time- definitely need some "procedure" to go in larh >.<"* and donated some $$ only go back to the appartment we stay. Felt so bad after "donating" hundreds to the Casino T^T 


having fun in the appartment * beer and dics* forget the humble donation. >.<" and get a good sleep until the next morning~

 car engine noise woke me up. *lot'sa cars coming up to GH*

the view from the room i slept.

we checked-out at 12noon and proceed to Awana area have our brunch with them and went back to KL for the 2nd time of Time Square walk with them. *missed snowflake at Pavillion* 

after the brunch, Yorath bought me the chestnut.

mom love the chestnut too! it taste so sweet~

6:30pm reached Malacca and that's the last fun before my final exams. Got to have more fun after my final!!!! =) that's mean I'm forced to leave my blog for 2-3 weeks T^T ... gonna miss u blog and readers ...
See ya!

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  1. wow shop so much c: anyways, all the best for the exam! :D

  2. Dropping by ere Candy. =). Nice one there. Seems to have fun with ur bf.

  3. thx everyone =) moving forward on my final exam .. and thx for the bless ^^ u guys rock!

  4. Looks like u had a great time... all the best for your exams!!!

  5. Nananana ~~~ If Ur Final is GREAT , A GREAT trip as ur prize ~ ^_^


  6. lol!!! i was suprise ... guess who ... the bf =.=" okay, u said so. =)