Saturday, September 11, 2010

Priscilla's 20th birthday party

I get invited by the old-mates to celebrate Priscilla's 20th birthday. I was kinda shock when i heard that >.<" lol. Because it has been a long time i didn't hang-out with them. And suddenly i get invited. I'm having complicated mood *happy and afraid*. After wasting long time to consider, i decided to attend. =)

I met up "one week friends and i was apart too but i'm the "public holiday" lol. Sounds funny. But it's cool la because i'm the special one. XD Oh ya, you probably got no idea about them. Because i didn't mention them in my blog before =P. "one week friends" was my classmates. I mean in secondary school. But, i'm not really close with them because i was thinking like they are quite smart actually, and i probably can't cope up very good with them one lorh. But, after coping with them quite a few months in Form 6, i was like " ei, not bad larh actually." thought will be like smart people are quite "LanC" one >.<". Actually not really like that. Haha!

So, back to the story of Priscilla's birthday party. I don't really know who's idea for having steamboat at Priscilla's house on her birthday. I just went there only larh. Cyn called up and asked me to meet them half way to Priscilla's house because i just went her house once during CNY *probably forgotten the way to her house* . The situation is quite awkward when i met them after couples of month didn't really meet them. But after hang-out and doing stuffs together then i felt better *seriously they craps a lot just like me*. >.<" at least i'm not like the one being neglected.

Took some pictures in the kitchen while eveyone was busy preparing the food.

everyone was damn busy preparing *just consider the blur as the editing effect bah >.<"*

Cyn is making her home recipe salad * not bad*

JJ, Priscilla and SK

JJ. I don't really know how many scoop of sugar he put in the CinCau drink. *probably n-times*

KY can't stop herself on eating. * i was quite shock about that*

~the ladies~

the dishes for the Bak-Kut-Teh steamboat.

they were great in decorating the food >.<"

i love this *the decoration*

okay, everything is done but our "yellow bee" haven't come yet. u will know who is yellow bee later ^^. we captured quite a lot of pictures while waiting him to arrive.

           me with sotong ball & KY         SK and birthday girl             

birthday girl and celine              birthday girl and me
                                                                     she look more tender than me. =)

birthday girl and KY                  JJ and birthday girl

birthday girl and Cyn         JJ with the soup scooper =.="

the ladies and me

everyone having long hair ^^

Okay.... finally our yellow bee came!

You can see this picture is better than those above. Because Kevin is here! =) with his Canon 500. Talking about DSLR, Yorath is getting Canon 550 soon! phee~

So, everyone was there and that's mean we can eat now!

a pic without cyn~

i look like tiger with the fluffy hair.

random picture

lol! KY look so funny~ it reminds me why she's doingthis funny face-look. Priscilla is dividing the cincau soya drink to us except KY. Hahaha, to punish her for getting so "tam jiak" all the time.

okay, i look tend here... me and celine.

Priscilla, tauke-niu and Sk

the girls

After the steamboat dinner, we have Salad! it's actually taste like it's look.

so chio!

the salad became the model that night. We keep on snapping with the Salad. >.<"

The salad should be very proud XD

promoting the salad?

Finishing the Salad!!!!! Muahahaha!

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Public Holiday!

After having so much of fun in the kitchen with the steamboat and salad, it's time for buffet at the front of the house >.<" fulamak, it's damn full lorh! we decide to wait the stomach digest the steamboat food inside our tummy first before having the buffet >.<" So, we pose again and snap again! lol

as usual, the shortest stand infront >.<"

how we look like? =) rainbow with extra pinky me >.<" i'm kinda thinking i'm quite extra

Majority are using Sony ericsson phone but .... JJ using Nokia >.<"

showing u guys the food that we have to finish up later >.<"

colourful peace pose

let's welcome the models~

okay, we're done with the pose! eat now ~ >.<" and let the birthday girl blow the candles.

oups, Kevin haven't upload the rest of the pictures yet, So, i guess i'll just stop here.

Happy birthday to Priscilla once again! and nice to meet you all- one week friends back again! ^^

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