Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hurray! 5th sem Final Ended!

Uh-huh! it's ended!!! it's finally ended!! *claps* ^^

This exam it's taking me to the Max. of nuts level! I even fall ill in the exam week. *ugh, fml*

illness staring me in my face

"wantan(s)" everywhere ...

"i'm half dead"

 feed me baked-beans as my lunch ... *ugh, like diet meal*

this is much better... Mum's home-made flat noodle soup (mian fen gao)
no where can compete with my mum's home-mad flat noodle soup. Even Yorath love it too!

no to forget eat this medicines.. the bf know i'm sitting for exam on the next day, he told the doc give me non-drowsy pills... *sweet* ..  
i got support from my dear, * saw this message in my draft paper i use to memorize the notes*
aww .. i'm recovering ...
Anyway, everything it's end now! Yeepy! my holiday started too! *two weeks only* but better then non. =)
Since Yorath is craving for subway, and i'm having my holiday start from sunday *yesterday*, I sweet-talked him to bring me to KL for a walk. * girls heaven*  

Next morn, he waked me up and asked me to get ready and he will fetch me in minutes. *i knw he love me*
So, we started our journey about 12noon. Here goes the camwhore pics *cam shutter sound: kacha kacha!*
my outfit for the day, thick lace with ribbons for the top and normal black shorts.

hardly see what i'm holding huh?

here u go, my favourite Munchy GigaBite!

Bring along Yorath dslr too =) *i 'heart this pic!*

i'm not pro at all *possing only >.<"*
on our way

here goes mr. yorath =)

we just mention about lamborghini, then one just ramp it's oil and get our attention >.<"

but i like yellow, black, or white more than orange lamborghini >.<"
yorath chased behind him to let me get a closer look.
okay, Yorath drove me to KLCC Suria had his favourite Subway. =) *Subway should be proud, we drove all the way from malacca just to have Subway man!* =.="
subway in KLCC Suria

Yorath teased me, he said i'm the one who having both *i'm not!* 

I'm having 6 inches long only k... =.="

 mine with roasted beef *slurpp!*

his with turkey ham + effing lot'sa onion slices!!! 

                               this is not him =.=                          yaya, this is the correct person
the one who is craving for Subway crazily XD
he is the one having FootLong size ... ordered another one. Lol

after that, let's take the journey to the world of water. =)

 Stepped into Aquaria KLCC. The last time i went was form3. School organized one >.<" 

 guess what are these? i got shocked when i knew it.

it's Piranha! Anyway, they don't eat people like those in the Piranha movie >.<
but, if you tangan gatal put your finger there, they can bite your finger and remove it from your hand.

ya, i thought it should be like this =.="

 variety of fish
 variety of fish
elephantnose fish - ya, it's his name =.="

 i see people eat this in all kind of seafood restaurants >.<" and the other is electric electric fish

guess, who is it? >.<" i really don't feel to have their pictures in my blog actually >.<"
giant water rats!!! "RATS" omgosh~ my tummy feel not well

the only thing they are different from the rats in the "longkang" is they have duck feet >.<"

let's stop talking them >.<" proceed to the insects part. 

 variety of insects and beetles
ops! they need some privacy too sometime =P

aww~  pretty butterflies * they're all dead bodies!* =.="

looking at the dead body in detail >.<"

Gecko... see, he owned a lace tail ^^
 take a pic with the furry coatdimundi

he is too busy repairing his house i guess

 yeah, finally the fishy zone

pretending to be in the marine park poster *failed*

 posed like an "ah sam" just coming back from the market =.="

is this the one who killed the Crocodile hunter?? seriously, this thing has very long, hard and sharp tail.

i found two "ladies" in the man-made lake too.
 she really look like a lady with purple eye shadow >.<"

the other lady, has her lipstick over her mouth.

 what is this huge thing???

it just swim upon me ...

 Mr. Shark


 evil face

i'm on the giant "sushi kaiten belt" >.<"

 got the chance to see the worker feed the turtle

 but all the fish come approach him , i was worry whether that man will end up in a skeleton look or not, the fish like poking him >.<" *piranha >.<"*

poor turtle, craving for his food, and other fishy all come and grab his food

variety of fish in the man-made sea

 me and Yorath

 peacock fish

 don't how to call this shell thing

 pretend i'm drowning in the sea full with jellyfishes *lame=.="* doesn't look alike also

freaking nasty piranha ...

 almost near to the exit ...

the aquaria is connected with the Atlantis gift shop. So, we just hop in the shop and look around.

silly poses we did >.<" don't care how others look at us.
dolphin! i love the most... haven't get the chance to see the real one infront me.

Mr. Shark biten my fingers

do we look alike? ^^

we spent about 2 hours at aquaria and atlentis gift shop. My legs was effing pain due to the high heels which i'm wearing. I think I just hurt my legs badly.

Took a rest at the garden. Let my feet to rest first.
snapped them because the girl look like a barbie doll. super pretty with blode hair and fair and pinky skin. I wish i could born like this too (skin). *back to realistic larh!*

garden sitting

tiring face + feet pain

i look like some "gu niang" stood like this =.=" some more the hand pose like this like very elegant like that >.<" lol. i powmise no more such "gu niang" posing d >.<"

after that continue walk until the main entrence and so coincident there was an event *some source of patronas fair* exhibiting those popular racers' motobikes

number 46, Valentino Rossi =) one of the motor GP champion

                               Valentino Rossi                             waiting for the magician to come

Leave KLCC Suria at 5:30pm and proceeded to Sungei Wang as i can't wait to try off T-bowl concept cafe's food. So, out-dated haven't been there before >.<" i searched about T-bowl, but i got a lot bad comments about it *sungei wang one*. Yet, i still wanna waste money and try it >.<" curious mah~

T-bowl entrence

the concept in the cafe

 snapped from inside

 sit on the toilet bowl and enjoy your meal =.="

 the real toilet bowl.. dunno cost how much to buy all this toilet bowl >.<" and i hate this plastic-made man! quite creepy .. keep at there look at us and *yam-xiu*
while waiting for the food to be served, doing something stupid  =.="

 lmao >.<" ruined my reputation! >.<" acting i'm tengah poo poo

 Yorath's food came first =.="

 he don't like the food >.<"

see it's bowl, not clean at all

 when yorath is eating and almost finish, my food is still not here yet!

here comes the mango sagu dessert without spoon =.=" haiz

and finally it came

 the food taste suck, but i must be posing the wrong sign jor. *sowie*

Bathing the freaking doll

acting he is pee-ing XD

Anyway, T-bowl at Sungei Wang is holly piece of shit lor... not hygiene at all, service is bad bad bad! * let me wait for so long and the food came without fork and spoon some more*, the food taste like sucks! so, those who is out-dated than me, please continue out-dated and don't ever try it lorh ... u will regret for 101% sure *unless your tougue sensory nerves can't function already* only will rate them good lorh.. This is the first time and also the last time i stepped in SW T-bowl. hmm!

That's all for the freaking long post.
Thanks for reading and kindly click my Ads ya... Thanks!

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