Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Candy got her blogger mode today. I just love to share my sadness and happiness. But some do like to say i purposely make up stories and wanna let people envy me. how sad to heard those bad comments on me. So, sharing on blog is much better =) if u don't like me then don't view my blog. YEA! But i always believe this theory. " it's better to have people jealous or envy about U, because they think u are better than them and they can't be like U". haha! there's only 2 reasons people hate u. 1st, u really that feaking annoying or 2nd, U did better than them. =) so, i believe that those who dislike me because they just can't be like me. sometime i also envy about others. but i don't judge ppl. because everyone is unique. if everyone the same, How bore this world can be??
Today's our first day, we- ladies wear same style to campus ... LOL!
Collar T with Jeans and high heels for the ladies.what a pity, no photo taken by me. tak sempat take. It's fun to be different in the campus but didn't mean to be famous. So, please don't say us just to " showing off, try to get attention from the guys or others". We just play for fun. haha! Supposed today class is 4pm to 6pm but lecturer used 1 hour to finished up. So, we decided to go Moli Cafe Since Yun felt hungry. Went there for drink and snack. They played Poker cards i don't know how to play >.<

I went back early because of this stubborn Yorath but i didn't put the blame on u okay =) This guy insisted to come back Malacca all the way from Nilai. How bodoh this guy could be some more? even borrow ID from Jerome and wanna enter MMU find me. p/s: he didn't tell me he is coming back. but he post on FB when i was in class! He loves to play "surprise!" game since i know him well! Lol. I got no idea why he loves this game so much =.=ll “bin tai" ..hahaha!
Truthfully,he really a better man for me larh. the one i'm praising pls don't fly arh XD Friends around me did told me to appreciate him and don't "hiam dong hiam sai" already. Lolz. I appreciate your love from the moment i met U. God has blessed me ❤    giving me all the good stuffs. All the events happened because there is a reason. Thank God for bringing dear Yorath into my life. He brighten me and give me hopes, he make my fairytales came true always . Before i met him, i had not many friends and people hate/ dislike me lots, i always been neglected by people. yea, i knw it is hurt But, no worries. Nowadays, there's always a Special one remember me in every second =) cheh~ full with confident sial! XD  thanks for EVERYTHING. muakz!
Back to the story, he came back to see my condition because i was so sick this few days. He cooked porridge for me and bought me 2 slices of secret recipe's cheese cake he said if i finished up the whole bowl of porridge, he only give me eat the cake. lolz!  
  my sickening face ~ugh!
爱心 porridge                                      secret recipe's cake

                                            Oreo cheese cake                     dunno what this called. also cheese cake

  we spent lots of time in his room stop your dirty mind XD we play wrestling always. that is how i got my blue black =.= . fight like hell and scream. because he always fool me!!!! Sampat gong . btw, i get my eye bengkak because i slammed the car door when my head are not completely enter the car =.= too nervous because i saw dirty mouse without fur on his tail. Yucks!
We went to Tesco after that. Walk around and ate dumpling noodles at Malim. 
it seem simple but delicious
GatCha! this guy always melt my heart
 A simple day passed with smiley face all along the way.. "yam xiu"
Between, i recovered much already. Thanks! =)
¤°.¸¸.[̅̅C][̲̅̅A][̲̅̅N][̲̅̅D[̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅] [̲̅̅Y][̲̅̅O][̲̅̅R][̲̅̅A][̲̅̅T][̲̅̅H].¸¸.°¤

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