Monday, February 22, 2010

Bad Day ☹

everything came what i didn't expect.
Haiz... Dear get problems from his side and i get scolded by my mum. 

All can be settled peacefully,
but because of the temper our parents have,
simple thing became complicated thing,
complicated thing became big problems.
and why can't people solved their problems properly without yelling or shouting?

very irritating ~ 
make the other side yell or shout too.
and come to the end, problems get worst and conflict starts.
Good Game!

Tomorrow start my week 6th.
just saw my MMLS, Quiz1 for E-commerce on the next week.
assignment guide line from HRM came on the same time. 
what next?? 
Midterm test for introduction to multimedia on 16 March.

everything came in a sudden.
i haven't prepare my "study mood" for tomorrow yet.
Probably all these gonna stress me up again!

Lord, please help me~
i got more challenges and bariers to go.
and me and dear got much more headache stuffs to settle and complete.
May everything become much more easier to be settled and hope no more argument, quarrel, conflict any more.

can't take it ... need a breath.
Hope everything will be fine tomorrow. 
wandering tomorrow any smiley face appear? 
everything goes fine.

God Bless me and Yorath.   

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