Thursday, February 4, 2010

Affairs of the previous dayS

Nowadays, i'm getting lazier to update my blog...@_@ end up all the events, happenings, and incidents collected together >.<" .. some even have been forgotten.. lolz! so, where to start? hmm~ ok! start with the day swim with my beloved friends.. yup..

since our next class is after 2 or 3 more hours, we (liyun,zen and I) when to Liyun's hostel (ixora) for a good swim~ ^^
Many photos have been taken... the joyfulness can be seen from all the photos we took =) so, not much to explain .. yeah! Lolz~

                              windy day with CNY mood*                    Liyun's money fly >.<" lolz*

                                                     take 2!*                                      Zen and I*

before wet*
before wet*

(Zen)        solo photo of them*       (Liyun)

                                    Liyun swim opposite side >.< *            Me* wet =.=''

Liyun's pose*        (similar pose)          Zen's pose*

                             the google suite her T's colour*          3 of us (ignore my face, it's ugly)*
funny pose we did @ washroom*

after the swim, we went for US Pizza as our brunch... Ulala~
aloha Pizza*

while waiting for the food to be served*

                    zen's face look like preparing to whack ppl*                    DaDang~*
the cheese melted in my mouth* Yummy!
Liyun and I*

However, Zen not really likes Aloha Pizza.. is too cheezy for her... but i love ... bcoz i love cheese a lot =D* we packed 3 slices for Jess and gave her after we met her in the class. =) Happy day for me!

Done 1! ^^ What's next?
the first lab class ... we learnt Adobe Photoshop... learning the basic

in the process of learning*

my output fot that day* ( i dunno what is that >.<)

On the same day, I and Yorath have a quarrel about respecting your partner!!! I think that he is not respecting me for some source of issue... we argue and i didnt bother him for the whole day ... haiz~ but is settled down... He applogized what he did was wrong... so, well~ i forgave him of coz... bcoz i love him* =)

and now comes to the weekend ^^..
Yorath have planned for the weekend...

he drive the car to work shop for re-spray the scratches on the car boot uncle kissed the car butt on last Friday*... and while waiting the car to be done, we used kancil for the half day bcoz kancil also need to sold out already... Yorath' sister wants him to drive the car back about 4pm or 5pm ... bcoz the car saleman wants to check the car...

so, between the day we went to Ah Hui auntie's saloon to dye our hair for the coming CNY ^^ ... however, the colour i want is not available at the moment, she replace it with other color.. =( the output is ok ok .. but i really hope to dye medium blonde color ='( ... Yorath dyed the same color like me .. but his is darker ... he also not quite satisfy ... ='( ... so, we wasted RM250 for abusing our hair =.='' ... 

Before*                                After*


we planned to go KL and shop for CNY clothes Yorath's one*... i bought mine earlier ... we went to Pavillion, Lot 10 and Sungei Wang... spent RM500+ on a day...=.=... really are shopaholics... GENG!

went for McD on the way to KL*

                                           Levis's Jeans*                     Pavillion ground floor :CNY deco*
                              forgot which shop is this >.<"*                 SubZero Jeans*

                                      waiting for empty fitting room*      outside Pavillion*
                                         Pavillion entrence*                      at sungei wang*
                                   sungei wang CNY deco*                         i like this photo =)*
 having dinner: Japanese Food*

chinese herbal tea*

                                           small cny deco stuffs*             i found out this Gold ppl at bukit bintang street*

After he got what he wants, we went to Nilai and borrow another car with his friend (johnan).. thanks for the car =) really helps Yorath alot!* After that we went back to malacca~ what a tiring but exciting day with my love one~
lolz~ guess what, i blog for few hours and change a lot location >.<"  just now at home blog ... now at computer lab continue writting my blog XD*

cont' ... haha ... finished my weekend then weekdays come again ... attending class as usual...

we took this photo at FSER building in MMU*
promoting CNY fortune cookies!

 but this few days me and my loving sisters enjoy testing various of food... =) mayb FOOD make us happy ... XD ... we went to Melaka Raya to have Taiwan's Lamian ( Taiwan home-make noodles) jess recomended one! =P* not bad ... but the service is bad ... =( ... hate the waiter!!!!!

                                cool Zen! i love her new hair style*        and the ugly me =(*
vage pao for Zen*                       pork lamen for me*

failed to take chee yee's , jess's and liyun's photo>.<" because chee yee the b'day girl busy entertaining her friends in the phone, jess and liyun busy talking >.<"

The next day is our chee yee's 20th birthday... =) we planned to celebrate with her ... but Before that we have class on morning... only Zen, Jess and I attended the class ... the b'day girl and liyun didnt come >.< ... they went to Arena pub last night >.<.. after class, jess went back to her hostel and settle her "shifting hostel process"... left me and zen ... the next class is after 4hours =.= ... so we went out and have breakfast ^^ ... we went to the shop that zen recommended... but didnt open that day ='( ... i drive around and search for other place to eat ... we found Nyonya House opposite St. Peter Church... =) ... we managed to took some photos back =D

                                              Nyonya House*                               Zen*

we both =) enjoying the food*
hmm ... show u wat we eat =D

                                         Nyonya CHANG*                       Chinchalok Omelette*

                                         Li Chee Kang*                                  Bubu Chacha*

                                           nasi lemak*                              small corner of cny deco*

after that back to Liyun's hostel after packed mc xin and her food =) we have a good laugh there~ liyun told us all the funny incident she met last night at Arena Pub*

we went to library and completed our tutorials ... some funny photo took by me .. location: MMU Library =D

                                   our secretory: Zen XD*            Jess and Liyun pretending to bully her*

After handed up the tutorials, we bring Chee Yee to Sakura House celebrate her birthday... ^^

  happy birhday! chee yee XD
photos taken at Sakura Hause:

chee yee and her b'day cake*

                                             chee yee and zen*                  Jess and chee yee*
                                           Liyun and chee yee*                  me and chee yee*
the ladies =)*
                                       after lighted up the candles*             make a wish*
                                              blow the candles*                     cut the cake*
trying to take out the candle from the cake using her mouth*
u will knw wat we going to do later =P*
yup! torturing chee yee... haha XD
                                      water pls! cant swallow >.<"*          busy eating XD*

                                           liyun with her cherry*                exciting smiles*
                                        eating ( zen loves cake)*               finish up the cake*

great!!! i finally finally finished!!! so damn tired ... ='( have to sleep now ... tomorrow still got class to attend.. e-cormerce ='( the bore one~* goodnights! hope tomorrow is a better day =) mwah!

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