Wednesday, February 24, 2010

These and That ✎♒

Hi there~
having terrible illness- runny nose
make me hard to breath, headache, sore-eye, sore throat, keep on sneezing, dropping tears ... Ugh~! 
 2 days already~ never get better but getting worst. 
make a lot "wantan" dumplings~ lolz 
must drink plenty of water~ 

okay, forget about my condition~ 
Let's talk about what we did today


Today went for morning 8:15am class and went to library chit chat a lot about My friend problem... will kek sim lor... talked and adviced so much she also can't absorbed =.="  she really need someone to wash her brain~ keep on thinking negative side =.=" forget it~ i believe still got more episodes to go for her story let she saw this i think she will whack me lor...lolz!*

talk har talk har, hungry jor~ i drove them to the "bak gut teh" shop that i have been before during CNY. 
We met a talkative, friendly, hyperactive waitress to order our dishes >.<". However, glad to heard the ladies said the food not bad. Got few photos at that place.

                                  Tofu with  onion oil source*                Pig's stomach pepper soup* nice!

                                               Bak Gut Teh*                             Zen Zen and Berry Liying*

                                        Jexx and Chee Yee*                                     Ladies*

I like the pig's stomach papper soup! thumb up for that soup!  OMG!
zen really really "lei sai pouh!" eat 3 big spoons of chopped garlic~ Euw... 
Her breath-smelled garlic =.= she gotta chews chewing gum for the whole day to reduce the smell. Lolz!

After the lunch, we attended e-commerce class... tutorial class. really damn bored lor~ attended web-design lecture class after e-commerce. and 2 more hours to attend company law tutorial class. Between the 2 hours class, we went to EP 's mamak shop ate. 

Roti Pisang 

I heart it. 
First try and it's nice try~ ^^ got to order this when Yum Cha at Mambo Cafe with Shin Yuu Group =)


after attended all the classes from morn to evening,
I drove my family to JJ.
Mom really arh~ 
try and try and try shoes for an hour. 
try until the shopping complex wanna close d =.=
but luckily she bought a pair of shoes at there

try and try and try =.="

 dad and brother waiting patiently~ 

Finally aimed one! thx God~


Paying ~

after purchased her shoes, went to book shop and get all the stationary we need and no time for book reading because the shop is closing =.=


suffering... i think i need to rest already since i have my capsules just now.
Hope tomorrow no more runny nose and headache or sneezing!! My nose really make me so uncomfortable. wanna die already~ ugh! stupid cold chaos please!!!!

tomorrow will be a better day! FOR SURE! =.="

TONG SHUI house's Banana Split Cheered Dear and I up when the time we both are unhappy!

SEE YA~ mwah! 


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