Thursday, February 11, 2010

☻Reunion Dinner with my lovely friendz ☺

Today after introduction to Multimedia class i left my file at there! shit*, we decided to go for our Reunion Dinner at Bei Zhan...but then we changed location >.< ... in the end we choose: 
Bei Zhan
Carry On

Yilise & Jacqueline put urs plane lor ... 1 back hometown before CNY holiday =.=* 1 rather go KL shopping than eat with us =.=*...  

We took quite a lot photos at there ... mostly are "ugly" photos "thx for zen the pro photographer that specialist caught our ugly look* lolz... 

                             we changed to other table after all*          see, busy taking the dishes also
                                                                                             don't wanna bother me=(* 

                                          Yun and Joe Joe*                 Everyone sat down, where is candy? T_T 
                                                                                                   the photographer*

                                                      dishes*                                    tomyam pot*

tomyam group*  VS chicken soup group* 

Solo Photos :
Chee Yee*                               Joe Joe*

Liyun*                                   Jexx*

Zen*                                         Me*

only me is standing >.< bcoz the oil keep fly out!!!*

                               dreaming about her prince XD*         this one like someone forcing her to eat*

                                             Zen and me*                               Chee Yee and Joe Joe*

Jexx and Joe Joe*                                       Zen and Me*

Lazy to upload d >.< ... the last one b4 i send them back 

 ~Happy Day~

After tomorrow, everyone is going back to their hometown so as my friends too. so, we decided to go for shopping at JJ before they back. =)

Actually, today i'm not really in mood lorh. Kinda disappointed due to the coldness threatening of HIM today. Tomorrow he is coming back for CNY holiday. But i have to wait for him again I'm the waiting one* Tomorrow me and friends will go JJ shop. He don't want to come back early bcoz he don't want to wait me finish hanging around with friends. So, I'm the one have to wait him back. Disappointed lorh when he say he don't wanna come back early. 
Haiz~ he dislike to wait for people, so do i. Hmph!

i hope there is no more Waiting  for me jor!! Man should be more gentle! wait for the ladies but not let the ladies to wait U!!!! Yeah!

Before getting more moody, i should stop writing and go to my bed. Tomorrow 12noon got class to attend~ e-commence (i hate the most). Dunno what the hell the lecturer is talking ... 2 hours some more! faint* hope to find back my file lorh tomorrow... careless lady! 

  NITEZ ! 

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