Monday, February 8, 2010

Last weekend shopped for CNY ©

Today's the last day SHOP for CNY lorh~ 
My weekend past like these: ^^ whee!*

No classes for Friday XD excited sial!* wake up in the morn, online FB-ing at the first... mom and dad went to work ad ... brother went to school as usual... so, left me alone! whee!*during the period waiting my boy come back from Nilai, i spent the half day by online-ing >.<*and also cam-ing... 
nothing to blame, i admit i'm one of the cam whore too ok? =.=" * 
                                        35 more stamps to go for          tomyam bihoon cooked by  
                                           a cute hippo soft toy*                my self as my brunch*
searching the net til half Yorath came back early ... really shocked me out! gave me a teddy hug .. auw~ how sweet* haha... i thought was my brother came back from school...

since he came back early, we managed to went Malim night market in the evening normally we went there they already keeping* we went to Yorath House first .. he wanna put his luggage and change clothes ..

cam-whore in the car waiting yorath* XD 

                                  snapped little mei mei with the maid*          finally done!* LETS GO!

after that, we proceed to Malim night  market the evening lots of housewife lorh... go *PEK PEK* with them >.<  searching for car park already wasted lots of time jor... 

shoes lace came loose* >.<

after the walk at night market, my mom called me and ask me go Bintang hypermarket to send the drinks that he bought back to home... Shandy can drinks for CNY.. 

we went to Semabok for the event.. "Q lok gai" food testing day... my boy is one of the shareholder of the 2nd / 3rd "Q lok gai" restaurant franchisee in China, San Zhan... testing the roasted chicken from "Q lok gai" Restaurant in China... the boss purposely fly to China and bought back Malacca for the shareholders try... i knw i'm not 1 of them >.< but i wan to eat larh >.< * finger licking good? still ok la... 

the franchisor said use hand is much tasty than using fork and knife wor* 

we went to the new AEON/ JUSCO... bcoz is the first day open, traffic jam for its main road to AEON... many car parked at the side of the road make the road more narrow!!!! 
so crowded* 

                                          going up to the 2nd level*        i found this spec at one of 
                                                                                        the shops there... nerd!!!!

it's almost time to close ... We decided to go back on the next, we went out and get for the car... 
next stand, Yam Cha with Shin Yuu group at Mambo Cafe~

                                        shin yuu group*                                    my "tongue" XD* 
this is what i ate* Malaysia otak-otak* good try for foreigners ^^

                                busy talking~ blah blah blah~*            nasi goreng kampung, spicy man!!! *

after the drink, Yorath need to send me home... and a day past like that ...
i'm find him for a few minutes and call up his name... 
end up he's hiding at the leg massaging machine =.=
he don't want to go back his cage* 

~ Here come Saturday © ~

wake up early help mom clean some for the coming CNY. Good Girl~ clap*
wipe the glasses of windows "living room, master room, 2nd room" faint*

washing the plastic pink balsams ^^* 

 it's stems*

Yorath come and fetch me after he done all his thing... we went to Klebang for coconut shake, nasi lemak and some kuih(s) for breakfast.
After the meal, we went to visit his dad ... and as he has promised yesterday, bring me to AEON shop.. ^^ he did it.. i knw he loves me!* 
we stood awhile for the performance from China at AEON stage. And continue to shopped the whole AEON .. whee!
My boy keep on encourage me to buy more new clothes for CNY... Guess what... End up like these XD*


~modeling~* (colors that he likes)
this is how he express he don't like the colors in funny ways*

we bought the pink one back seem he don't have pink T yet.

Next, we went to SHOE CITY ... his slippers spoilt... he worn a couples months ad,it's time to change a new want ad.

he choose the 2nd pair! 

the boss is paying for the slipper RM29.90*

we proceed to EFFU after bought the slippers. Modeling again! haha

                                 this time he's shy to show him self.        my fat and short legs*

we managed to bought the Campus Jeans that he worn just now but me still the same... I did try many clothes, but i don't seem have the feeling to buy >.< weirdo*

next, to the DEES.. where i usually went*i tried some singlet and dresses... Thank God, i finally bought one =.=" red tight dress for first day of CNY* forgot to take the photo .. Yorath bought the man singlet too ... nice one!
i asked him to pose like this XD*
he haven't get rid of the tummy*

walk har walk har... hungry jor >.< so we go to the ground floor for dinner.
We went to " Little Taiwan". The waiter said need to wait 30-45 minutes for the foos to be served.. hmm~ ok bah... we also don't want to shop ad... wait for the dishes bah ^^...

                          all belong to Yorath... and mine share                 waiting for the food*
                       one of the plastic bag with his clothes >.<*

                                    dunno what posing is this .. haha!*    promoting i phone .. lolz*

                             rose tea for Yorath and coke for me*             Taiwan fried dumplings* 
Spicy Ramen with spicy chicken chop for Yorath*

Ramen with salted chicken for Candy =)*

                                      RM50 for the meal*                    rose tea tasted like the lovely lace >.<*

after all, this choosy guy satisfied with the food there but he dislike the management system there* 

Another day past with my love one =)

~the last Sunday before CNY©~

we have no plan for today actually >.< just went out like this , without direction and aim .. lolz ...
Having curry chicken rice as breakfast and then went to Dataran Pahlawan. 
we choose to see GSC time line izzit any shows we plan to watch. My boy asking me to watch "Haunted University (Thai)" the same director of shutter and Phobia2. I refused to watch in the end. Because i knw he dislike haunted movie ... i don't wanna torture him larh .. haha

so, no movie then we walk around and went to Nadeje Patisserie Cafe and have a tea break after the tiring walk ... a glass of cool down and a glass of apple juice with Japan Mille Crepe (layer cake) may soften our throat.. Yum!
Nadeje Patisserie Cafe has quite decent interior design*
                  Drinks:Cool Down ( weird taste>.<), Apple juice*      Mille Crepes: Coffee , Cheese*

I heart him =)*

kacha kacha!*

                                    he is not ready to pose*                       me and him*

collect all the 10 Nadeje chops u will get a free slice of Mille Crepe*

and i bought this dress from one of the shop-lots at DP.

 That's all for this weekend... waiting of the next weekend !!! Yeppy!
next Sunday is a BIG Sunday! Why?? 
it's the first day of Chinese New Year 2010 and also Valentine Day~ auw... 
So, looking forward for my CNY post ^^