Friday, February 19, 2010

~2010 Tiger Year~ Roar! ✿◕‿◕✿

HEY! here I am.
Long time didn't blog d. I'm back for my Chinese New Year stories. This is gonna be a long post.

But of cause CNY haven't finish yet >.<
OK larh~ here come some tradition story of chinese new year =.=

Chinese New Year is our Spring Festival. It is commonly called "Lunar New Year", because it is based on the lunisolar Chinese calendar. The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first month (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th; this day is called Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year's Eve is known as chú xī. It literally means "Year-pass Eve"

"got it from Wikipedia actually" haha!!!

Now I'm so confusing >.<"
opened a lot tabs in one time + brother ask me to sign up a FB for him =.="

 Ok, let start from the day before CNY Eve

Day before CNY Eve
 the last day before CNY holiday. I bring ma friends to the New Jusco shop for the last time i knw i broke the promise of my 4th Feb Post la.. since yun haven't went there b4 so she follow us ... zen and me decided early wanna go there already.

 i looked dumb with long jeans but MMU made me!

After a tiring drove and searching for the car park, my stomach growling like hell.. obviously, I'm starving... lets eat!

we went to StoneGrill for lunch... first try and suck!* i meant for me. Mayb for others it's okay~ 

~ waiting for the food ~

how cute they were~ trying to promote?? 

hot chocolate for both of them. they said "thumb up" wor~

nothing special about the food. but i dunno why we both posed like this =.=

 After the lunch, we went to SASA and bought the eyeliner that yun recommended me and also try up new brand of gentle eye make-up remover - CYBER COLORS suitable for waterproof mascara user~ much easier to wipe off.


 we spent almost the 1/2 day at shoes outlets there~ omg! WHY? Zen's fault! argh~ she tried a lot of shoes make me lost my patience. 
but at last she found and bought the shoes she liked. After that, we went to brand outlet and zen bought 2 Ts with collar. What i bought was a short brown pants with it's belt from EFFU again~

some photos taken before i sent them back.

i met my dear after the walk... He has been waiting for me a couples of hours d ... poor dear~
he bought my favorite kiddo food "YUM YUM" muakz!
done one! Whee! ❀◕‿◕❀

  Chinese New Year Eve ☁ 

This is what we did in the early morn of CNY Eve... mom hanging the red cloth- a sign of good fortune i guess.. and i being the busybody of the day XD helping daddy to pack the angpow(s)

~hanging the red cloth that i dunno wat it call in English >.<~ 

kepo kepo wanna pack the angpow(s) 
After done everything, we all waiting for Mr. Yorath to fetch us go grandpa house for praying Mama side's ancestor and having reunion lunch with all my relatives... 
long time didnt see them d. They all changed a lot especially my Chindian nieces. Both become ladies although we are in the same age line. haha! i still looked like kid maybe =( sob! but is ok ... get use to it d ... and my cousin so tall!!


my grandpa who i called as my "Ah Gong", he asked me to take the picture of everyone... what he make me laugh like a horse was he didn't noticed i took the photo already .. he still can asked me "LING, faster take ler!" haha ... i said i took already. cousin said Ah Gong didn't heard any "Kacha!" sound that's why he though haven't take yet~ Ah Gong, cybershot camara never "kacha" anymore larh~ XD cute grandpa! 
 my little niece and her doggy in the cupboard~ it was my idea... lolz

After the lunch with mum's side family, we went to JUSCO again to bought some candies and drinks for CNY. Mum bought a pair of Egypt shoes and i bought my saddlers that i spotted it when i went there with friends. finally bought it! Happy!  after JJ, we rushed to Bukit Katil and have reunion dinner with my dad's side family.

really a tiring day, i failed to meet my dear yorath before the sky turn dark. sorry my dear. 
came back home and arranged everything we bought then sleep like a pig until the next day~
~ thanks to my 2nd auntie for baking all the CNY cookies for us~


The first day of CNY 2010 is also valentine day.. lolz! it's hard to plan for u?? haha~ this is how we do on this day~☺ 
i got my first angpow in the morn from my dad
and i look so numb with my tiring eyes + the fringe hair *

 in the morning, me and my family had our breakfast at one of the restaurant before heading to Tesco buy CNY stuffs again* .

daddy, mama and brother

 after sent them back home from Tesco, I drove to Yorath's house and collects angpow(s) ... ngek ngek ngek! 

naughty Yong Yong come and disturb me =.=
I stay at his house almost a day until i fall asleep in  his bedroom. Yorath said he booked me started from 6pm to the rest of the day. i know i know ... he wanted to celebrate valentine's day with me ❁◕‿◕❁

 Here comes the event.. 
he sent me back home and asked me to get ready, he will fetched me after he done his stuffs. SO, i took my bath and wait for him~
He drove me out of Malacca =.= i noticed after he passed Alor Gajah Toll* On the way to the place he wanted to bring me there, i kept sweet-talked him to tell me where the hell he is bringing me. i even asked for the hints >.<"  

~on the way (going to rain) ~

 Finally, we arrived Ampang at 9pm sharp. So, we went to the place he booked - Naili's. Not bad after all. =) they decorated the place like having dinner at beach instead of candle lights table or luxury one.
Naili's Place


we ordered chicken chop and lamb chop for our dinner and decided to have banana split as the dessert but we canceled banana split after our chops =.= because my stomach almost burst!

lamb chop + coconut drink 
& chicken chop + "mermaid"
i guess we are one of a kind 

how sweet he is. doing the things he usually do due to his girl dunno how to use fork and knife >.<" 
Love u deeply!

After the fabulous dinner, we drove back to Malacca. I'm too tired until i slept in the car. i told him to send me back because i was really tired. But he refuse to. lolz~ that's weird... he was upping on something larh~ he brought me to his house and to his room. but his room was locked he locked it before he went out* when he try to unlock it with his key, the key broke into half but the worst one was the half of the key stuck inside =.=" lolz! he was trying hard to open the door. yup! he did it~
i heard titanic song played in a soft volume, the room is dark. and he asked me to close my eyes and do not "main" peeping >.<"  okay lorh~ i followed what he said until he asked me to opened my eyes. 
candles with fire on, roses everywhere ~ i was speechless...


it maybe doesn't surprised all the girls but it do surprised me. 
what i want was not luxury dinner, 999 roses or even superior gift  for valentine's day but what i want is your little jealousy heart. That is my biggest and the valuable one than those stuffs. Thanks for loving me and unchanged since the day i accepted u. U stole my heart and give me yours. I love U, my dear! more marks for your merit list

First time CNY falls on Valentine's day, felt special =)  

2nd Day of CNY “年初二”

We had our breakfast "bak gut teh"( meat bone tea) at kg.8 not bad, worth to try but it's non-halal* 

bak gut teh                                                 plan rice

bak gut teh                                           chinese tea

my family                                                     me

After the breakfast, we visited my grandpa house because my aunties and my grandpa's brother came back from Singapore. I managed to wait for my auntie come but failed to wait for my grandpa's brother "ah pek" come ... hehe .. i was damn bored and asked Yorath to bring me out. lolz

went to Yorath house wait him don't knw do what. forgot already .. haha!
my dear and I                        cam-whore ss again

Philis- the naughty girl, she try to brake the car door =.="
we went to visited his friend house, i forgot the name already >.<" we went there gambling with ah fei, gz, and others i don't remember their names larh ..lolz* we played for 4 hours .. fuh~ I just sat beside Yorath and bring him "luck" only =.="

we went back to granpa house and chit-chatting there until the day dark. We went back after finished watching "Stephen Chaw's"  movie at grandpa house.

 a day passed like that.. kinda bored =.=" but I managed to collected some angpow(s) of the day. not bad~ haha!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Angpow gia lai~ lolz


i am worrying when  the roses gonna rotten ='(


3rd day of CNY "年初三“
got nothing to snap =.= random sanapping on the fake blossoms at my house 
Actually i forgot quite much about this day already >.< i just recalled back from the photos i saved in my DCIM folder. lolz
we visited some of my dear's friend houses and don't know how we will be at dataran pahlawan jor~ >.<" completely forgotten >.<"
 we went to GZ house and gambling again at night... lolz... but fun larh~
simple day passed. Lame one~

4th Day of CNY “年初四”
wake up in the morn and proceed to my daddy's 4th grand uncle house... attending his Open House at Bukit Beruang. No pictures ware taken because I'm busy eating =.=" hungry ghost*  we spent our time there until evening. sent my grandma and my uncle back home.
collecting more and more~
When we was deciding where to go, Yorath got his phone called from Eddie, Eddie and Annie came to Malacca to visit their relatives gua~ asking about the way. But in the end, we guided them there.
 funny poses we did in the car XD

After that, Yorath and I went to Sushi King to have our dinner. So crowded there! Q-ing up some more. Walao! hate the waitress there! so rude. i still can remember her name- Aminah. Sushi King at New Jusco Malacca. Her face looked like shit. We called her to order food but she act like didnt saw us. this girl really pees me off!!!! fuh~ anyone go there please recognize her face and complaint her. Kns. i was really mad and wanna complaint already but there got no complaint box... forget it =.=" 
lots of peoples*
                               busy eating dun want choi me                          now only choi me
                                                          sweet talked me to
                                                       finished up the rice =.="                        whack aminah!


Finished up everything, paid and leave the place.
At night, Yorath friends come to his house and gambling ... he Lose about hundred ... because i'm not there, he said. He always said i bring luck for him. i also hope i have this power ... haha!

5th Day of CNY “年初五”
The 5th day of CNY. We went to Jonker Street in the noon. The cars almost can't drove in the street because:
i wander why so many tourists today*
Hard to find an empty parking space to park. We parked far far away from Jonker Street and walk there to have our brunch. BUT: 
THIS IS WHY WE CANT FIND ANY PLACED TO EAT. q-ing up in the hot sun man! 
we managed to found one not that much people. but still have to wait to be served. a shop that also selling chicken rice. but not that much people.
 waiting to be served*
after the brunch, we decided to walk around the street and we bought 2 cute mouse pad for only RM12. show u guys in the next post.
we went to GSC next. watched   "All's Well End's Well Too 2010"

 movie started and ended~ comedy movie... on the way back i was damn tired and fall asleep in the car.  He woke me up and asked me to zzz in his room first then later only went Yum Cha with Shin Yuu group. 

he woke me up when i just started to sleep. 
the rude side of me. sorry~ ma friend >.<"

6th Day of CNY “年初六”
 Afternoon went to workshop and get my "ladybird" done. It's exhaust pipe broke. Spent RM120 for a new one but not the origin exhaust pipe.

After get the car done, we went to visited his father. not much activities for the day. Until night~ we went ♫ ♬♪♩♭♪Arena ۩۩ with Shin Yu Group.
snapped b4 my face get red*
A lot of people there maybe is because it is Friday. and i get to be asked my IC again! the 3rd time i've been suspected under age! OMG! do i seem like under age yet?? i knw i do! But never mind the truth is i am 19! XD We failed to have the front table yet we get up stairs =.=" 
                                           right symbol chop for the guys                    opened 2 tanks Tiger and Heineken
                                                  and left for the ladies                       only because they think to change to PURE
                     Victor pretending to be a SISSY dont wanna drink*                            swallow swallow~

                                                               Cheers!                                             drunk? i don't think so~
                                                  Caught this guy betting football           acting drunk .. cute~ failed!
                                                   match during that time =.=  
That night i looked freaking ugly with the glitter dress*

~syioknya org ni~ with the beauty tricks, she earned his money easily .. Lolz

the very 1st time i saw ppl proposing =)
congratulation both~ sweet one!

TING TING! time to leave~ 
   drunk? stupid~ of coz not XD           

DADANG~ see, mou xi~                 my face look so reddish 
what next? Yam Cha at Ayoob Mamak and back to sleep without removing makeup... Euw! but i really damn exhausted~

7th Day of CNY “年初七”❀ 
Today~ wake up lately, took my breakfast at Wilson's Chicken Rice Shop. Went to Bintang find my mum and chat with her awhile. After that, we watched "Sorority Row" at my house. Nice movie~ finished the movie and went out again for dinner at McD, Fajar... Finished dinner we walked to "Asia Fun Park" Fun Fair =.=" long time didnt go there already. the last time i went i think i was still in secondary school. Since we already walked there, why not test for the luck see what we will get. 
                                                  i got these from the dart game                     it turned 360 degree*
                                                   and Ring throwing game
Yorath tried hard to get both of U for me* Thx! Muakz!


and i got this at MelakaRaya Fun Park
Bingo game~    

Just came back from Mambo Cafe- Yam Cha with Shin Yuu group and Alvin too ... that's my day. Mr. Yorath still playing poker cards at his friend house. But i'm home~ ^^

Fuh~ finally finished blogging. i took 3 days to blog this one seriously >.<". But now i'm done! Whee!  
Tomorrow the last day for me to play like a kid  the last day of my CNY holiday =(. Back to Campus on Monday =( and then everything back to normal. become numb again. study and exam ... don't wanna mention first larh >.< if not spoilt my mood later! 

okay, time for bed.
Stay tune for my next post.
yawn~ Nightz!

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