Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A trip to Cameron Highland

Previous weekend
me, Yorath and my family past a wonderful weekend.
Because mum successfully got her off-days, 
we decided to go for a trip.
Yup! Cameron Highland. for 2 days 1 night.

In the early morn, 
we wake up at 6am. Prepared all the stuffs and started our journey at 8am.
On the way, someone kept cam-whoring. Hehe!

cam-whoring in the car*                                         Mr. cool man*

everyone "pengsan" in the 5 hours journey*

 yup, i bring my cutepie along too =)
i forgot which resting area we stopped for awhile because everyone butt was so painful >.<". Haha! took a rest and mum bought a pack of sweet potato chips. Super huge lor the "chip". >.<" 
cannot finish the whole piece lorh
obviously, it's bigger than my face lorh                                    behind seats,busy eating 
After the break, we continued our journey with the help of Yorath brother friend's satellite guiding us to the top of the hill.

And finally, we are on the way to the hill.
"climbing" the hill.                                                                     cool cool~ 
a lot of haze already.                                                    He still sleeping =)
We decided to stopped at the half way (where we stopped before at the previous trip to CH too ). Taking photos at there too.
butt pain face >.<"                                                        me and Yorath.
me alone*                                            cont' drove to the top.
                                          ( he doesn't wanna take with me ad)          not actually the top larh (tanah rata)

We reached Brinchang town and we can't find the hotel we booked last night.
Yorath went to the police station and asked the police woman how to reach to the location. After she guided us, the location we are finding was at Tanah Rata =.=" Lolz. We stayed at "Hillview Inn". This inn was built with the theme of countryside. 
After Dad had checked in, we all vie with each to get the beds we wanted. Me and my dear had a king size bed and brother,mum and dad another king size bed too.
just entered the room then: 
                           lay and roll on the bed like kids                            he like to show me his butt.
don't ask me what pose is this >.<"                       he always rampas my "busuk" de!
when they ware taking their rest, 
i went out and snap snap snap!! took the photos of the scene there.
not yet ready la woi!                                                   okay, I'm ready =)
 After they have their rest enough, it's time for lunch lorh~ =) 
went to a Chinese restaurant in Brinching town.

waiting for the food

brother helped us took this picture.                        food came and really expensive lorh.
 After the lunch, damn full! we drove up to the highest hill in Cameron Highland.
6666 feet. and there's a tower, managed to see the view of Cameron Highland.
  on the way                                                       passed by BOH tea farm
                                       narrow road, honing the opposite side car.                             vegetable farm
up to the tower: Kacha Kacha!
                                     I'm the camera holder.                                     family

                                  like very wronged to take photo with me,sad                          mum and dad. How sweet~

Sole photo of everyone ^^
 daddy                                                         mum

brother, Gary                                                Yorath,
                                                                     i dunno why he keep give me this kind of face

going downward

 me and a person that don't like to smile.
 (suan liao larh, after this trip i wont take photo with him ad!)

                                                      Brinching Hill, 6666 feet.                                                 bubye~!
                                                                                                                   leaving the place and proceed to another one.
Went to the lower part of the hill, a place like hutan reakrasi.
                                                walking on the bridge / wooden stairs?                broken* we stop here.

                                                how come my butt "tonggeng: huh? XD           mum said this scene very pretty,                                                                                                                    but she feel regret abt her posing.lolz 

lolz! 擦肩而过

After the jungle side, we continue going down but then passed by here. We stopped here and take a look. 
half way going down, went one of the farm there
entering the farm.                              strawberries farm
tomatoes farm                                         vege farm
he forced to take with the vege.                                     brother just fallen =.=
 mama                                                white carrots
                                             trying to pluck the carrot?                               vege vege
                                                      me and the strawberries                   mum bought the home-made strawberry jam
Finally, reached Brinchang.
We walked Brinching market. and managed to made the ring back. 
U better keep it nicely if not this time i really turn against u lor mr yorath!*

                                             i'm looking for strawberry tart actually,                     huge carrot
                                    but sold out, i bought strawberry muffin then  

                                                    tiny white carrots and red carrots        strawberries deep chocolate
After the walked, stomach growling again =.="
let's go for steamboat! mum said went there enjoy eating more than visiting places. hehe! I agree too~
                                 brother watching Tom&Jerry =.="         Poor guy, restless from the morning til the night

can see that he is so damn tired
 before                                                                               after

After the dinner, went back and take our shower and lay down like dead fishes until the next morning. damn exhausted. 

I woke up at 6:30am but then fallen asleep again >.< Lolz. I n the end we woke up at 8am. =.=" got my shower and disturbed Yorath until he wake XD. But not really disturb him larh. drove us hours still want to torture him meh! pity la woi!
 Before he woke, i went out snapped some of the photos of our Inn because we'r going to check out later. =( unwilling to back. No choice, I got my classes on Monday.

we took our breakfast at the garden. Breath the fresh and cooling air. Wow, i love it. Coffee aromatic, fresh cookies smell , the aroma of the plants... OMG~ i really enjoy it.  in Malacca, wanna gap for fresh air also hard*

  mum.                                                                     having breakfast

our room                                             the corridor  
brother                                                      me

                                                                  still sleeping =.=                        my cutepie wake up already =)
 roses that we bought at night market                   this brunch he wanna give her mum.

huge strawberries                                                 home-made cookies

my turn to have my breakfast with Mr Y

After checked out, mum want to take photos for the last time before leave Hillview Inn. So, we managed to snapped these:
Hoo's family
Happy family                                          sweet couple 

                                           My Family                                            Yorath                                                         Candy 

Before went to BOH tea Plantation Center, we went to strawberries farm to taste strawberry tarts, strawberry yogurt shake, strawberry ice-cream and strawberry ice-cream with chocolate topping. Burp!

                                           my cute daddy                         strawberry ice-cream and
                                                                                             strawberry ice-cream with chocolate topping
Then, we went to BOH tea Plantation Center. Eat again =.=. but i dislike tea. They have their tea time there =.=. i just sitting aside.
the tea BoH Cafe, i love the design.
Oh my~ how fat my legs can be some more!!!
dad and mum 

~at the balcony~

~enjoying the tea~

Proceed to the tea factory and watch how they work for it.

                                                                            step1                                                              step2
step3                                                               step4
step5                                                 ~ tea farm~
going back

We went back early because Yorath need to rush back for his mum birthday dinner. so, we 3pm like that started to downhill driving already.

In Ipoh, 
we called Ivan Yeo to guided us the location to buy Ipoh's products because dad wanna buy for his workmates and grandma.
But Ivan went to Pulau Pinang already
. so, he just guided us  in the phone. 
With the help of GPS and Ivan, we finally reached there.
We discovered the delicious and mouth-watering local foods  hidden in along the street of " Sek mat Ting Tong" heaven of foods. Lolz.
We went to the most popular restaurant- Lou Wong Restaurant. 
Ipoh most famous " Nga Choi Gai" beansprout chicken. this  is the Ipoh specialty food. 
People said whenever u went Ipoh, U must try up this "Nga Choi Gai". 
the restaurant is so much crowded than our Malacca Wilson chicken rice shop lorh~ haha! but ours specialty is chicken rice balls not beansprout chicken rice. hehe~

                                                                lunch~                                                            i hate beansprout!

eat eat eat!!!!
After lunch, we went to buy it's local product. Take and Take and Take~ like it's free  =.=" end up lugged 5 bags of Ipoh local products back to Malacca.

Continue our journey back to Malacca. drove from the evening until the night. fuh~ 140km/hr. over the limit of speed already. he drove hours. but still reached malacca at 9:30pm. poor guys... tired*

evening                                                                   night
He drove us until the restaurant where his mum celebrate her b'day. 
and then i have to drove back to my home with myvi >.<" that day is my first time driving myvi by my own. lolz.
 He asked me to fetch him after his mum birthday dinner.
waiting him in the car at Patrol Station.
done my weekend post! Whee! =)  


  1. So nice go cameron! Although is 2days 1 nite only, but full of activities.. so nice~~ envy + jealous T_T

  2. lolx! don't envy me lorh. u went to Genting with ur boy also wat =) sure also had a lot sweet activities. Hope one day we can travel together =)

  3. how much total spent? lol

    whose myvi is that?

  4. u mean cameron?? hmm ... daddy sponsored ...not over RM900 =) ...
    that myvi is peng's brother-in-law one. hehe