Tuesday, January 26, 2010

L♥vely weekend ( 22/01/10 - 24/01/10)

I'm here for blogging again...
blogging about my previous weekend spent with my Yorath...
( just called me and told me he got summon and imediately make my mood down.. haiz )
But no worries, i will complete the blog after all...
God has blessed me with wonderful moment with Yorath on my weekend...
started with Friday, i drove to Nilai by my own to pick Yorath up ( and that was my very first time drove along highway to nilai by my own and i'm proud of myself!) when i arrived, he just finish his morning class... we put LS down and went for our lovely lunch at Nilai McD Restraurant...bcoz i keep on complaining i'm hungry while on my way to Nilai >.< ... after that he got to attend his afternoon class after having lunch with me ... so, he "lock" me in his apartment.. i got nothing else to do when waiting him back from class but to online ... Facebook-ing again ... lolz ...

After his class, we went back to Malacca and then went to Malim night market and met his mom ... >.< ... his mum asked him to help her to handle her food court in the next day bcoz not enough helpers...haiz .. ( he suppose to have movie with me tomorrow =( - ToothFairy...) i knw no one should be blame ... her mom need help what ... but i still feeling mood-less after that ... however, my Yorath said he will help his mom until noon and will have movie with me after that .. ok lorh ... but i still feel bad about it ... satuday is my day with Yorath what!!! ...nvr mind la..
after the walk in Malim night market, i didnt talk for the rest of time ... i feeling mood-less wat.. dun blame me larh ... he got no choices but to send me home ... on the way back we had an accident ... a car stop so sudden and infront of the car doesn't have any cars ... we manage to stop the car but almost kisses the front car ass ... but we make it ... yeah! BANG!!! car behind kisses our ladybird's ass =.= ... swt... he gotta pay ... so no worries...

Saturday-  early morning, Yorath got a phone call from the uncle that hit our car... called my Yorath for breakfast =.= ... and then they went to workshop to deal with the prochat ess of paying and repairing... (me? i'm still sleeping in my nest XD) Poor Yorath~ he got lots of work to do ... ( helping his mom, dealing with the car thing, riding motor here and there...)
and finally he come and fetch me for  movie =) ... we watched Tooth fairy... not bad la... worth to watch also.. but is not what i expected ... so kinda disappointed...After the movie, is my shopping time!!! ^^ .. went to DEES and bought a black jeans for myself =) .. the sales girl asked me wat size i'm finding ?? >.< ... i dun knw >.< how shame was that.. " give her size 27" my Yorath answer the sales girl ... i was shocked >.< .. how come ...  how come he knw my size of my waist >.< how sweet was that .. ^^ muakz! .. but Yorath cant find wat he want choosy*  how sad ... =( after the tiring but enjoyed shopping moment, we went to Jonker Street.. and how coincident was that .. there is having show on Jonker Street stage...

some pictures taken at Jonker Street:

( the street)

                             (my dear is ordering mango+sour plum juice)    ( performance on the stage- ballet)

                                               (chinese tradisional silk fan dance)        (drinking mango + sour plum juice.. nice!)
after the walk, we went to mambo cafe and met Shin Yuu group ... having great time with them ... chit-chatting and laughing ... enjoy the moment with them too ... =)

 Sunday- woke up "early" and feed my cute pie fresh milk with quacker oats ^^   ... and get prepare before my dear come and fetch me for my breakfast ... we went to Klebang and had coconut shake and nasi lemak for our breakfast and it's almost noon ... Dear had make an appointment with wee beng and alvin to discuss abt the business which they are conducting now.. so, we met them at OldTaste ... i managed to caught some photo there ... funny faces too ... lolz... dun blame me , wee beng  .. i have try my best to snapped u ..but it turn out the other way XD ... sorry ... haha!               

( i love the "old taste")

(while waiting weebeng and alvin)

(taking order)                                    (online FB-ing)

( let me guess, hmm~ passion lemonade? and ribinna aloe Vera =D)

( signing agreement or policy? i'm not sure o.O)

(before)                                                 (after)
after the meal, we got no where else to go ... didnt plan for the day >.< ... so, we decided to go for movie again .. .>.< ...  and so coincident again, mahkota parade having lion dance competition... we took some time at there ...

we watched until almost forget to check the time-line of movie d >., .. went up immediate;y and disappointed =.= ... all time are just passed  few minutes ... =(  and we took this photo to cheer our self up ..XD

no movie then what next? dinner.. haha .. we keep on eating >.< ... wantan mee as  dinner... =) that 's all for the weekend...

damn tired ... tomorrow stil got classes to attend...got to sleep .. c ya in next blog~

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