Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A lil update

phew~ sorry for naglacting my blog... 
trust me, I dont want too! 
I'm having my midterm tests this month until middle of August
='( ya~ i miss my blog.. but no choice, i have to leave it behind due to the tons of assignments and presentations for me ~ the due date is around... *faint*

-so, basically this time i'm gonna post some activities i had during the midterm tests.-
simple update to keep my blog alive!

1. "Baskin" with the bf on Wednesday Pink. Recently i am quite addicted to "Baskin Robbins". Almost once a week i need to "Baskin" . Lol* I got the chance to taste Strawberry Cheesecake and Jamoca Almond Fudge. and the other day i tried up Green tea and coconut favours . *green tea nicer*

2. Yam Samosa!!! this has appeared in my food list as well. I bought a pack but i'm lazy enough to fry it >.<" 

3. Clinique Star Tour came to MMU, Malacca on Monday 19 July, searching for and ideal model for CLEO magazine cover. Have you missed?  What you need are:

  • Step 1 -Head over to your nearest CLINIQUE Star Tour Road Show [collages & Universities, Shopping Mall]

  • Step 2 -Purchase RM 30 voucher and you will receive a CLINIQUE DoorGift worth RM 130.

  • Step 3 -Have your consultation by CLINIQUE Experts.

  • Step 4 -Have your makeover done by CLINIQUE Make-Up Experts.

  • Step 5 -Have your hair-styled by Salon Esprit.

  • Step 6 -Get your potrait taken by Professional Photographer.

  • Step 7 -Choose your favourite shot and describe your look in 3 words. 
I have choosen this. i'm not satisfied with my potrait after all T^T
 i know it doesn't look like me >.<" it's okay, just for fun. 100% won't be choosen. XD

then, you will be posted in their Star Tour Gallery. *lol* I should write "typically chinese look" instead of writing *fiminine* >.<" There are more choi-er look at CLINIQUE website that u may wanna take a look.  ---> visit  CHIO Faces

4. When to McD *i'm lovin' it* to have our 2nd time of GCB meal!!! it taste super great with Char-grilled Source . ^__^

i know i know ~ you probably are laughing at me =.=" wonder why I'm having Happy-Meal? >.<"  ya~ i wanna have the lil Hanausa !!! the soft toy can't be purchased separately, that's why i order the Happy-Meal so that i can bring Hanausa back home ^^ anyway, Happy meal did make me feel happy. *lol*

 I know i'm acting so kido >.<" but Hanausa is really adorable what?! >.<" I brought her to exam hall and end up i managed to finish the DMG paper just in time! Because normally I'm kinda slow in calculation part. Hanausa brings me luck? =) * watched toy story too much*

5. Midterm exams fever. I'm having my 5 subjects tests, assignments and presentations in the same time. *fml!* I really don't know why they having schedule like this and they wanna look the students faint izzit? The lecturers know our midterm week and still they wanna arrange the presentation between the weeks. F*ck them!

I have been studying days and nights like "Siao Poh"

6. After the DMG paper, it's my midterm break! Me,the BF, and Shin Yuu group went to GSC for " The Sorcerer's Apprentice"  nice movie! i love every single Walt Disney Production Movie =). They never make me down before ^^

Almost all audiences in Cinema Room 1 were MMU students >.<" Maybe they also just after DMG papers . After the movie, me and the BF went for supper.

the cup that i'm having for my hot Milo. =) classic right?  Miss the time my grandpa bring me to Kopitiam by his huge wheel bike and having hot milo with the cup like this, and Roti canai with sugar >.<"

7.Hair tutotials- those who REALLY know me, they know I'm a noob in tying my hair. the one i only know to tie is "pony tail" >.<" . I went to Youtube and surf for hair tutorials and follow the steps they do and finally i got 2 hair tied sucessfully. >.<"

"messy bun" but i made it so neat >.<"

fish tail braids. The only one successfully made. Now i'm pro in this braids. It look different with the normal braid we tie. look closer and u will knw the difference. =)
well, i don't dare to say i'm expert now... but at least there are improvement from pony tail to buns and braids right now  >.<"

8. Jackie's new born BABIES!!!

Jackie is in brown but i got no idea why her babies were in black and white >.<"  she got 10 babies but 1 is dead after born. So, left 9.  I'm happy that Jackie allowed me to touch her babies ^^ i guess, she love me ^^

that's all for the stupid post. Cya!

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