Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the childhood "90's"!

A few days ago, i watched a video from YouTube through FB. That video/slides and the oldies songmake me miss my childhood lot's. T^T
I miss all the stuffs i did when i was a kid.

If u were born in 70's, 80's or 90's, u will know what the hell I'm barking here XD haha! being kinda emo and reminded me all the funny incidents and cute questions i have asked my dad [when we were waiting our turn to go on the road.]" how come the traffic light still not turn into green? there is no more car on the opposite side already what!" i thought traffic light suppose to helps us look no cars and turn green means " okay, it's safe now! u may cross..." and whenever there is cars come from the other side, the traffic light on our side will immediate change to red back =.="

okay, stop the craps.
Let's see...what make u to remember your childhood??

does all these make u miss your childhood? miss your kindergarten friends, grandparents, mummy, daddy, teachers, canteen uncle & auntie *i did*, your old neighbours's children and etc?

The toys and games we- the 70's, 80's and 90's played before.

did you play this? haha! *i did* >.<" the first "video game"?

the brich game 9999 in 1- the first place to start playing the bricks game ^^

erk, i don't play this but i saw kids playing these in 90's it's a trend but i didn't follow >.<".

this is distributed to the market when i was still in primary school.
Still remember that we need to purchase the tape for the games. >.<"

i believe everyone knows this right? haha! the earliest Mario game *still can see the jaggies" pixel type of animation game. But now ...

 the latest Mario in 3D and in Wii games >.<" no more using the controller but using joint stick now ... how high tech~

the bubble balloon made from the gum i still remember the price- 1 for 10cents. *aww!* i always wish to play this again! and i get angry when the balloon burst after i have blew so long!!! the other one is the FAKE/ temporary tattoo. Haha! when i was small, i do place these Fake Tattoo on my shoulder and show off to my friends! LOL!! but now, i want to have a real one on my behind neck ^^ maybe next month i'll have one! *yeepy!* 

 Do you make this before? the hand-made kites and the paper folded birds. I told my boy that i never success in making the kites when i was small, i bought the plastic paper kite, it don't flies too! >.<"  He laughed at me and said "when i was 5, i started to do financial investment already" wtf! *don't bluff larh!*

the boys play this and the girls play that. The boys use the fake bullet gun bully the girls and the girls use the water gun shoot them back! but of cause the boys win larh! I hate the sound! it really freak me out.
the marbles. idk how to play but i do collect them as a hobby =)

idk what to call the first picture in English. We *Malaysian* called it as "Teng Teng". i'm pro in this game.Lol. And the spinning top that we use to call as "gasing" in malay.  idk how to play. >.<"

The eraser game, still remember?? flipping the eraser around the table and once your eraser lay on top of your friend's one, mean u win the game! yeah~ and  i'm f*cking pro in this when i'm in the age of 7-12 !! no kidding =) don't believe? challenge me =P . The second picture i got no knowledge on that >.<" i think is some kind of pokemon or digimon cards to fight their XP. is it?? lol. I'm not good in boy's stuff larh wey >.<" just always watch teachers confiscate the boys' game cards when they bring it to school.

Jigsaw Puzzle. I hate it the most. Test my patient to finish matching them >.<" I got more than enough. Friends and relatives use to give me jingsaw puzzles on my birthday as the presents =.= and the paper dolly dressing game. Lame game but idk why i love to play this when i was a kid. Hehe! Now i prefer watching "Jigsaw 7" and dressing myself up ... ROFL!!!

Aww, snake & ladder and monopoly! both are classic children's board game. =') i miss both. The games never end.

The North South East West game. I forgot how to play this game already. If I'm not mistaken is use to make decisions when it's hard to choose the best decision. Something like that i guess >.<" Lol. and the Tikam board- which is the game to cheat children' $$ =.= always end up with "terima kasih" which mean thank you in English and u get nothing. =.=" stupid game that children play.

The capsule Eggs with toys from vending machines!!! it's the favorable game for the 90's children. at least u get something after u paid. Unlike the stupid Tikam board =.=" u paid and yet u get nothing.

Still remember what always nommed in your lil month??

My boy said i will nomm what ever stuff that can be nomm. >.<" sounds like hungry ghost. That's the reason i can't slim down XD. Well, do you eat what i ate? =) do u still able to find them? do u still eat them? sounds like monster! *remind me the cookies monster from sesame street* ='(

Tora- we not actually eating the coco nuts. Most of them just wanna have the toy in the Tora box instead of the nuts. And the Soft Candies =) for those who have no teeth to bite Lol! just kidding.

ice-creams!!!!!! my favorite dessert! but i believe that the first one can't be found anymore unless u make your own one. I always buy this - [10 cents for each ice twig thing]  from the uncle which i name him "uncle rainbow" * his motor do carry a huge rainbow color umbrella* before the school tuition start >.<". and next, the soft ice-cream with cone. 50 cents per scoop of ice-cream ^^. u still can found it in some primary schools or u may found it at port dickson beach lol! but make sure u find the uncle instead of the young man. Because uncle usually sells this. Young ice-cream man usually sell the cornatto type =.="

choki choki!!! i love this when i was a kid. and the Apollo chocolate/ vanilla favour wafer!!! stop eating these after i got skin allergic in preservation foods. >.<"

Do u drink 7up with this classic glass bottle before? i didn't >.<" i love the old packaging of coke =) and the fruit favour chewing gums. My dad buy this to shut my month when i was a kid >.<"

okay, the last but not the least.
Do you still recognise them??

-The classic cartoon characters and heroes!!!-

ultraman and Power Rangers =.=" the boys love it and most of the girls hate it... >.<"
but i use to be the Yellow power ranger fan before >.<"

Dragon ball and the Ninja turtles 
not interested in these but at least i know them =.=" LOL

*casper the friendly ghost and tom & jerry* ah... these the one ... i miss them

both are my favourite! i love Popeye the sailor man *poot poot*
and all the cartoons from looney tunes!!!!

and the last one.. Master Q!! you can always found its comic in the old saloons.
 They will have them... =)

okay, that's all for today's post. I've dragged the post quite long actually just to google the pictures ... these pictures are hard to be found. Seem like gradually been forgotten by the 70's to 90's kids. *how could they!!!* They watched u grow up and some even accompanied u to the womanhood/ manhood and u forgot them?? ='( how sad was that?! well, never mind... we grown up and we seek for more interesting and high tech stuffs and some even think that "i don't need them anymore". But don't u think "they"are sweet enough to be remembered?  (o^__^o) they are sweet memories that can't be found in 2010 onward anymore ... some become exticted already.

So, what do u miss most in your childhood??

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