Friday, July 9, 2010

A sweet surprise from HIM

I know I know~
It's my Birthday...
stop reminding me that I'm getting older okay >.<"
I just can't accept that I'm 20th from now onwards!
*I need some time*

< I've been dragging this post for so long> Finally i posted it!

However, I've been booked for the whole Tuesday. But i got classes on Tuesday. I probably won't skip classes without any reasonable reasons. 
* ms, today is my big day, u should allow me to skip the whole classes one rite?... >.<" * 
It's still too early to dream la wey!

So, I've been argued with my dear for forcing me to skip my Tuesday's classes on the weekends. *siao* of cause cannot la!!! 
* unless there's somebody kind enough to help me sign for my attandance larh =P*
But this kind of creature become extinct already i think so.

no choice but to attend my classes first. After the classes, he fetched me from campus to saloon for hair cut and trim. * the hairdresser spent lots of time on my hair* Obviously, just the hair cut already drag lots of our precious time.

my mum said my hair can divided into 4 person's hair
*I should donate some to my dad*

AFTER the hair cut i still have lots of hair >.<"

After the hair cut, he drove all the way long by himself and a dumb dumb sitting beside him kept sweet-talked him to tell her where the hell he is bringing her >.<". I was like being kidnapped by my dear =.="
He asked me to "shut up and sit still".. wtf!

I keep guessing for the correct location. In the end the signboard shown me the answer when it's reaching =.=" *so weak in guesswork* 

from Malacca -----> tut tut tut tut tut -----> to Bukit Tinggi
I know it's ridiculous to drive from Malacca to Bukit Tinggi. XD
But, it's normal for him to do something ridiculous XD

i went Bkt. Tinggi once since i was 13 with my parents. Now, I'm back to there for my 20th birthday. lol *kinda miss this place*
After departed, we walked around with an umbrella *raining*. I know I'm late for lots of activities. I missed the rabbit farm, horse riding, Japanese tea ceremony with Kimono dress-up! , Japanese Spa * i always wanted to try this* , and botanical Tropical and etc. Because everything is closed after 7pm. T^T
*maybe i should skip the classes*

He reserved a table for 2 for our candles light dinner at 9pm *sweet*. Thus, to spent the empty time, we went for bowling at Bkt. Tinggi golf and country club.

               i know i lost my reputation in this pic XD                       arh~ this is better ^_^

he is good in bowling , i'm good in draining >.<"

After bowling, we proceeded to Colmar Tropicale ( it's a northeastern village in French) - we usually call it as French Village. Have a lil walk on the street and snapped some photos.

So coincident that there was an China Atlantic show on the stage. We watched the show and the show end at 9pm. Great! After that can straight go to the restaurant. *i'm starving*

                                 that lil girl is very adorable!           lol, can u carry a table with ur legs ?

                           when i was a kid, i can do this too ^^             test her balancing >.<"

 cool~ *clap*

Okay, I'm straving ~ my stomach was growling >.<" He bought me to have Haute French Cuisine at La Cigogne French Restaurant.  I was curious why the waiters like knowing him very well. *He came before to survey before bring me here* how sweet he can be some more. Haha!

When I was walking in with my dear accompanied, I can felt that the quaint decor and the exceptional service awaits me at La Cigogne. Maybe it's Alsacian speciality for the birthday girl =P haha!

Romantic dining table for 2 is reserved, a blooms from my beloved, and a square green tea + red bean birthday cake  accompanied with birthday song ♪♫ sang by the professional waiters are soon melt my heart   completely. For those who know me, you probably will bet I'll drop my tears for this, hiak hiak hiak! i didn't =P. But i admit that i really touched by the actions that my beloved did for my birthday. Cry in my heart because i don't wanna cry with mascara on my face and end up taking ugly photos on my birthday. XD
So, the lovely waiter kept the cake for our dessert and we ordered our excellent dishes which i forgot to remember the name. The name of the main dishes is freaking long >.<" and it's in some kind of french words. >.<" Just remember the appetizers name. Lol. My man ordered lobster soup and i ordered my cream of wild mushrooms as our appetizer  i heart the wild mushroom cream!!! it's so concentrate. Yorath drank his cafe latte but I ordered my favourite carrot milk juice * look so un-Atas compare with cafe latte >.<"* no choice to be not ATAS people. I really don't like coffee drinks larh ~ >.<"

๑۩۩.. ..۩۩๑ ๑۩۞۩๑
My mouthwatering cream of wild mushroom & 3/4 grilled beef with asparagus
 * it's not the exact name of the dish*

Yorath have some kind of bake salmon fish for his main dish and camwhored with him after the excellent dinner. ◕‿◕

this photo actually looks kinda funny- like just after proposing me >.<" rofl!

I did took a picture with one of the waiters there. (I'm so impressed that they prepared different color of the handkerchiefs * red in color* and petals of flower around the candle light, and it's just specially for me without my dear's orders) . I even leave my comments/msg to them on the tissu paper >.<" they gonna thanks me if they get reward from their boss. HAHA!

After the wanderful dinner with good services, we went for a walk before going back home. Caught some photos before we leave.

colmar tropicale- snapped from the tower

u and me

another picture of Colmar Tropicale

                                  me and u                                 me and the gorgeous swan

That's all for my sweet 20th birthday 。◕‿◕。 i know just a thanks is not enough to show my sincerity. But, i'm really happy to have a bf like u who are so generous to forgive my mistakes and love me more than others did. I'm the luckiest gf in the whole life world!!! *muakz*
I love you!           

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