Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unexpected trip to Penang 。◕‿◕。

Fuh~It had been a long time i didn't touch my blog already
 *sorry for that* haha...
because i was busy enjoying my life and no time for blogging~
just got the complete photos of  all the trips and activities =). Therefore, i can start to blog now *yeah!* at the same time this gonna be a long post with loads of pictures!!!!


it really was an unexpected trip for me because i got a phone call from Yorath while i was crashing my head for my MA tutorials. He ask me to pack my stuffs *fed up of shoving my baju into the luggage >.<"  -  can i bring my wardrobe along?*  and we'll going to Penang later with Johnan and Becky. LOL! 

yea~ i knew Becky after we met. She is Johnan secondary school classmate, She study at UK *woots* just having her summer holiday so, she came back Malaysia and have fun with us. She is a nice and hilarious girl. 。◕‿◕。 

okay, back to the story *lol, that also a part of the story what!*  *shut up larh!*
I packed my stuffs and wait my Yorath fetch me. During the time, i was like camwhore Queen* not forget to show u guys the silly expressions i did.

i combined all the pictures into 1~ bravo candy! *wink*

i'm waiting my man to come~

hon hon!* There he is! 

yeah! lets go! 

someone is avoiding my cam! haha... forced him to take then~

then he likes to cam d~ =)

We are on the way to Nilai to pick them *Johnan and Becky* up. * i was like can't wait to meet Becky* Lol. so exciting to know her when Yorath describing her personnality to me. wakaka!

got my last camwhore picture at patrol station when approaching Nilai >.<"

yeah~ we reached Nilai finally. Picked them up and wanted to have dinner * la tang - spicy soup* at Seri Kembangan *30 minutes away from KL* before start our journey to Penang. 
Unfortunately, the restaurant didn't open T^T i didn't get the chance to try. What else? McD again lorh! *uek* Mc Deluxe for sure~ haha.

we ware in the CCTV of the Mart at SHELL station. *blur*
did something that i ever do before with Becky. >.<" We shout out loud along the tunnel we passed by. Wow~ feel so awasome!!

next, to the destination!!! *woots*
We reached Penang Bridge at about 4am. Got some pictures but unable to snap the whole Penang Brigde because we were making fast *the bridge sign says "u are not allow to stop on the bridge"* it's too dangerous i guess. *obviously larh*

-Penang Bridge-

It was Saturday, but it's not the Penang citizens' weekend. They still have to go to school and work. *pity*
Look kinda weird when saw the kids wore school uniform and walking to school >.<" it's only 5am.. We had our 2nd time McD at Penang. *Gosh* i didn't eat. Just ordered my cold milo. *i love McD milo*

                        becky's back *wink*                          Yorath and me

                       snapped by Becky- tiring eyes *just remove my false lashes* 

we didn't check-in on the first minute, but we were waiting for the sun rise~ my first experience to watch the sun rise. The nature of the world is so beautiful!

 Yorath like wanna commit suicide like that >.<"

how cute they can be *Becky and Johnan*

there are more funny pictures of them

ballerina? ROFL!

Familiar with this posing? yea~ Yip Man XD

erm~ i don't know what he is posing >.<"

hilarious Becky

 look so yeng hor this picture XD acting only

waiting for Mr. Sun *seriously i was damn exhausted* 

-different effect of the cam-

i love this picture* bcoz cannot see my face XD



i manage to snap all the changes during the sun rise. ^_^ 
*need lots of patient seriously*

this is the final one ◕‿- at 7:21am

 Just finished the sun rise part, still got more to go >.<" lol~
After that, we all felt freaking exhausted and keep looking for hotel. We stay different hotel with Johnan and Becky. But at the same street *Penang Road* - Dead city when it's daytime, but once it's in the middle of the night, u probably will  shock like us. Pubs, clubs and bistros are all located at that area >.<"

 it was like Bunga Raya, Malacca scene right?

we stay here ... forgot the hotel name already =.=

We checked-in and slept for hours to recharge our batt >.<" and wake up in the afternoon and looking for food. XD keep on eating*

first stop at Chee Cheong Fan stall.

 the auntie speak Penang Hokkien

me and Yorath. *sambil makan sambil jalan*

Frankly, it tasted GREAT!

 While looking for lunch, we saw Tunes Hotel, we were thinking to shift to Tunes Hotel because the one we stay it's kinda creepy and spooky >.<"
we then went in and asked for more info but unfortunately, fully booked!!! no more empty room for us T^T 

caught this sign beside Tunes' lift
*i love both of these fruits*

finally, we simply find a restaurant and had our lunch there. i ate oyster mee sua.


snapped this pity cute dog after the lunch.Her legs are so short and she did really pose like this when we took our camera out XD

i forgot where the hell is this already

After that, we proceed to Snake Temple. The temple was not what i expected. So, kinda disappoint me. i was imagining the Temple is located on top of the hill and we have to climb up >.<" and everywhere was harmless snake. But all came out opposite with my pro imagination =.="

snake temple- take 1
snake temple - take 2

becky and johnan
the snakes~ take 1

the snakes~ take 2

Temple's garden

done the temple side. 

After that, we went to Batu Ferringhi and visit HardRock Hotel*
tons of pictures have been taken by us

Proceeding to hard rock hotel, we saw its' creative sign~

candy *ignore the pig leg i have*

becky peace*

Johnan peace too

Hard Rock cafe

Hard Rock Hotel

Johnan and MJ
Yorath and MJ

Becky and MJ

Candy and MJ

becky and me

Yorath and me

~before entering Hard Rock Hotel~

i got no idea who is ELP >.&lt;"

- entrance -
- entrance -
- entrance -

-Rock Shop Too-

The beatles' statues: George, John, Ringo and Paul

We have to pay for the entrance fee before enter. RM20 per person include free beverage and discount coupons~

Here we got our Hard Rock wristband

¸¸.•´°¤ ¸¸.•´°¤ »--» »--»
 ¸¸.•´°¤ ¸¸.•´°¤ »--» »--»

¸¸.•´°¤ ¸¸.•´°¤ »--» »--»

i love this picture!

Next, to the Hard Rock Cafe! *still got tons of pictures*
i just picked "some" to post only~

The stage for the rocky ban

drinking my lemonade *freaking sour-dry*

Johnan at the lil bar
bar tender showing off his swiping skill =.=

Becky at the stair cases~

unclear pic at stair cases~

Becky keep on laughing my lil finger when i pose this =.="
and caught a picture of Becky walking on the Thai Fair Street before going back.

After HARD ROCK, we went to have lil supper and gone back to Penang Road where we stay. At first, we wanted to watch FIFA match * i forgot which team vs which team already* at the big screen at Batu Ferringhi Beach. But since Johnan was exhausted, we cancelled the plan and goes to plan B. Drank at one of the cafe/ bar at Penang Road.

Simply drank 4 glasses of Carsberg, my face turn red easily * but i'm not drunk yet*
mybe my blood circulation is too good =.=

wanna see Red Butt Monkey Face ??

becky and johnon
*tiring face*

Red butt monkey face and Becky

Johnon and Yorath

After that, everyone back to their own nest *hotel* and sleep like a pig until the next morning~ *super doople exhausted!!!*

The next day, Yorath forced me to wake up *even pull me and wanna carry me to the bathroom and splash water on me already* >.<" scary and rude bf!!! XD but if he didn't wake me up, i also don't have the chance to taste Penang Char Kway Teow already ^_^
i love the char kway teow a lot! doesn't taste like Malacca Char Kway Teow at all. Taste differently. Penang one yummier! No wander people always say travelling to Penang must try it's Char Kway Teow~

Idk what should i call this in english *Goh Hiong* the sauces very special
Kinda expensive- RM 7 for this lil *Goh Hiong* food.

After we had our breakfast, Becky and Johnon meet up us at this Kopitiam. We sticked to our plan - Kek Lok Si

tons of pictures we took... i combined all together.

*there are still a lot of pictures we took at Kek Lok Si, but the MB is too big, i lazy to upload >.<"*
After Kek Lok Si, we plan to go back. We did stopped at Ipoh and had our Lou Wong Beansprout chicken rice ^_^

i didn't even touch a root of beansprout >.<"

see how tam chiak i can.. XD *ugly-nya*

After makan, we gone back to Nilai and McD again >.<" and watched FIFA match *England vs Maxico* if i'm not mistaken. Then the next day only drove back to Malacca and rush to campus to attend tutorial class >.<"

-that's all for the exhausted yet fun trip-

bye, Penang!

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