Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are u a Hello Kitty mad Lover?

Yeep! I'm back to Candy's Life Tale FINALLY!

However, my presentation was not smooth at all. We didn't get the chance to finish the video clip because of the lousy Projector dragged lot of time. So, I'm not gonna show right here before my presentation end. Sorry ^^ haha... next week me and my group members will be presenting again. =.=" duplicated the work. FML!

I bought Mallow and Gummy bear for my snack! =) the red gummy taste so strawberry!

So, today will be blogging something regarding to my title "Hello Kitty lover". I don't know since when I kinda fall for Pinky stuffs. >.<" But not much, if not I'll feel headache with the bright pink color. I love light/pale pink. So, I guess most of the pink lover will be loving Hello Kitty as well. Aren't they? >.<" Nah~ I don't really in love with Kitty. >.<"

Anyway, I found Lot's of Cute Stuffs when I'm searching for hello kitty products. >.&lt;" so cute and so gross *some*!
I categorized them into the stuffs that I'll try to look for it and the one that I'll not.

Well, let's start with Hello Kitty stuffs that I doesn't wish to have:

This really polluting Kitty image >.<" doesn't look like Hello Kitty at all! who bought this for my birthday I'll be punching them >.<" gosh, the 8 years old b'day kid probably will be fear of Kitty from the date of her b'day. Poor kid >.<"
Hello Kitty eye make-up? lol. Look not very attractive also X_X" don't like*

Hello Kitty gown. Not my choice. look ugly anyway >.<"

well, looks okay for me, but i don't need it. Waste my room space

ouch! tongue piercing... always wanna to try but got not brave enough >.<" if i got a tongue piercing, i may not wanna have Kitty tongue stud. Probably will choose for more coolest one! =P

tell me HE is not a girl... >.<" whack him if i saw him! too gross

Now, those "mad cute kitty stuffs" that caught my eyes:

Hello Kitty scooter >.<" looks cute if I'm riding this to MMU everyday XD.

auw... this is cute XD Hmm... should i bought this for Yorath??? Lol.
 I know YOU  hear me ^^

i want this! so cute man! i gonna search for this bikini. ^^ please inform me if u know where to found this Hello Kitty set of bikini.


Eau De Toilette fragrance look so gorgeous and lovely in Kitty packaging! mad cute!! I want this too T^T...  tomorrow gonna look for it at Perfume shop ^^ hope the essence suit my taste.

kitty envelop coin purse. Kinda creative. Well, i will love to have one too ... but wont try hard to find it. Anyway, is not really attractive >.<"


I'm curious about this >.<" izzit true i will get a Kitty shape toast on my bread?? haha! I'm not a toasted bread lover. Just wanna know it is true or not ... hehe

the doggie look so cute with it's hair tied up!!!!! But, I think the Hello Kitty elastic rubber band forgot something. Kitty's mustache. No wonder the Hello kitty look so weird =.="


NIKE also have Kitty Sport shoes for the girls?! look lovely too =) okay, will be looking for this too >.<"

 Lol... Kotex pantyliner with picky Kitty packaging. Didn't know about this before. Brilliant ideas to tackle girls who mad love kitty. i would love to have 1 please XD

kitty with nerd look. So adorable! i hope it's not a container. It will be better if it is a small makeup pouch. 

Kitty pasta ... If u are sick of Kitty, maybe you can have this. HEHE! eat up them! Lol.

SO, i guess I'm a kitty lover since i love most of the stuffs with Kitty. But i don't dare to admit that I'm a MAD kitty lover. Sometimes, i do hate it. >.<" Everything with Hello Kitty feel kinda sick >.<" * sorry to those who are Mad lover*

Simple post for the day. >.<" Thanks for reading anyway. And don't forget to click my Ads ya!


  1. this is an awesome site!

  2. U ARE A LOSER!!!!!!!!!

  3. I Love Hello Kitty it's been my favie since forever this site is AWESOME ! Kitty is the cutest ever I'd like to help you make this site more known !

  4. Thx for the comments on Aug 28 and Dec 14.

  5. Ref. Anonymous on Nov 7: What make u feel like I'm a loser? because i hate the kitty birthday cake? gosh, u must be the one who made the cake. Sorry for the cake comment but it's still look ugly anyway. * or pls don't tell me u are the guy with lots of kitty on the body? >.<" eiuw!*

  6. i love hello kitty