Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's get wet in the Summer! ☀

✿Splash! Splash! Splash!✿

Yup! We have planned for the last fun before we got into arguments, stressfulness of assignments and presentations. T^T

Zen, Liyun and I were trying hard to invite people join in for the plan. But, lot's of girls look so negetive on our plan. Becuse most of the girl has Hydrophobophobia disease -fear of water. And some of them unwilling to let the sun burn.  Oh well, they missed the fun we have! =P

In the end, we 3 beach shawties go for it! Woots!! The day before, we went to Mydin with Joe Joe- who are the 1 that wish to go but she caught in her MC period >.<". We bought ingredients for the sandwiches and some snacks for tomorrow illegal picnic in A'Famosa Waterworld *shhh...*

-And here we go!- I woke up in the early morn and get my things packed. It's time to be driver and fetch them at 10am.  

without make-up it's gonna be so much nature but ugly XD

fetched them!

and let's go!

departed A'Famosa Resort

the Summer theme for the July!

looking for car park and took our stuffs to the ticket counter to change our coupons to tickets. Within this process, we kept on snapping pictures ^^ yea~ we love to take photo!

our illegal stuffs ... lol! *no outside food is allowed*

wish us enter successfully with the complicated "bags" ya! ◕‿<

*camel, pony and the chang~ elephant in thai*
caught this pic at the main enterance

we met a group of funny boys and 1 of them helped us to take picture of 3 of us

                                                                    snapped by Liyun.    

  i heart the 2nd pic. bcoz i got big boobs in this pic! rofl! * i'm actually get teased by the boys bcoz i can't really reach to the hole to place my head*fml! I need a stool >.<"

and here we are~ my heart is beating like a jungle drum. So scare to get caught on bring food into the water park >.<"

got our wristbands =)

entered successfully!

so in tiki theme ^_^


snapped a pic of us in the changing room

After placing our stuffs in the lockers, we were so excited to try all the slides and other fun rides. Not gonna miss a thing!

-image from Google-

 We went for the 7 storeys high speed slides which is the one that provide a heart-stopping, yet breathtaking high velocity joyride as you can hurtle down and reach the ground in just a few seconds! *and also caught my ass hole damn hurt!*

-image from Google-

 but the best is the family raft ride. The ride need a minimum of 4 persons, we asked the malay staffs that in charge this ride to play with us. Lol! It's really fun to sit the ride with them because they control the speed and the high of the big tube. It's so damn nice! too bad, we got no waterproof camera for this event ='( . 

-image from Google-

I saw A'Famosa WaterWorld website stated that the WaterWorld Lazy River is the longest one in the world. Lol! is it? >.<"   For those who want something less strenuous, take a dip in the Lazy River. Relax on a tube ride as the journey takes around the water theme park easily instead of running the walk-way with our barefoot *some more the road was so damn hot!!!*

The photos we too were all at the sandy beach and the man-made wave pool. Lol! If i got a slim body shap with C boobs, i probably will dressed up bikini wear and enjoy surfing away from the real beach. Too bad, i got no sexy body to show... no choice but to wear simple beachwear >.<" it's fun to play in the Wave Pool when the pool is crowded with lot's of people. Every time the sirens wail, a wave heads toward the shore, the shrieks of excitement from the Wave Pool will be heard.

-enjoy the photos-
 *a lot!*

our zen mermaid! LOL

me and zen and the tubes

nature picture of us taken by Liyun the "pro photographer"

i love to see zen smile. i always caught her smiling beautifully any second! so envy her can smile so nature! not meaning that i can't smile naturally okay? whenever i smile naturally but yet  in the photo look so pretending! * T^T*  i'm not acting okay! i just don't know how to smile i guess~ any smiling course out there? mayb i should go for a lesson to improve my smile. =.="

me and liyun. i look so silly with the sunglasses

zen, me and the funny guy we met at there

i like this photo ^_^ she look so sweet!

how come the pose so funny! rofl!

the gang that i mention above

this one nicer~

lot's of people at the wave pool waiting for the wave!

3 camwhore queens!

I love this picx too!!!! look so fancy

the only picx in the wave pool that i can still accept >.<" 

stupiak photo!!!!!

zen heart herself in this photo

me at the shallow area >.<"

some one is jealousing after saw this picx. HAHA! *mr.Yorath*

This picx look so funny! lol.. laughing non-stop

 recorded two of them in the video ... they are nice, friendly and also funny XD
i hope they don't ask me to delete this video bcoz i love it so much ='(

-Sandy beach part-

~3 xiao jie~

this one is better

cute donut zen!

ugly jump!

she jumped several times and finally we got the shoot

us and the coconut trees

*unprofessional* modeling?

love in the sampan =.="

candy in the sampan

snapped by the gang *thanks*

having the sardin sandwiches made by liyun =)

caught some one camwhored photo in my camera XD

the girls in the sampan *lovin' it*

love the feeling of this photo

sepit eyes!

wet liyun =P time to back...

the last photos we took before taking the shower

say tata to them~ nice to meet u guys

say tata to us~

the last, say tata to A'Famosa WaterWorld!

3 of us were so exhausted and suffering from muscle-ache on the next day. But it's worth it!
That's all for the post~ ^^ 

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