Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Candy's Birthday Eve

I attended my classes as usual.
But somebody are acting weird on the day
like what?

Hmm... When i was attending my tutorial class, my sista-s look different than usual. They was like hiding something from me * they look too calm and acting like nothing happen* it's too obvious to spot their differences since I have been knowing them for almost 2 years in collage. Acting so mystery. =.="

I know my birthday on the next day but i kept on force myself to forget about it >.<"
because I afraid I'll be getting older and older soon and also afraid I might daydreamed too much and later came out something that disappoint me.>.<"
So, when i was doing my tutorials at the class, they passed something to me. It's an A4s paper with a blue envelope. It's a lovely birthday card from them.

the A4s paper has some adult hand writing, the hand writing probably will be Jess one.
I know their hand writing of course. =)
She said they all got no time to celebrate my birthday with me because they got their society meeting later and tell me that the birthday card represented the substitution of my birthday celebration. It's okay for me seriously. Because i didn't assume them to have any celebration with me at all. >.&lt;" However, the b'day card looks cute with their wishes and blessing. *thank you* 

They're so pro in acting man! 2 of them leave the class early and told the tutor that they got meeting =.=" But then on that time I'm kinda "bo song" bcoz leaving without telling us man! * they never like that before* . i was like "nvrmind larh... just forget about it"
Another surprise for me when i reached home. I was so demand to online after the Penang trip. *harvest my crops and serving the food in my FB mini games* LOL.
But then i have answered a phone call from Mr. Yorath. He said he is reaching my house. As usual, i continue my game and he came in without any noise and chit chat with me some more. * his topic was kinda weird actually*. After that, i heard my door sound like people entering my house. Firstly i though it was my brother *that's y i didn't bother*
Who knows "Birthday Song" sang by my lovely sista(s) appeared closer and closer to my ears. I ran out and i saw them with a mini birthday cake. what a cute surprise .. haha!

Thanks ya!

- these are the photos took on that day -

i know I'm ugly ~ but nvr mind ... lol

 gosh! i'm damn ugly inside this pic

~making my 20th wish~

yeah! I'm 20th now =.= *sob sob*

see~ how these psychopathic people torture me

Champagne bought by them

birthday girl pouring champagne for everyone


i get old early ... =.=" my birthday is on the next day okay...

u guys should feel lucky of not being their friend >.<"
u'll see how the 2nd time of torturing me

can u believe i finish the whole cake ? >.<"
it's is so creamy! gosh!!!!!! fattening!
thanks ladies for being such lovely...
thanks for the surprise~

Friend's Forever
and thanks to Mr. Yorath for guiding them to my house and being so mystery =.=

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