Monday, May 17, 2010

Final Exam ended! ♥ woots!

Hey guys!
How's life? ^_^
As i have promised to post my SingK event on my previous post, so i'm gonna blog it now ^_^
yea~ just received the photos we took. 

I'll start now =D ... bla bla bla~

After our last paper "e-commerce", me and Zen went to Joe Joe house and wait for the time to come. Waiting the ladies to change their clothes and make-up =.=" . yea, u know "Girls" are much fussy on their outlook. haha! I'm the same too. But that day i was simply and comfortable.  Because i was too much worry on my e-commerce paper >.<" no time to " pan leng leng" .. Lol

After Jexx called me and told me they done already, we went to Liyun's house and went down and met them. Joe Joe didn't follow us since her roommate wanted to drive go. We purposely wanted to went there by shutter bus. Fun! 

Kacha Kacha! while waiting for the lift to arrive >.<"

i told u, simple and comfortable         zen with her unshaped hair. Hah!

liyun and me                                                      liyun and zen 

After that, we rushed for the bus =.=" as Jexx told us that "Bus came already!!!!" . We was like so clumsy that time. Haha! crossed the road with lots of bags and our jacket on our shoulder. Let the boys in the car whistle some more! so embarrassing!  Yet memorable la! ^_^"

Entered the bus and what some more? capture lai capture qu lo! haha~ 
can't be blamed, we to take photos >.<"

                                  bus fee >.<" RM1.90 per entry to central          yilise and me =) someone said i smile evilly >.<"

                                                          Jexx and Chee Yee                                       Liyun~ 

 yea~ i know~ we are so colorful =) 

                                                                        besties*                                           finally arrived Central.

We reached Central Malacca and wait for the air-con bus >.<" we don'y wanna sit the open air one already. Make me sweated and made my armpit smell stink! Yuck! 

While waiting, we arh .... erm~ u know la ... haha!

 Lol~ i dunno what to describe la wei~ just simply snap snap!

 so brave to pose and stand like this at there >.<" yup! lots of people looking at us ... so what? we don't care .. Haha!

Wait and wait and wait~ the bus that we demanded to sit still haven't appear. No choice, sit the "Tutu" one =.=" freaking hot when the bus haven't move! i was like freaking noisy .. haha! Pek Che ma! too hot already >.<" but i admit la, i was kinda "princess" at that time. slap myself! Piak*

snap again after entered the bus ... kacha kacha kacha!
oups! caught u camwhoring.                                       The LengLuis~

                                                 Lol! McD tone >.<"                              Liyun & Zen with specs! 

Frankly, i heart this photo a lot >.<" hehe! taken by Liyun the expertise   
thanks for caught me beautifully .. 

Finally, we reached the destination. Went inside the shopping complex to grab the air-con sin!
Hot dou sei!

aww God~ i'm the shortest in the geng.. haiz~ 
took at dataran~ on the way walking to dreambox. walk stop walk stop ~ tired la wei!

even take at here =.=" the excelator =.="
People saw people "swt!"

Finally, we reached DreamBox. Booked for the room and went for lunch first as me and zen keep on complaining hungry~ grrrruh*

these are the photo taken while they are booking for the room =.=" 
camwhored and captured =)

chee yee & liyun                          Jexx & yilise

                                                                               candy & yilise               zen alone "beh li good!" =P

Yeah~ Family pic ^_^ heart u all! and btw i'm the shortest! ish*

After the photo season =.=", we went for our lunch lor~ Japanese Food "again" . 
we live more likely as Japanese ( i feel it sometimes*) >.<"
                                          escalator again =.=                           gosh! it's so un-sexy! i mean my back*
hungry hungry ~ order order~

thinking thinking~ deciding deciding~

                                         too much concentrating on the menu la wei!                     zen's bento came =)

jexx Lamen came                               Chee Yee's Bento came

yeah babe! we having the same bento meal! so as chee yee =)

liyun with her bento                                             candy, yilise, zen~

After having the lunch, bao dou sei* it's volume exercising time! i mean singK la >.<" 
yaya~ Extreme "Tons" of photos have been taken~ 
watch dao your eyeballs drop >.<" 

 chee yee leng lui                            yilise sweetie

                                                                 jexx just warm up~             zen already in the mood. Haha! 

 hou gwai yong sway lo this pic! me like very "boh song" like that! euw!

 =) la la la~ 

                         zen & me ( i knw it's hard to believe i'm singing =.=)      jexx and yilise the singers 

the expertise and the noob  one ... >.<"
me and zen zen                      we three~ wee!

Lol~ PK-ing?                      yea~ ladies!

                                                            me and chee yee =)                       unprofessional modeling . haha! 

sing dou gam chi kek! Lol                                 jexx and chee yee xiao jie-s

Fuh~ finally finish uploading the singing part. lol!  still got other >.<" 
and actually we planned to celebrate liyun's birthday at there one. But i forgot what's the reason we canceled the plan already and just treat this event as for fun only. Will be replacing on other day =) hiak hiak hiak hiak! evil laugher*

so, we may say goodbye to each before we separate for 3 weeks of semester break.  
=) lots of huggies~ for u and i ..

 hug hug: jexx & zen ; yilise & zen

 hug hug: jexx & me ; chee yee & zen

hug hug: chee yee & me ; yilise & me
hug hug: jexx & yilise ; jexx & zen

hug hug: liyun & zen ; jexx & me

hug hug: zen & chee yee ; jexx & chee yee

hug hug: liyun & jexx

the last family pic before me and zen back =) bye ladies!

After that, me and zen went back first because my dear was already waiting at outside. So, we leave earlier. After we leave, they took others photos at outdoor some more.
=) kacha kacha! 

phew! done posting! =) this was the last simple outing with my besties in May 2010. 
3 weeks holidays ~ will be missing u ladies! muakz! ^*^ do miss me too! 
See u ladies in the next semester~ 

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