Monday, May 24, 2010

Days ♥

Holla! =) 
back for posting~ i blogging

Well, I assume there are no more dullness or boredom after my boy came back from Nilai. 
yea~ kinda true.
 Some but not much activities we did ~ better than non la >.<"

Thursday, simple outing with my dear. When to Tzu Chi Centre and fetched YongYong back from Tze Chi pre-school. Caught some photos while waiting for him after school. 

                                    the outside of the pre-school.       see thru the window u'll see a lot of cute fellows

                                     guess which is Yong's work? =)                         the kids~ 

                       everyone, pls places ur slippers nicely~     parents waiting for their child.

and finally we fetched him =) he is so damn shy when saw me. Haha!

finally, reached home and put him down.

After the baby-sitting, we decided to watch movie at dear house. 
 "Kick Ass" .. =.= hmm, I'll rate this movie 2/5 stars =.= i don't like it!

stupid movie~

But before we kicks the ass of this show =.=", we went for makan first.
Random Pictures
waiting for the food~ so damn long!
my soya drink almost finish before the dishes come. And someone bite the chicken without fork and spoon =.=" 

After the stupiak movie, we went yum cha with Shin Yuu~  no photo is taken. Busy FB-ing that time XD*
Came back home early because 3am need to send maid to LCCT. she's going back Indonesia.
well, i didnt really take a few hours nap before 3am, because i was busy handling my games in FB again* >.<" after done my game stuffs, took my shower and prepared early >.<" cannot sleep jor. During the time i can't sleep, i did : 
 okay, tired~tired~tired~ lol*
I admitted that i'm really some kinda weirdo la >.<" even thinking that i'm addicted to camwhoring >.<" Ouh God~ help me~ sounds like very abnormal >.<" yala! weirdo!*
shut up la~ =.=" on the way to LCCT. Erk Ehm... kacha! 
super concentrated milo & the weirdo~

And then, we arrived earlier. Searching for the car park, went to the screen infront and check the gate open already or not. And pay for the extra weight of luggages RM400++. Gosh, can buy another ticket d =.="
have the last picture with her before say "selamat tinggal"~ =) 

Then, she flies back to Solo city, Indonesia~ we drove to Nilai and and slept at my dear's house. Freaking petty slept with my dear especially with the double darker bed. We squished like tuna sandwich =.=" but luckily still able to slept for couple hours. 
Woke up and had our McD lunch. And met 3 incidents there =.="  one was the bitchy staff there. Asked her to clean the table, she gave us a bitchy smile and went into the staff rest room.  WTF! lazy dou!! the other also staff fault. Got her bad mood too crowded inside McD* do all the stuff by banging here and there. Walao! so stress then resign la wei!

i was freaking angry that time and even wanted to fill the complaint form. But i figured out i got no pen with me =.=" and there is no form for me to fill also. Even the suggestion box also don't have! i wonder izzit the staffs hided all those things =.=" because i use to see McD restaurant with booklets and forms, suggestion box too.   
made me remember their name so hardly but didnt get to complaint! The third one was a couple that sitting behind us. Quarrel at McD =.=" damn! i heard all the words they say =.=" i was like wanting to shout "shut up and fcuk* off la wei! fan dou sei!" people trying to enjoy the food but~ haiz =.=" 
After "enjoying" our McD, we proceed to Damansara. On the way, i just can't hands off my phone >.<" camwhoring again*

Reached Damansara and went to The Curve then. Simply walk walk. The Curve was freaking silent -.- like wounding up soon =.=" almost no people. 
we went outside and took photos ~
see, told u~ no one on the street =.="

 The Garden~ no one too

After the scary silent Curve, we proceeded to IKIA Furniture Store. sound funny right?*
but i really have lots of fun there XD

well, my joy will be proven from these photos: =)


^^ done! after Ikia, we went to have McD sundae cone. yum! i'm lovin' it*

this boy trying to lock in to McD wireless and seek for cinema show =.="

End, cannot lock in and we went back to Malacca and went to Malim Pasar Malam. =.="
2 days passed joyfully =)

Saturday, my mood was not really good at the beginning. Why? i also dunno, hormone changed gua =.=" sampat*

went to cinema and watched "Kidnapper" with my boy. Since Ivan Ow said not bad.
 yea~ i always like this. XD but i didn't get caught before. LOL.

~enjoy the movie~

I gave 3/5 stars rating. =)

after the show, we went Mambo cafe and met up Shin Yuu. i was so exhausted and tired.
i dunno why* 
then i started to play with my phone camera again* 
snapped them~

vincent and my boy

these 2 need to kena slaps d!

no more hiding after i said "u two own me 2 slaps"

i ate 7 sticks of Otak-Otak =.=" and my boy's finger. burned* pity him

i choose to snapped everyone's legs =.=" well, at least no one will avoid from my camera*

play my phone till freaking sienz then suddenly Gz asked "wanna go for movie mou?" wah!!! one day 2 movies~ XD not the first time jor la... haha! after all Gz treat wat ^^ thanks ya* We watched "A nightmare on Elm Street" (midnight show lagi >.<") at MBO, freaking fear me up lor ~ especially when booking/ purchasing the tickets. We saw a few seats are "Not Available" >.<" yer~ dunno why.

 fat laps!

me was damn ugly at that time T_T

my boy, me and Gz huge hand =.="

This movie was freaking awesome! but i suggest those who got heart attack diseas better don't watch lorh~ non-stop frightening the audiences >.<" even Gz get shocked until "fly up" >.<" his arse leave the chair seriously* XD funny dou!!! 

Mr. Freddy~ >.<"

gosh~ i'm starting to scare again when i was googling for this poster >.<"

watch til 2:30am ++ then went back home. My boy told me not to sleep immediately because i will dream this guy for sure >.<" yea~ i always dream the last thing i saw or think. So, he advised me to online for awhile only go to bed =). and guess what, it really works! ^^

i did online and went to my FB profile. do nothing* Then i choose to camwhoring with my funny T-shirt i wore last night >.<" it's a man "M"-onster size! freaking big~

sleepy but need to wait Mr. Freddy out of my mind first

see! it's a dress for me >@_@<

 hehe~ gonna eat u up!

ops! sorry... i was really sleepy~

a big "T" shirt for me ( in the morn)

pajamas? =.="


with weighing myself with orange Monster size T  what a stupiak ending*


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