Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I cry badly because of U

my cutepie gone this 4am morning. His cage was opened and everything is still there except him.
Normally it's easy to find him. Called up his name and he will show himself to me. But, today not the same anymore. No any sign from him. My mom woke me up at 4am and told me that she head cutepie crabbing but the sound was very far. I was so damn nervous. Grabbed the torchlight and seek for him for an hour but still can't find him. I'm worry that he has run out from the windows. 

i really can't live without him. Lord, please ~ i really need your help to find him back to me. At least give me a sign that i still have the hope to found him. Please... i miss him badly and i can't stop my tears dropping down from my tear glads. Please give him protection until i found him....

photo that i took last night.

i got no reason to dislike him even for a second.

yea~ normally it's easy to find him. 

if he is death, please guide him the way to the heaven stairs. He is just too cute and adorable to stay in the heaven. Let him to remember me as well. 

~lots of love to U~

I MISS him badly!!!! cried and damn hurt* FML!
please come back if can. Mummy loves u lots.

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