Friday, May 14, 2010

during Final exam weeks for 4th semester

Wow! Said "tata" to final exam ^_^
Finally, Don't need to burn midnight oil already.
gosh~ my eye bags were freaking obvious. TT_TT Any idea to get rid of it?? 

so, I'll blog about the activities carried during my final exam ... 
This time i was no more abusing myself  to revise the notes 24 hours a day. =) 
haha! can't concentrate at all  >_<" . Keep on FB-ing (bcoz recently i started to play new game "Tiki Resort") hehe ... busy achieving new levels! 

Ohya, "Mimii" me and my dear's new car came on 06 May 2010. My dear was damn exciting. I'll post in detail about our Myvi. We bought exclusive edition spec. 
What's the differences with the normal Myvi. Not much different but we like the spec.
hehe, we have chosen the medallion Grey (metallic) color.

we named he "Mimii". XD

with new leather interior (the seat)

leather door trim

leather-trimmed steering wheel

2-DIN audio system with CD Player (MP3/WMA), USB and Bluetooh.

Chrome door handles and 14-inch sport rims add a dimension of exclusivity.

 These are the differences between the EE ,normal Myvi and SE spec. =) yea! we heart leather style. 
Even my dear's I-Phone pouch are in leather too XD. Everything leather. Classy !

what next? hmm .. 
Sakura House =) i forgot when me and dear went but confirmed is during my final exam weeks. 

ohya... my dear's sister gave birth already =) it's a boy! and with double eyelids ... so handsome XD his name is REX ... Yeng ler ... haha!

what else? really hard to recall all the "past tense" back >.<" . this one was took at beach. We wonder why there were so many kites ... some source of festival or kites competition? 

look like a lot of small pieces of color paper flying in the sky ... but they are kites ~

but i like this kite the most ... heart-shape kite 

so damn hot that day~

our eyes can't open because of the shinny hot sun >.< " 

after that we went Bunga Raya drank tong-shui because i got my sore throat for 2 days already.

a day passed like this ... 

mother's day i got nothing special for my mother but a little gift just for her. bought it at MP crystal bangles shop.

and these are what i get from my cutepie ... =.=" 
result from i got no time to trim his nails. his' nails poked me.

see... stole my papaya and eat under the table. how clever was him. Lol

i love this dessert ... made by my mom due to the hot day recently...

my eye turned red after i rub hardy  and my hand got infected again because of my allergy disease ... 
no more jeweleries make from nickle and no more chocolate for me ... urgh! 

i really admit that i own a set of "princess" skin =.=. My skin are "wely wely" sensitive! Doctor make a lot of medical tests on me to check what i actually allergy to. If I'm not mistaken i got 3 types of skin allergic ( nickle, industries dusts, and preservation)  and it make my life tough too =.= ... i should go for the monthly skin check-up but i stopped since i was form 1 >.<" damn troublesome. Still remember that i need to apply for half-day leave from school every week and go for my check-up in the early morning and took a lot of skin food back seriously. Within the whole class, I'm the one with 4 to 5 MC letters per month. Lol! like a sick cat . no more for now ^_^ i skipped all the check-up appointments ... Muahaha!

i bought a pair of new heels last month from SUBMIT ... yeah~ i like it.
cost me RM80 .. and i even sign for the member card. >.<"

these are the photos i took on the last exam day. E-commerce paper. 
early morning went to McD for breakfast set and do the last revision. =) 

memorizing the notes ... fuh~ and he was playing online betting =.= 

smiley face- win few dollars already marh~ =.=

 hehe~ my final ended! feel so GOOD! XD
after my last paper, me and my besties went for singK at DreamBox =) ... will be posting soon ~

go Pasar malam first =) 

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