Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "twins"

5th March post i have been delaying until 23rd March. lol. Is the day me and lil Cyn's shopping day.
lil Cyn and her boyfie come over DP  after my work. I bought a dress and a skirt before they arrived *shopaholic can do their shopping within a few minutes*. So, basically that day lil Cyn's boyfie was like an "amat" to us. *pity him* he have to carry mine and cyn's goods and walk behind of us. lol! Damn cruel larh both of us. This is why boy hate to go shopping with girls. Moreover, we are the bullies. *Nah, at least i'll never ask Yorath to carry my bag* So, shopping is nothing to be blogged about. just some random photos we took while having our high tea. 

Nadeje's mille crepes for the choice!

Tiramisu, Strawberry and Banana favour! Slurrp!

Cynthia <~double C~> Candy

Didn't snap her boyfie because he is an "amat" of the day. lol! so, he have to help snapping us.

Here's the "twins" thingy start. >.<" we hopped in Outlet. At first, we were just looking around and the colourful 3 for RM50 Tee caught our eyes. So, both of us keep choosing the Tee. =.= Lil Cyn saw this korean-look girl with the braid like super nice. Then i want it! >.<" Here comes the idea, why not we both buy the same outfit and wear it on tonight ShinYuu gathering. *I know it's super gross for didn't wash it first* wtf. Too exciting *because we didn't try it before*.

we tried on white layer cake skirt. 

after that tried the black one. 

*I don't really know how "sienz" her boyfie waiting outside, and we still keep camwhoring in the fitting room like nobody business*

the last camwhored photo before we pay >.<" 

OMG! I just recalled back that we did shopping first only had our hight tea. lol, what the hell. You guys just read it from the end bah >.<" I'm lazy to turn around again. *failure blogger*

went to the river bank and met up with ShinYuu members. yea, we choose the white one >.<" *I started to regret that i choose the white one because the black one look nicely for now*

that's all for my "twins" post. Thanks for reading, bubye! =D


  1. Mille Crepe? Nice~

    lol 2 of you are "Hou Ji Miu" is it? =X

  2. lol... i donno wat to say when u ask me like this. If i say "yes", then it should be not the first time we wore the same outfit >.<". If i say "no", we both act silly everytime we meet. it's complecated. lol

  3. yes, kian fai.. i treat her like hou ji mui.. she? i dunno lak.. muahahaha