Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who's that chick?! Who's that chick?!

This post had been dragging like don't know how many century already. I suppose to blog them before I start my internship. Lol, almost a month of procrastination *blush*. I was thinking of  editing those pictures. Too bad, I got no time. ='( So, I guess what i can do is blog when I'm free. *Apparently, I got no free time*

But, I miss them like so much. *I hope they miss me too!*

*I just realize that Yilise Cullen's bag so cute* I miss you guys! How are u doing?! Anyway, Please ignore my naked face. Can't get use to myself with no make-up after started my intership. Everyday have to wake up early and doll-up before go to work.

Okay, back to the story. The last day of our "collage life", we planned to go for dinner together and chilling for the last day. Because after that everyone will be going for internship program. Non of us intern together. So, a farewell day is a must! lol.

Here is it. Daorae for my first time. It's cutie Zen suggestion. Went there after the last final paper *i still can feel the excitement of taking the last paper* lol

the menu...

 waiting for Berry. She still one the way from Muar.

me and cutie Zen. Still remember she wore flourish dress that day, super kawaii. Jexx and Yilise on the left photo. They always look so sweet.

all the kimchi thingy. lol, i really don't know all those. Because korean food doesn't suit me >.<" Mostly are veges. Euw! Gimme meat! yummeh~

seriously, this is the best among all! Juicy pork slides!

it's cooked! Yummeh!!!!

Errk... don't really know what is this. Some kind of veges mixed with the rice. Can't believe there's no meat at all =.="

what is this? o.o" I know it taste sour-spicy. How come got instant noodles one >.<"

after scooped into my bowl. Doesn't taste good to me >.<"

group photo ... 1st take *I'm ugly*

group photo... 2nd take *I'm still ugly*

After sending cutie Zen back home, we proceeded to the 2nd round! We went to Arena chill together. It was our last day of being so close together. The happiest moment ever. And burst into tears when we said "sayonara" and hugging each ='(

our camwhored photos =)

don't have to introduce i guess >.<" most of my post already mentioned them for infinity times. Because they are the one i'm hanging-out with during my "collage life".

berry, yilise and jexx

CY, joe joe, jexx and me

me, jexx and CY, yea~ i knw "do re me"

yilise and me

me, yilise, jexx and CY

group photo of us and that girl is berry's cousin.

us with yilise's god father.

Miss them to the max! can't forget all the funny stuffs we did together *yea, we always did something damn embarrassing* >.<" people might just hate us. But nobody know the happiness of being together doing silly stuffs. But of cause, friendship will have arguments. Most of the time we spent on those unnecessary arguments =.=" But this is what make the bond stronger!  get it?! lol.

Another crappy post i did. Nothing to do with the tittle at all. But i love that song man! David Guetta feat Rihanna - Who's That Chick?


  1. I miss Daore! but it's kinda expensive.... >.<

  2. ya, it's really expensive coz most of the food are vege. >.<" I love ikan bakar compare with Daore!

  3. omg!!!my tears coming out!!!mizz u all so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh