Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm backie ♥

Howdy! I'm back~
sorry for neglecting my blog because I start my internship program already. So, probably got no time for blogging *so sad *Obviously today is my day off lor if not I won't be here of coz! 

So far my job is quite interesting yet very confusing. Currently I'm sitting my previous admin. manager's position because she resigned *I'm a super stressful admin. manager because no one guide me since she's the one guide me before she resign*. Everything have to done by my own, everything start from a blank and blur mind. I don't know and i can't ask anyone except her *yet she's hard to be reached*. Overall, I'm effing Stress!!!!! *can i request for higher allowance? >.<"* slap me!

It's only started for a week but the company already held 2 events. It's effing hectic *miss my collage life, at least i know what I'm doing*

3rd intake orientation. My first day. Yea, i get to see all the famous make-up artist, catwalk guru , and all professional models and the principle- Amber Chia. Mad envy their legs!

 I'm event official .. lol

 waiting for the first lucky participant to come approaches me. lol

me and Angeline *my primary school classmate's girlfriend*

Alice the cutie and me

3 internship students

see how blind me and the camera holder can be =.=" both didn't notice I hold the pass with the wrong way

both focusing on the other phone, idk who's phone is that =.= so i can't get that picture.

Promoting the audition? lol. fml for don't have "s" shape body like Alice >.<" i got small boobs and big ass that's all! wtf.
me and bibi- previous admin. manager.

took with her before she left and momo too. The customer service manager. She's leaving too for her stewardess dream. All the best.

                                  Momo and Evonne                                          me and momo-she's cute                    

there's several photos still with others hand. So, just a simple update about my industry training program. There's more events to go. I hope i can handle everything very well as soon as possible.


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