Monday, March 14, 2011

I feel sucks!

Hi bloggers... I'm back with super down mood. Things go so perfect at the first, then the true face of everyone had been shown now and they are getting uglier. So, It's so fml. But, luckily i have 3 lovely friends together encountering the same fml season with me.

Tomorrow, we'll have a meeting with the manager as he announced before we went back. So, my guts feeling tell me, he gonna scold or complain us and yet they dunno they're doing the wrong things which causes these to happened and i think i'll just quite the job. No point for staying in an unhappy atmosphere just because of the name of the company sounds cool. Nah, not cool at all. Seriously, they need to take business management at least a diploma before running this business. Is not systematic at all. 

He might just gone nuts if 4 of us just cabut. But who cares cause of how they treat us.

1. they should just tell us wat to do and wat not to do at first. *rules and regulations should be stated clearly* before we start working. Now we doing wat we not suppose to do but we dunno we're not suppose to do, yet they got eyes to see but don't wanna tell us that we're not suppose to do instead of taking us as the topic of their gossip. f u... i hate people gossip about me and i knew it some more.

2. flexible? i dun think so lor. If u are flexible, my working hours should not be that effing long lor. And why our allowances are not the same with the other internship student? why she just need to work on weekdays instead of weekends too? Super unfair lor

3. Is not apart of our jobs lor. Hello, u are not gonna ask a doctor to do lawyer's works right? It's super not suitable lorh. that's why u can't assume me to know everything as i've been working like effing long at there like tat. Of coz i'll just say " idk" when i really dunno what.

So, God bless us tomorrow and onwards. I don't wanna fail my internship since i got pretty results for all semesters. Everything is a disaster for me.


  1. chill girl, seems u at there, u need to deal it...
    u hav ur frens together, together share with them...
    hmm i really wana know how is it at there...curious... ;)

    anyway, 3 month already at how many month d?? jia you, good luck... ;)
    3 month, u need to "mati mati makan dead chicken" choice

  2. working life huh, i understand this kinda life, u sure feel very sxxks and matter what, make ur choice, life's interesting, dun waste time on sth which is not worth.. :-)