Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Side by side, Year by year.

A month of procrastinated post >.<" Our anniversary was fall on 10-march 2011. We did celebrate on time. But share it out after a month. lol 

Nothing special because all the photos with me are fugly. Quite fml during the day because I look quite old that day due to my DIY-curl hair. *Don't know how to curl properly, made me look like auntie on our important date. wtf*

Camwhored in the office. 

super effing cold office. I'm a pink lady on 10.3.2011 =)

After work, Yorath bring me to San Francisco Steak House for our 5th Anniversary dinner. So sweet that he chosen BR strawberry cheese cake for the special day. 
cream-wording error =.=" "15th Anniversary" wtf! Yorath wiped off the 1 after that >.<"

let's welcome the auntie-looked Candy T^T ~ *drum roll*

shouldn't curl the hair >.<" 

the man i love, having his "atas" coffee.

here come the main dishes of the dinner.

some kind of grilled chicken. Forgot it's specific Italian name already >.<" 

yummy, mega-cheesy weezy beef spaghetti!~  Highly recommended to those cheese-addicted fella! You got to try this if u love CHEESE to the max! because it gonna rock your world with it's cheese... This "mega-cheesy weezy beef spaghetti is not the food name >.<" I forgot all the food and drinks name already. All the name i named it myself >.<"

Yorath don't really like his grilled-chicken. 

enjoying my cheesy spaghetti. *I love the pink dress but it make me look super old T^T*
okay, the cake time! 

super cute tiny heart-shape BR cake for us. Thanks to Yorath for the anniversary cake preparation. *flying kiss* 5 candles for this year and I'm super proud of this!

I love you

Friends or other people always ask about "how long ad u get along with this guy?". I'm always feel proud to answer the years. Don't get it why some girls feel proud to keep changing partners. Maybe this make them feel like they are so valuable, got a lot of admirers. =.= what the hell. Why I'm proud of having one and also the only one for years because he make me proud. =) He's there for me when i need him. *He told me, he is my guidance* lol. But it's true. Whenever I'm facing problem which is really fml, normally guys will just comfort you and stand by your side and settle the problem for you even tough you are wrong. But, he is not that kind. He stand on the correct side. If I'm the one who wrong, he wakes me up before things getting worst, he thought me a lot of things which i cannot learn it from books. He is the one who can accept my weaknesses and  thought me patiently.  *he definitely gonna fly up to the sky since I'm praising him for the whold paragraph* lol

Anyway, I'm not showing-off that I owned the best boyfriend than others. If you gonna view me like this, probably you are jealousing me >.<" But of cause, to keep a relationship stable and long lasting, you have to learn to "give and take". Not necessary that the guy have to sacrifices more than girl. And girl shouldn't view that the sacrifacation of the guy is granted or is a must. Girl should show how much you love your Mr. Right before they become your Mr. Wrong. lol. I think you got what i mean. >.<" Learn from this quote "Love is there when both person are more concerned for the other than for one’s self" . So, make sure you did what you suppose to do before you looking forward what you expect your partner to do to you.
I hope there's more candles for the following and following years with this cute and caring guy. =) Love ya always. Brought the cake back home and mother "sapu" our BR cake. >.<" She said it's super yummy.

To: Yorath,

Happy 5th Anniversary! *super belated now* Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together. I believe true love stories never end. So, there will be increasing numbers of the candles on the cake. Love ya. 

From: Candy

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  1. I'm really happy to view your blog post and you know why?
    Because i'm gonna celebrate my 5th anniversary with my bf in 1 month + time!
    I know exactly how u feel and i sincerely wishes u both the best of luck! :)

    btw, thanks for nanging in innit!