Saturday, March 19, 2011

My hurricanes

Hi peeps. Sorry for keep on blogging "chinchai-ly" recently. Running with the clock ticker everyday from the day  i started my internship program. It's tiring. *no idea, why the clock ticks even faster as we grown* lol.
Yup, I'm kinda emo of certain disappointing incidents. Anyway, just thought as those incidents buy me a huge lesson which is not to trust any single person. They might just leave u when u need them and all they left for you is all those irresponsible words. And of course I got no prove to shown in which what she said earlier is different with what she is telling me now *regret of didn't record what she said earlier*. Why people are acting such behaviour? because they don't hope to fucked up their life. They don't want to bear the responsibilities when problems occured. This is how a irresponsible educated adult did *i strikethrough "educated" bcoz i don't think they behave like one although they study until Master*.

What really make me mad is the way they talk. The way they act is exactly no different with those 3 to 5 years old kids. Before problems occured, they can bullshit a lot and try their best to discribe how mighty they are. In a same time, they can change the story when problem occured and try their best not to bear or get into this problem. Of course if i have the prove, i'll just stand out and voice out. Unfortunately, i got not enough prove to point them out. Effing hate these kind of people. Don't wish to get fucked up, so they choose to fuck my life. I'm the one suffering and force me to play the role of bad people in the other side. If i'm allowed to act like one of them, I'll whack her 99 an ask her to knee and apologize with me for thousands times *bad idea too, they'll still fucked up my life, because it will be so annoying for keep hearing "sorry".* should think of other toturing penalty. *keep telling me that she is a jerk? hmm.. sounds great to me. Because I'm quite agree with that, so, it won't annoy me i think* lol. *Shiok-sendiri-ing*

 No wonder disasters are haunting people continuously. God must be very upset of what HIS legos did. HE made us out, and HE can destroys us as well. But of course don't destroy the innocent one larh >.<" *lol, behave like I'm the GOD* wtf. I guess this post is just crapping about my recent moods.

Still long way to go. I didn't see any rainbows for quite a long time d. Suddenly thinking of  Katy Perry's Firework's lyric "After a hurricane comes a rainbow". I should modify another one to suit my current situation. "After millions hurricanes, rainbow is not showing too~"  lol

i just found out that this post is all wordings.*mad dull!* Uploaded some of my current photos to beautify my current post.

"Protect the Earth" I know it's not related with my photo at all. lol. But I really wanna protect the Earth ='(

Teehee!  Now u know why I strikethrough the "beautify"- highly introduce my WTF face. Anyway, I love this. Because it's so Me! =) again.Candy hopes to protect the Earth. wtf.

That's all for the midnight 4.01am post. Should go to bed now. Taking my rest tomorrow to recharge my day. Way to go Candy! Gambateh!! 

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  1. not to trust any single person, good phrase i guess for nowadays life..