Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FML post

Actually i suppose to blog about the trip, but i really got no mood to blog about it.

Having super effing emo mood ...
It's all about him. He just let me down and down and down...
Things really changed *as he said* including our LOVE.
maybe i was thinking he is the one, the only one can give me hapiness. *stupid hope*
Things do change after the 4 years of sweet moments.
At the beginning was extreme sweet. Sweet text message every second, huggies every time, sweet words hanging on his mouth, etc... Now? bossy, choi-lei-dou-soh, no more sweet words, i got not more than 10 messages per day, no more romance, lack of caring... FHL
Love Sucks Comments
i tried hard to control my emo, end up with FML mood. I bursted into tears for infinity times and he know this. We talked and it getting even worst * like the world is going to end* . He was like not caring the problem and behaved like i'm making small problem to big problem. He is not going to change at all and said i'm sensitive. *who is the one fucking sensitive?!* He asked me to express out my feeling, i bla bla bla everything out and he answered me " Things do change. U cannot compare with last time" *fuck u!* why cannot compare with last time? *because last time is just to make me accept u izzit?* After that just treat me like a shit and tell me cannot compare with last time? *fuck u x1000*

Today, i bought the muffin cup tray and deciding to buy the ingredient tomorrow, thinking to make vanilla muffins for YOU to gain your love back, end up having FML moment *throw away the stupid cup tray* u are not deserve for this. He doesn't think he is doing wrong like that and the worst is he is making me like i'm a "siao dog" like that. Bark at him this few day. wtf

I had enough. Since u are not trying to change, not trying to get my heart back, not trying to appreciate the 4 years, *kung-fu kick ur balls!* what for i just keep you in my heart with the security password of your name somemore? It's time to set you free. *as your wish* fly like a bird then hit the tree!*

Everything is just like magic. *Proff!* a lovely guy changed to a devil with "let-it-be" behaviour in a second.

Hate those people kissing in front of me especially during my FML period. Don't try to show how sweet u and your bf are to me, i prefer u just fuck him in front of me. * kill all this hiao po!*

of cause i don't hope to just let go the 4 years of handcore relationship, but if it's better to let go than one person hold on tight and the other having fuckin' "let-it-be" personality, then just let go bah.... I mean what's the point to hold so tight and the other don't tressure the love? Waste time. waste money, waste vitality, and the worst is hurt your feeling *but u gain experience larh*  who the fuck need those experience!

why is love something we all dream for? It's just a whole lot of lost dreams and it always ends in tears!

had enaugh of nightmares... i hope it's the time to get sweet dreams. Dream about the life in Form 4, i knw it's impossible. As Cyn said we can't restart life~

be happy candy...
Life is fun *lier!*

anyway, will blog about the trip once i get all the photos from the devil with "let-it-be" behaviour.

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  1. hey girl....=( it is very sad to hear that... ugys always dun care but we did.. it is making us like feeling only we love them but they aren't... he dun wan to care u, let's go... juz put it aside first... do wateva u wan that make u temporary forget wat is fucking affect ur mood... jogging, movie alone, cooking, driving along the street without destination, shouting at the beach, and... so on... leave the world with phone and computer... dun hear wat ppl fucking comment... as well as tis... bcz tis is the way i walk thru... i juz hope tat u won make silly decision during this moment...

  2. awww, thats sucks...
    this the time to get ur good frens...
    might let u feel better...

    ads clicked jor

  3. i just broke up with my uncommitment bf also :(

  4. its times like this that makes you a stronger person.