Friday, October 15, 2010

A trip with the Gang ♥♥

Lol! i look back the previous FML post kinda hilarious >.<" *when i try to count how many words started with "F"*

Anyway, I'm okay now and thing's settled *i hope it really does* and thanks for all those comfy caring. XOXO.

So, Imma have the mood to blog about the trip now. Yorath *the let-it-be devil* lol.. *okay larh, he "proof!" back to an angel now* >.<". Erk Hem! stop the craps now. 

Yup, Yorath and I being asked by Max whether to join them *he and his gf* on the trip to Johor to visit Genting Star Cruise *at the first*. But then Max tried to ask more friends to join in and most of them can't make it. And don't know why, a lot of them join the trip all of a sudden >.<" * dunno what tricks he used* So, this trip came along with about 16 persons *before that were only 4 persons!* and because of too many people going for the trip, we cancelled the Genting Star Cruise and here comes plan B. We'll see how is plan B going on. ^^

The trip start like this~

16 people = 5 from S'pore + 8 from Malacca + 3 are johoreans =) We- Malaccans choosed to carpooling since we are so much environment friendly person *lol, another part is to save patrol pun larh* Yorath and Max drove the cars. Started our journey on Saturday evening because some of them not manage to get off day, so we just wait until they finished their work.

This time i caught very less photos lorh ='( because i don't like to cam-whore when "strangers" not really called as strangers after the trip "buddies" should replace the word =). Anyway, i just don't like people looking at me when i'm cam-whoring or keep-on taking picture and they were like "siam here siam there" scare to be in the photo =.=". As to reduce the awkward situation, i scarified my hobby- not to be "too much" of cam-whoring action on the trips. *how sad it is!*

As usual, i need Gigabite snack accompany me on the way to Johor.

Munchy Gigabite, Dutch lady low fat milk, red bull *for the driver* , Gardiner choco cake, and choco Rocky.

 cam-whored with Gigabite >.<" feel kinda embarrassing when they shocked with my flash light >.<"

yorath's wtf quote Tee again =.=". *and ignore the bitch smile of mine*

Slept on the way to Johor since i dont feel to camwhore so much >.<" Arrived Johor about 9pm and met up the friends from S'pore and the Johoreans and having dinner together. *Didn't caught any picture =C*
Me and the girls are quite not close. I just keep silent and only be talkative when talking with Mr. Yorath >.<" *i'm poor in socializing with others*. I'm really laosy with getting know people if only people come towards me. >.<"

After dinner, we follow the way to the hotel that Max's cousin recommended. Orkid Hotel. It's just a budgeted hotel larh with beds and toilet something like that only because we just need a room to rest for not even 6 hours. Me and Yorath shared a room with Max and his girlfriend *which make me kinda mind about this matter* I'm not that kind of fussy people larh *maybe a little bit?* 
lol, just Mr. Yorath didn't asks my opinion if we share a room with others. *That's really flame me on. Where's the respect?!* He did tell me when he made the decision. *wtf* My face turn super black even darker than the chinese Bao-Jing-Tian >.<" really piss-off larh! *that time* obviously he know it after i showed my Bao-Jing-Tian face. And he was like "i did asked you what, you say "sui pian" ". Eh~ uncle, u had already made the decision what u assume me to say some more. Sure say "sui pian" larh! =.=" Anyway, another thing is i want privacy, that's why i don't like to share room, *already got no privacy when wanna camwhore now still share room lagi*. Suan le bah ... we already settled the problem.

Checked-in and i dressed myself then let's "chiong" to the fun ZON! Fun ZON consist of entertainment outlet, pubs & bistro with different concepts and themes with alfresco settings that cater to different crowds. Fun ZON is the premier regional entertainment venue with twelve of the most popular entertainment outlets in Johor Bahru, namely Dolce Club *where we went!* , 9MM Bistro, XEX Bistro, Chill Pub & Bistro, Salivate Dance Club, Cabana Beach Club, Modesto's, De Paradise Exclusive KTV Lounge, Walkers, Avenue, Roost & Sunset Boulevard.

*Nightlife started!*

At the beginning i felt quite bore in  there *hardly feel any aircond lorh!* sweat like pig! After that don't know since when i join up the ladies and dance like a hot chick! * are u sure "hot chick"? * >.<" Whatever larh, I'm not drunk and i'm super clear-minded that time but i got no idea where the braveness came from to push me dare to dance on the stage * with the ladies also larh* Hope no one caught the picture cause i look super ugly with the dress i wore. >.<"

I manage to get "few" pictures from Annie's camera.

The shawties: Annie and Nichole & Annie and Me

that's the only pictures i got from Annie because my phone was shutted down >.<" no picture taken by my phone and didn't bring Yorath DSLR into the pub too >.<" wasted! coz everyone were super high and idk why. =.=" 

Shake the butt until 3am and we ciao! And drove super far back to the hotel. Extreme exhausted! some more need to shower lagi *the hair smelly like hell with smoke smell* , almost sleep in the bathroom.

 in the room and removed the make-up dy >.<"

Max playing with his phone while waiting his babe bathing.  
Hand still with the mark of that pub symbol.

The next day, Max- the roomate =.=" morning called everyone and i was like wtf i just closed my eyes for a second and force to wake up now. End up, i'm the one latest wake. >.<: *paiseh xia~* Max said lighter might work well to wake me up >.<" Teehee!

Wake up at 9am and had breakfast with everyone. =) Johor well-known Bak-kut-teh open-air shop. And it's super far away!!!! we drove about 1 hour just to have that bak-kut-teh!!!! and fucking lot'sa people q-ing up some more.

effing lot'sa people!

 my right side ... =.="

 my left side ... =.="

finally the dishes are here ...

but the rice are not there yet >.<:" lol

once the rice are there, everything is empty XD

After that unique bak-kut-teh, we decided to go Desaru beach *it's effing far lorh!* and they plan to BBQ there. Before heading to Desaru Beach, we went to a bazaar and bought some ingredients and goods for the BBQ later.

caught Bong Bong's and Max girlfriend's back. 

 on the way to Desaru Beach =)

 Bong bong and Nichole =) sweetest couple ever sitting behind

 Arrived Desaru Beach

found a shady place to park =)                  take all the things needed out

start grilling =)

Annie's boyfriend- look kinda emo * i heard they said he forgot to bring extra pants >.<"*
Nichole and Max's girlfriend on the 2nd pic

 the guys started the volley ball fight =)

 i'm still with the DSLR  ... teehee!

me with my bare face >.<" *fugly*

 those who haven't get wet yet

 Simon with his new web stocking lol! 

The ladies *ok larh, don't need to compare d, I'm the most fugly one lorh!*

Leave the place about 6pm and caught in the fucking jam for one hour some more. Everyone was extremely exhausted especially after soaking in the sea water and grilling ourselves on a torrid sun.Poor Yorath have to drive all the way to the town and everyone sleeping. *he almost sleep too!*

Send those 3 friends from Singapore back to custom.

Snap the last picture with Simon before he went back Singapore. TATA!

After that, we went to a restaurant and had our dinner there. Super salty lorh all the dishes! Drove back to Malacca after having the salty dinner. That's all for the trip =)

i wish to blog about Shin Yuu too but they got very less activities. Some of them don't like to walk around * the fat one larh!* some seldom join the group already after they found their "princess Fiona". Kinda upset lorh... Really don't like girls who restrict their boyfriend go out with his friends lorh! Controlling his boyfriend's life. Outsiders feel pity for the boy but the boy willing to being treated like that and almost forgot the friends. =.=" *if u are one of shin yuu members u know who I'm talking about obviously*

I really don't care how people perceive my words and thought. I know some might just pissed-off but who cares =.=" I criticize people if only i think he/she is nuts *bluek!*
That's all for the JB trip post. 

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