Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friendship isn't a big thing, yet it's a million of little things

aww great! again~ i drag my post and now i have to blog about them in once.
 *fml! nah~ I love to blog ^^*
So, gonna blog from the day after the Johor trip with the geng. Theresa *secondary school classmate* invited few of us to have a Melaka one day trip because we almost lost contact already. Some of them managed to attend and some don't. Those who attend are me *obviously* , Theresa *the organizer* , Mandy, Elin, Kelvin and automatically followed by KH too. lol!  

on my way to meet them

I met them in the afternoon because i was damn exhausted after the Johor trip and Imma need some rest to recharge my energy. They took a lot of photos before i met them. *seem like i missed the fun* but it's okay larh *whatever*. It has been awhile we didn't meet up. So, automatically i felt effing awkward when comes to nothing to talk and idk what to talk to them especially to my "kuso friends". So, i didn't really talk much in the trip. >.<" sowie~ really poor in socializing *dunno need to repeat how many times @_@"*

I met them at Jonker Street and we went to a Baba and Nyonya restaurant which known as "Nancy's Kitchen". They serve all those baba and nyonya food and it's quite nice larh *not bad*. Didn't really caught the "proper picture" of us but only those "tou pai pictures". Seem like they don't really like to take pic with me =.= * idk whether it's true or not larh, but it really seem like* So, what i got ware these *so pity*

so sorry for the candid photo >.<" hehe

 the only friend which is humble to let me snap. *thankiew T^T*

my plates with the Nyonya dishes.

After the nyonya lunch, we went to an interesting shop *for me is interesting larh*. A white theme wooden-made house that sells hand-made soap. The shop called "Sweet Summer Cottage Handmade Soap"  it's hardly to find because the shop is quite small.

 they count with the weight. RM0.30/gram and RM0.25/gram

 the soap essence is very nice lorh.

 another candid photo >.<"

 I bought this honey milk bar soap. Because it's people choice. =) and it smell great.It cost me around RM16. Can use to wash your face too seem it contain extra moisturing qualities and it doesn't clog pores.
The hand-made soap is very mild, their soap are made from vegetable-based oils, such as olive oils, coconut oils, palm oil, grape seed oil. So, i think it's good for those sensitiive skin. It's better to use natural soap than those after multiple manufacturing which put a lot harsh chemical on them one lorh. I can't use those, because it really peel my skin off.  Moreover the hand-made soap made by pure essential oil which make you calm and relaxing rather than those industrial soap produce the man-made essence which make most of us dizzy after smelling the soap essence. * i seem like helping them to promote the soap like that >.<*

visit Sweet Summer Cottage Handmade Soap for further information.

After that, we went to Aeon and spent the rest of the time most in Daiso =.=" you can found quite a lot of "make-life-easier" goods there *japanese invention mah!* That's the one day trip with them. I enjoyed some of the part and also felt kinda awkward in several situations. So, better to keep in touch always than letting the friendship just sink lorh. *but if u think your friends are those kanasai one then just let it sink better larh of cause*

Another day was the day going out with Shin Yuu's members *yup, finally i mention about them =.=* We decided to watch "Detective Dee" together. But before that we went to Sushi King since it was BONANZA day!!! Me and Yorath queued for almost 1 hour *or more than that* blame them for being so tortoise. Queued until wanna piss-off already! =.=" *i know some of u guys reading!* kill u all if still got the next time! *touch wood, no more next time waiting*

Caught some pictures during the suffering awaits~ to kill the boredom.

high heels kills me.>.<"
but i still love them because they make me look taller and more confident.

                        effing lot'sa people queuing!             Yorath call them and fuck them up 
                                                                                          for being super late XD 

Me with the member card                                    He hates to wait

 but i tried hard to make fun of him. And it works =)

And finally, those tortoises came already *thank God*
and caught some photo of them while they having their sushi(s)

eat and eat and eat... we queued for u guys and u guys just came in and eat only hor =.=

 Jerome noticed i snapped him. How great if they just smile and let me snap instead of waiting them to put off their hands and grab the opportunities to snap their photos.

 Panda say : pass me the kicap! and no one "hiuw" him?

 this is effing cute lor! i dare not to try at the first. But i grab one from Panda and i taste it. *it's not that bad lorh, quite nice de!*

ah fei sweating again =.="                           Yorath is always on phone-calls  
                                                                                              and GZ acting cute XD

 i realised that the sushi are keep on repeat the same kind =.="

 Wasabi is a must when having sushi!!!!!

 forgot what happen already. What i know is those money are Yorath one =.="

                       siam my camera again *wtf*           cam-whoring myself is better than
                                                                                   those "siam lai siam qu" de photos =.=" 

That's all for the outing with the friends post =)


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