Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This few days event.

Monday, i'm thinking to skip my morning class-8am.because i really can't wake up.
But then i still forced myself to attended the class after all.
Attended classes as usual. 
After our last class for the day, 
we went to EP's mamak there to have our dinner.
Yorath came along too. He skipped his classes for that day.
Zen moody for that day because she was mad at her sister. Sometime i also think that her sister really "melampau" larh~ but she still can stand it ... lolz! 
 After we ordered her "superior extra large" mee goreng, her sister only informed zen that her mum is coming on the way to campus and fetch Zen. Zen was so disappointed because she really demanded to eat the shop Mee Goreng >.<"  they said very delicious wor ~ never try before.

After dinner, me and Yorath went over Taman Merdeka for "clam" - lala in malay. after that he sent me back home due to tomorrow i still have morning class. Need to sleep early.

before our night class, we went to Heritage Restaurant for dinner.
i ate sweet an d sour chicken rice set and drank longan winter melon.
  sweet and sour chicken rice set.

longan winter melon.

chee yee and Joe Joe

 the side dishes.
After dinner, we all guai guai attended the bored tutorial class. 

Yillise make us have the mood of clubbing because she played "reply, nobody, Gee, sorry sorry, and tik tok" in the class. Got attracted buy the songs. Then we planned to go Pure at Wednesday because it's Ladies night!!. Yea! i asked permission from Yorath. He said "okay" and not much than that. I feel freaking weird. because normally he will ask a lot and in more detail. But that day, even which pub I'm going he also didn't ask. So, i went back to my home and though a lot. In the end, i made my final decision " not going". I dunno why i suddenly lost the mood to go. Well, never mind.
A simple day passed.

Went to Ixora find liyun and zen for the photoshop assignment. Wasted a lot of time but do nothing because failed to install photoshop program into liyun's lappie. So, we just came out with the output of Zen cool face expression with my cybershot sony erricson. Her makeup dresser: Yilise Koh
  she really tried hard for the output we wanted. But unfortunately, she still failed. but never mind. we appreciated Your effort .=)

Gambateh Zen Zen!

Exclusive photo =.="

today we went to intro. to multimedia lab lesson. Learned Flash Player. Kinda bored. we even sign in FB and plaedy for it .everyone in the lab using FB feature to post comment on the wall. haha! this is how we communicate in computer lab... lolz. 
After class, we went to Ixora shop-lots and eat. I ate Ayam Penyet with Plain rice. recommended by Yillise. Omg~ damn spicy lor ... i dropped my tears for that food ... duh~ useless!
who really can eat spicy food only try for this lor, if not really can't finish~ 

I drank planty of water for this food too ... don't dare to try again already. Lolz!
so, i went back home for blogging until now. 
And yet, Yorath didn't ask me about why i didn't go clubbing today. Haiz~ maybe he didn't put in mind when i asked him. Forgotten maybe. 
 This few day he is not feeling well. i asked him to seek for doctor. But he refused to do so by telling me lots of reasons or changed my topic. He always don't wanna hear my advise. i also lazy want to bag him to hear me. Later any big problem happened i also dunno want how.
Haiz~  what a Stubborn Boyfriend i have!!!!

 okay, i stop here. looking forward for my next post. 


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