Friday, March 12, 2010

Mid-Term Break

Hi peeps!
currently at Pajam,Nilai staying at my dear's apartment. 
I will be here for a couple of days, maybe a week.
 here comes the days:


We heading to Port Dickson for his "driving lesson". Yea Yea~ he driving without license for many years already >.<" . bla bla bla~ so, he decided to go for the car lesson and get for the car license .. haha! 
I accompany he went to Port Dickson for his car practices and the next day he got his JPJ test. "advance car lesson" he got =.=" he need it for "emergency" ... He attended the lessons for twice and then the last time was his JPJ test.

 So, we went to PD and attended his last lesson.

                                        finally reached.                         I'm waiting for him and it's really freaking hot. 
                                                                                         purposely hided my eyes. i got my sore eyes.

 my cutepie can't put up with the hot weather anymore, he choose to sleep without the sheet.

After my Dear's completed his last car lesson, i suggested to go PD beach. Hehe! He took me there... i know he love me ^_^ fulfilled my demand.
So, here we are!

freaking hot and dry. 

baby coconut juice for us to quench the thirst 

 jet ski and banana boat for the beach lover. 

 Yorath and the fatty girl

My dear was crazy about jet ski but we not managed to play for it >.< because we didn't bring our clothes and towel, and I'm too chicken for jet ski okay =.=" i was too fear about sea truthfully. Sea is so much "fierce" to me. So, obviously we went there just for a beach walk and splashing a sip of sea water on each =.=. In the end, i got my pants wet =.=". We went back to Yorath house then. Too exhausted already. We both slept until night time only woke up for badminton with Shin Yuu group and Bkt. Beruang's badminton court.
But of coz i didn't play for it, I'm a poor player and no time for my dear to set pretty shuttlecock  flying for me to swap. He and his partner was busy competed with the other side. So, what i do was accompanied my cutepie played.

                         poor babe, hide in the rackets case.            badminton competition?
                            "at last I'm free!!" for temporary.        brought him to the futsal court run freely.

After the 2 hours badminton games, we went to Ayoob mamak for our supper. 
i ate 1 set of "roti pisang" and 1 set of "roti cheese", gain weight lor~ Fei Po!
We joined 4 tables because a lot of buddies drink together. How fun was it huh~

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy~ Keisha tik tok. Lol!  
Yup, we woke up early and headed to PD again. =.=" because Dear got his JPJ test in the afternoon. We managed to reach Nilai first before heading to PD. Dear went to his morn class then we only went to PD.
 i got my chubby face at Nilai.
At PD, 
Waited him for hours. OMG~ I was almost die in the car when i notice my lappie left 13% of power ^︵^.
watching "怪谈" in the car >.<" it's okay what, at least is on daytime. Hehe!


However, the long wait was worth. My Dear successfully Passed his car test. Congratulation! i know driving really a piece of peanut. He will get his license this few days " i guess" =.="
evening we went to sunway ate " ji bao gai" with dear's classmates and roommates.


 i really can't cropped with the weather there. I really need ice!!!!
I scream~ U scream~ for Ice-cream!!!! 
Therefore, I sweet-talked him to buy me an ice-cream... hehe!
 7 eleven lorh then~ 

                            he had his ice-cream                   and i had my Tropicana! Slurp~

back to childhood!
Night, we decided to go KLCC Aquarium Center because Max's brother came to Nilai to stay for 3 days, Max wanted to bring his brother to KLCC Aquarium center. But we didn't enter at the end because last calling was at 7pm. 9pm close. we late jor.
Never mind lor, actually I also not really demand of it since i went there when i was in primary and secondary school. Not really nice. Too narrow for me. and quite costly. RM58 for adult with mycard.
So, me and Dear shopped around Suria KLCC.
  kinda fall in love with this photo. =P
 How come my back was hunched?! 
On the way shopping, we also seeking for special food for tomorrow our special event ^_^. Managed to found "Madam Kwan" Restaurant, Spice of India, Sukiya Restaurant and Koryo Won Restaurant. Will compare those with the others we searched on Google 
We shopped until the complex was closing. Then we got a ring~ from Jordan. " Ristorante L'Opera lor~" at Bukit Bintang. Proceed to L'Opera.
                                       Zouk- Pub                                           can u see me??
                          started to Jam at the night street                    He hate to wait. 
err~ i dunno.

After looking for a safe-tier parking lot to park, we walked there. 
at L'Opera drink "western tea" =.=  yala tu!
                                              Yorath and Jordan                           Me 
                                 Lip Sheng and Max's brother       guess what! apple juice for me =.="
  Carlsberg for them.                           collection of wines.

 10.03.10 Me and Yorath 4th Annivesary.
Venue: Koryo Won (Korean Food), Suria Klcc.
We didn't eat Korea food before this. So, we decided to try it on our special day. 
Not really knowing how to eat actually >.<" and tasted weird. hehe!
But I can say that the BBQ beef was really awesome! The Squids too! Yummy~
Korea deco                                            Yorath 
small dishes                                                 me

BBQ beef                                               mix rice

he got his beef slice                      i got my squid

                                                        Squid                          potato soup "suck"

~hapii 4th anniversary~

U & mii                                            entrance  

"I LOVE U" takes seconds to say, hours to explain, and a lifetime to prove. 
I just want U to  know that luxury or costly dinner doesn't prove the deepness of our love. What I want is you to trust me. I believe that these 4 years are not wasted. We managed to maintain until today  i believe we are born to be together.
I heart U! =)
 Your beloved,

Nothing special from the morning til evening. Just weather too hot.
they both "beh tahan" the hot day  

  But when comes to the night, 
We ended the night by clubbing with his friends at Trilogy, Seremban.
Many funny incidents occur at there. Young teen cried and shouted toward her boyfriend just because her boyfriend talked too long with the other girl. OMG~ =.= I really can't hold my laughter lor. Really lol. Can't imaging how hard she can cry and shout in the pub with the high volume of music. still can heard her voice. Everyone looking at them =.=" What a shame .
The other case was a girl drunk and vomited in the toilet for a long time "Uekkkkk!" =.=" and i was forced to entered the male toilet >.<"  
 this girl in the end let her friends all carry her back. =.=" and that time was only 12am ++ . Haiz... that group really all small kids larh. Even hugging and laying on the sofa kiss here kiss there. =.=" i believe all of them are under age. Made a lot funny scenario let the rest of the clubbers watch lorh~ But i understand larh, i use to see lots of "bollywood" movies when i was that age in my secondary school. haha! 
Nevermind, they will grow up some days and will regret what that did last night ... lol!
I have took tons of photos at Trilogy. But non of them get snapped because i scare they will kill me lorh .. haha!
                                           Trilogy                     sorry, lazy to makeup >.< 
                                he gave me a cute  smile         i can't live without my jacket >.<
drunk i guess.. =.="
 sorry, got to leave some manner for a girl. hehe!
 red face again. =.="           okay, ready to go after eat
failed                                     passed 
 he changed a lot. "learned to smile at my cam"
on the way back~ we need fresh air! 
 kacha kacha!  

6 buckets of Carslberg made Yorath and Max vomited after reached their apartment. Lol! Happy day dude!

will drive back to Malacca ! I miss my family after a week staying with Yorath and friends. ^^ I just gave my mum a "RING"... She told me that they miss Cutepie =.=" Not me!!!! haha... hurted~ no larh ... I'm glad my family love my cutepie after all. Before this, they scare my sugar glider. But now no more. Love him a day more than a day. ^^ He is cute what! 
Don't U think so?   
Hmm, recently Jack Neo Scandal issue getting heater and heater. Singapore Director. kinda disappointed me because i use to be his admirer. I admired he got an EQ brain. But then now no more... lol! Felt sorry for her wife. Haiz... is better to walk the practical way. His wife didn't divorce because she know her kids need their dad. So, it's better to rescue the broken marriage than to give up the marriage. God bless u all~

梁智强婚外情风暴 / Jack Neo's Affair Scandal

Stopped my words here~ Stay turned!

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