Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ouw Gosh!

 Ouw Gosh~
Can someone tell me how to keep me awake when goes to revision?? =.="
I got a bad habit =.=" whenever I started to do revision, my eyes automatically feel tired, dryness and sleepy. >_<" Lol.
I just started to revise my Introduction to multimedia subject for Monday mid-term test.
revised for only one and half hours, I already felt sleepy and tired >_<"

my ugly writing 


And my throat feel uncomfortable~ very itchy, make me wanna cough continuously. It might be caused by too much drinking on last night at Trilogy. "dai sei" oTT_TTo 

Kinda miss my Kuso besties. It had been a long time we didn't meet or contact. 
Probably started to lose contact jor... lol, i don't want ='(

  miss the time we past together.
Monday i got my 1st paper of mid-term and yet i'm so "free" to blog nonsense. >_<"
okay lar... got to stop blogging~ 
cannot hold it anymore, my eyes was like ding dong-ing @_@

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