Friday, January 22, 2010

what's going on??

Hi there my readers.
i'm not sure is there anyone reading my post actually, but is ok =)*

so, where should i start blogging huh? hmm... i think i just gonna start with the good news ^^ how's that? i mean, my good news.. haha*\
well, as u knw, i'm starting with my 4th sem now ... that also meant 3rd sem result has released... ^^ Good news huh? i guess u knw wat i'm trying to tell ... Yup! there's improvement in my result compared to my 2nd sem... i got B+ for my business finance i guess no one get A+ for this subject bcoz we have an idiot lec that crazy of deducting ppl's marks, A for my Entrepreneurship subject, and A+ for my Intro. to Probability and Statistic subject.. and of coz this my causes my CGPA raises.. but not much ... increase 0.01 only ... i will keep my spirit up to hit 4 flats !!and i'm almost there ! keep working~ =D

and then i got fever twice in a week ... omg ... really suffering ... the first day i was just having dizziness in my head and of coz raising of body temperature ... but i took a few hours to handle it ... and then i feeling ok ad... come to the next day, i was feeling great bcoz no class for that day and trying to plan for outing with my sweet sisters =) ... end up resting on my bed and sleep for the whole day ... duh~ wasted ... i dun knw why my fever gone and come again~ ?? and is damn suffering when it just started to happen... my bones are swolling and painful... i feel freaking cold but my body is heat ... headache some more ... i was so helpless ... i though i will just end uo dying =.= ... no one is there T_T where are u ?? i got no strength to type msg to my dear or even make a phone call to my daddy ... damn... but things will past =) just like now ... i'm well i guess >.<

seriously that night is not my night after all... no other emotions yet suffering jer... even that night i get bullied by stupid mosquitoes... dunno why this few night is so damn hot and a lots of mosquitoes... i get bitten by mosquitoes =( haiz ...

see, i'm not lying
biggest mosquitoes kiss my ankle!

phuh~ no worries... i got my spray for tonight ... wakaka! prepare to die bah stupid mosquitoes!
i woke up and take a look at my lovely pet ... i almost forgot he is most active during the night... =) my cute pie~

oups! he poo on his mattress

what next? accidentally stepped baby cockroach .. i was "omg" damn disgusting man! the most disgusting creature in the world   for me* if it is daytime, i definitely scream out!! oh gosh! yuck! his butt let me kemek-kan already...

wat a terrible night i had.. ='(

the very next day, i saw Nigel's status wrote he wants to watch ToothFairy.. i only knw ToothFairy shown already ... i thought havent show yet ... i want to watch!!! huhu!! the main actor- Dwayne Johnson =D ... i reserved tickets for 2 seats ... me and yorath... GSC dataran pahlawan ... cant wait for that movie ... ^^ hope it is worth to watch lorh~

after this i'll wait for Alice in the wonderland
i still remember the story,when i was small i watched the Cartoonist one
... looks funny ... will be shown on march if i'm not mistaken...

Oh gosh~ i got to go ... almost forget i need to pick my Yorath up ... need to drive to Nilai all alone ... =( ... it is a big challenge for me ... never drive highway by my own b4 ... T_T ... no choice ... who ask his car at workshop ... u not gonna ask him to sit KTM to Seremban and take bus back bah?  reached Malacca will be holly late jor lurh ... kesian la wei...

ok la... tat's all for today.. gotta go

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