Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Dream ◕‿‿◕

Early morning wake up send my BARBARIC "prince" of our house to school and accompany my mom to morning market and bought all the kitchen stuffs ... after that we went back home ...

Back to home i straight online for my barn buddy, farmville, and cafe world... hehe ... after done wat i suppose to do, i feel kinda tired since i woke up so damn early... i decided to take a short nap... but who knows i over slept almost reach 2pm... and then got fever after i wake up...

SWEET DREAM? oh ya... i almost forget about the interesting part ... hehe ... it happened in my "short nap"... hmm~ never think about i will dream that sweet before... (0^_^o) i dreamt lots of ppl busily preparing my wedding ceremony ... haha! tat's cute~ my mum and other strangers setting my hair and managing the wedding gown for me... and i saw myself wearing the marble white gown walking out from the crowd & give my "husband" a beautiful smile... oh God.. wat a funny dream ... but seriously i was so gorgeous... but i was without make up yet ... my mom and my "hubby" mom discussing and choosing the best people to help me make up for my wedding ... haha! but all are just a dream ... a dream that i wish to not wake up so soon ... =) ...

However, i stil have to go back to the reality world... =.=" and get ready for the 4pm web design class... haiz... and then i got fever in a sudden... painful bones, headache, dizzy and heat body... PUFF~ but still have to attend the class ... drive to campus with my sick body .. luckily i was safe in my journey...

After class, i had the only 1 " active fast" in my car...and rest ... the pil should not called "Active fast" >_< ... the effect damn slow lorh =.= ... but at least now recover jor ... hmm ... tomorrow class CANCELLED ... yup! i love to hear this word when talking about classes ... ^^ ... again again~ CLASS CANCELLED! ... woohoo! feeling so great! my mind started to plan when no classes .. lolz... haha~

ok larh ... feeling tired... got to sleep now ... hope to continue the Sweet Dream...whee..! =P



  1. I am Ur Active Fans here :) yeah ~ I like the dream that u dreamed :) haha . by the way . please take care urself nicely . i am worrying ~ Muakz . must guai ya . sek u de o

  2. =) .. i thought u dunno where's my blog geh~