Tuesday, January 12, 2010

♥ new bee in blogspot

"dada-ng"... i knw i'm bit late for this ... haha ... is ok for me... at least i started to write huh? ... welcome me to Blogspot *claps* ~ not much i knw in here...
i guess i just start with introducing myself "lame" i knw ...

name: candy
age: ops! private ( for girls huh =) )
horoscopes: cancer
hometown: malacca, malaysia
occupation: hmm... i'm stil a student.. ( MMU melaka)

i guess tat's all from me... >_<'' a lot of stuff i stil dun knw in here, mayb u can lead a hand for me =) ... ok, tat its ... simple 1st posting~ "lauzy" actually ... haha... improving larh~ watever, gotta sleep.. nights ..mwah!

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