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When in Bangkok ...

↭ Day 1↭

Sawadee kha. 
Yup, I flew to Bangkok last weekend. People who know me well they know why I was there for. I'll be visiting Bangkok at least once a year to worship on what I wished for ages ago. Normally either my parents or boyfriend (I don't need one for now) will come along. This year is a bit different. I have my friend to tag along with me and also catched up with another friend at Bangkok too. I didn't inform my parents this time as I actually wanted to try to travel alone (they also sien wanna follow). Bahaha!

Okay, a quick post here because I only took a few photos for this trip. (Too much Thai lengluis there spoilt my mood of taking more photo. Lol.) We stayed at Bangkok Pallet Hotul  Bangkok Palace Hotel (That's how all the taxi driver pronounce our hotel name i swear! And if u pronounce it correctly, they will send u somewhere else.)

We took a short nap and  went out for dinner at Ratchada Train Market. It was my first time going to Ratchada Train Market located at Ratchadaphisek Road. It is a convivial night bazaar that splits into long avenues with plenty of yummy local street food, general stalls that sell staffs like clothes, accessories, shoes, handmade crafts, plush toys and etc. And the night bazaar is surrounded with bars and fancy container cafes. 

The bars were decorated with a lot of fairy lights and musics were played loudly.
It's hard to conversate with your friends if you were to drink at one of the bars there as each bar have their music played in high volume and imagine all the bars are blasting their music. *headache* 

It opens at 5pm to 1am and close on Monday. So no worries about the summer heat. 

one of the random cafes 

I found a container barbershop in the night bazaar. But this photo is kinda spooky to me. Lol  

Some random container cafe again.

 more cafes.

A vintage one with antique scooters 

I suggested my friend that we try up the stall food instead of having a proper dinner. 

It's impossible you gonna leave the market without a bloated stomach. I feels like trying every food!

Prices for the food are moderate. 


fried insects can be found here too. *I was not brave enough to try*

salted bake fish

We had our stomach stuffed and did some shopping and prices bargain along the avenues. No photo taken while sightseeing as we were busy bumping with sticky arms against the locals and tourists.

We went back to our hotel room and met up another friend of mine who was just arrived. My friend dozed-off after the night walk at the market. So, I went down to the lobby to meet my friend (Chloe) and handed her her hotel key and brought her out for food as she have not eaten her dinner.



I tried so hard to find her shop to dine. But most of the shop were closed *It was around 12am* . So she ended up having food at the roadside stall. Her very greenish pork noodles. I got to know a few friends while Chloe having her dinner. I had a short chat with another tourists on the next table.

Daily massage is a must when comes to Bangkok. We went for foot massage after she has done with her dinner. 

My day 1 completed with a soothing bath. 

↭ Day 2 ↭

We got up in the morning just to grab our breakfast provided by the hotel. And then return back to the room for more sleep til noon.



The morning faces.

Woke up the second time , bathed and got ready to Erawan Shrine. The doorman suggested us to walk to Erawan Shrine as it's only 10 mins walk from the hotel. But ended up we took a cab there as we walked to the wrong direction. 



Us with the fancy shades we bought from Ratchada night market. Chloe didn't join us as she wanted to walk by her own during my worship.

I have been showing up for doing worship every year since 2013.

We went to CentralWorld Shopping Complex for some sweet treats. My friend said his friend told him must try "After You" when comes to Bangkok. So we went to solve our curiosity about "After You" since we need to meet up Chloe too. 

We ordered 2 sweet treats while waiting Chloe to meet us up. "After you" Cafe is located at the 7th floor in CentralWorld. They have a few branches in Bangkok.

Strawberry with chocolate toast and Thai tea Kakigori
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and food
Thai tea kakigori is the best kakigori I had in the moment! The taste is beyond words. I'm missing it already.  Urgh...

Finally this girl arrived. She was lost. She told me the taxi driver sent her to Siam Paragon instead of CentralWorld. *Da hell?* She ordered a little pan of brownies with ice cream. 

"After you" is a hot spot for dessert person. The cafe is furnished with warm wooden decor. Sometimes you need to wait for a long queue to order your treats. It's worth for a try, the dessert will amaze you. *wink*

We took a ride to Chatuchak Weekend Market. I took a nap in the taxi *I got so tired even I didn't walk much in this trip* 



Me with red indian's headdress at one of the random shop in Chatuchak weekend market.

And then foot massage again. Lol. I'm just too lazy to walk as this was not the first time I came to Chatuchak Weekend Market. I brought them here as they didn't come before. Gonna visit more new market next time! Huhu...
After the foot massage, we went back to our hotel room. *I know it's weird like we should walk more after the foot massage instead of resting even more. Might as well just skip the foot massage and go back to the room and rest* Lol, *die die want foot massage and free Wi-Fi.

Napped a while and got ready for dinner. We had our dinner at Chabuton Ramen, Terminal 21.


Omm nom nom nom... 

Forgotten the name of our ramens as we were too busy minding why is our onsen tamago are so well cooked. The ramen is fine. Just the onsen tamago not suppose to be a well-cooked egg lerh! Walaowey...
We took a walk at Terminal 21 and they bought some snack. 
Terminal 21 closed at 10pm and we decided to have some night drinks. We took BTS to Baiyoke Hotel Rooftop Bar. 

Spotted a full moon while walking towards Baiyoke Hotel.

Baiyoke hotel has the highest rooftop bar and it is also the highest and scenic hotel in Thailand. 
The Rooftop bar is located at 83rd floor and the revolving deck is on the 84th floor. You are asked to pay for the entrance fee to 84th floor if you are not staying in their hotel. 400 Bahts each person for the entrance fee included a beverage to redeem at the rooftop bar.

We went up to the 360 degree revolving deck before grabbing our drinks at the bar. I captured a few stunning night view of the city. I was utterly amazed by the beauty of the city skyline. The 360 degree view of Bangkok from Baiyoke Sky's revolving view point took our breath away. 

Entrance fee can be made at the hotel lobby. And they will pass you the voucher to redeem any drinks at the rooftop bar. I was the one keeping the vouchers for my friends. 84th floor is an uncovered revolving deck with fence surrounded. The wind was very strong that night. I lost our beverage vouchers *They flew away with the wind, like "Phew~" ... just like that* I felt so guilty for losing the vouchers though *really sowie~*. We went down to the lobby and I try to persuade the staff to let us redeem the drinks as I wasn't mean to lost the voucher leh. The staff was annoyed by me. *Can see from her 50cents face.*  But I don't bother larh just trying my effort to have the vouchers back as I don't feel good to lost their vouchers as you also don't wish to pay 400 Baht just for the view only lorh. *I don't mean to be a party-pooper lerh! Next time don't ask me to keep any important things larh. Lol*.  It took me half an hour to settle the voucher losing issue. Ended up the manager agree to give us the photocopy of our vouchers to redeem the drinks.


Went up to 83rd floor to redeem the drinks.


Sipping our crafted cocktails and liquor shooters. The place was not as luxurious as I expected. Maybe because the building operated for quite many years already. They need to do some maintenance perhaps.

We decided to go for second round at other places as Baiyoke hotel rooftop bar opened until 1am only. I mean come on, It's Sunday and we are on vacation. Shouldn't go to bed so early. We make a move at 12am and joined Chloe's friend to Onyx Main Stage (opened until 2am).

Me and Chloe

We had so much heavy liquor that night.
 It's been awhile I have not party wild. I was wearing flats that night and wasn't in the party mood and tired *because I felt like a dwarf, everyone was so chio and tall! damnit...* But overall it was fun to be there. Next time I wanna be at least chio a bit and with heels please! Anyway, remember to bring extra bahts to opt for group bottle so that you can own a standing table.
My friend was too sweet to be handle. He bought me a fresh rose from the local kid as knew I wasn't in the party mood. Okay larh, you made my day, I'm fine after receiving the rose. Lol.
We took a break at the main entrance when everyone is about to leave the club because the Onyx multi-lingual staffs came to our table to entertain us to try to persuade us to finish of the whole bottle of black label which ordered by Chloe's friend. We finished it without mixers for the last quarter.

We went to have supper as Chloe wanted to eat a bit. *She was a little drunk*. I sat on the chair and trying my best to cure the drunk spin in my head as the spinning makes me feel like puking.We took a cab back to our hotel room and everyone go to bed without shower.

↭ Day 3↭

We woke up at 9am with heavy head and grab our breakfast. Continue the sleep til 12 noon and speed packing as we are checking out that day. Staffed all the goods that we bought into our baggages, Checked-out and leave our baggages in the hotel as our flight was at 9pm. We went to DC Mall for a quick peak and Platinum Mall for lunch and did our final shopping spree.

There were many stalls selling Pad-Thai at the road side. But I love the one at Platinum Shopping Mall. This photo makes me hungry now... 

Finally we took tuk-tuk ride back to hetel to get our baggages. *Nay, we went for the last massage first somewhere nearby our hotel*


Us on tuk-tuk.

Took a taxi directly to airport and had our not-so-tasty dinner at the airport before boarding.

Not nice though.

That's all for the bangkok trip. Thanks for reading ya!

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