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A random trip to Sekinchan 🌾🌾

Was supposed to attend my farewell party with my colleagues and bosses on last weekend. But I dragged it to next week day for a simple karaoke section since I wasn't into clubbing any more *old liao*. 

My weekends were free after postponed the farewell party.  And I wasn't in the mood of moving my stuffs back to my hometown where I suppose to  start doing it *but fuq it larh *.  I jio-ed my bff to go for a short getaway. I don't know why Sekinchan pops-out from my mind instead of other places *old liao x2*. I expect my bff gonna complain that place is kinda boring. But she was okay with the place and she told me the next day is her monthsary date with her boyfie. Steady lerh! Still entertain me on weekend even though got date. I mean most of the people busy park-tor on the weekend marh,who is so free to entertain those no tor to pak one! Dafuq.

So I went back to get my things packed after work.  We started our journey after a long drag in my room.  We took our move at 5pm and arrived Sekinchan around 6+pm. It's jam-free on that day.

I picked A+ Boutique Hotel for the stay this time after I saw good reviews at it. It's suitable for a short stay for 2 to 3 persons. Renting a homestay / a terrace house is too much in my personal point of view, unless you are with a group of friends or family.

Didn't take any picture of the room as it's a clean and simple room with a king-sized bed and bathroom attached.

Image may contain: 1 person

We were starving and tired. We got our arses out for dinner after leaving the luggages in the room. This is the lobby anyway. 

At first we went to this Loong Hua Seafood Restaurant. I been there before with a bunch of friends few years ago. So I drove my bff there again for seafood dinner. But this time the service was horrible, The lady who took our order was arrogant and impatient *maybe she's having her PMS, but I bet you gonna feel like slapping her if you were there dealing with her*. We asked her to list down a few types of dishes, so that we can pick from there as she didn't give us food menu. The way she talks was so impatient and was like so buay song! But we still able to cooperate with her. We don't hope to change another restaurant for dinner because it's very hard to look for parking space during the dinner time. A few minutes later, there was another guy came over and informed us most of the food we ordered were out of order. Dafuq, I mean we ordered our food patiently with the buay song lady and ended up have to reorder again for other left over dishes they have. But due to her arrogance is overly acted. We end up leaving the restaurant. Very disappointing service. 

I drove around and we spotted Restoran Wan Lau 旺盛海鲜饭店 so we decided to give it a try. What caused us to dine here was the parking space. They provide huge empty space for customer to park their cars in. The taste of the food were average but big portion. At least the staffs there are polite! 

Finally we had our oceanlicious food peacefully after having so much hiccups.

Dishes ordered : stir fried cabbages with dried small shrimps, juicy salt-baked crabs, Lala soup, fried rice, and a pot of refillable Xiang Pian (Jasmine) chinese tea.

We went back to our room and try to search for a place where we can drink and chill in Sekinchan because it was still early to sleep. We took quite awhile to search and my friend found the one and only sport bar in Sekinchan. *I wonder how's the youngsters pass their weekend, they don't chill one meh? or they drive all the way to KL for a drink?*  

We drove around the town because this place couldn't be found in Waze. My bff rang up one of the staffs and he guided us through the phone. 

The one and only night life; Duzz Sport Bar, in the town. 

Ordered a bucket of Heineken and we both dug out some boring games to self-entertain in the bar. It was crowded with youngsters. They have darts game machines, so most of them were throwing darts. The only thing I don't like is the songs they played. They played all the Chinese "feng tao" songs.  The beer is like taking forever to finish up when you know your soul couldn't bland into the environment.

We quickly finished off our beers and grabbed another 2 bottles of beer from 7-E as we thought drinking in the room could be better than the "feng tao" place, at least we can play our desire songs what. Lol. Before that, we went up to the rooftop of the hotel for a peak as there is a little garden. But it's too dark to take pictures of the garden. So we decided to visit it again on the next morning.

We took zillions of selfies in the hotel room and start playing our favorite songs from Youtube.

Oh yea, I got my butterflies tattoos long time ago *approximate 3 years ago*. Just didn't have the chance to share it as I haven't posted anything in ages on Candy's Life Tales. 

And here goes the shiok sendiri photos of us.


 It's great to have my bff by my side. I can say she is the only bff that can get insane with me. No larh, she is more insane than me. 

We took a few hours of sleep. Thought of waking up at 6am to catch up with the sunrise. Meh~ woke up that time was already 11am. Lol. We got our fresh look and went up to the rooftop garden for a few  photos before breakfast.

The next day was a scotchy hot day til I can't even open my eyes!  But it's a perfect day for picture taking.

 The a.k.a hair shampoo ads. 


This will be my favourite photo of the trip.

Okay, I'm done with all the vein photos of us. We checked-out and went for traditional "Cina" type of breakfast at The Family Restaurant (益大家茶餐室)Address: 8m Jalan Radin, Pekan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan Selangor, Malaysia. 

We had 2 half boiled eggs, toasted coffee bread with butter and kaya, fried noodles wrapped with newspaper, steamed buns with butter and kaya, and 2 ice milo.

We actually forgot to pay for the breakfast. I drove to Ah Ma House and my bff recalled that we didn't pay for the breakfast. Lol. We drove back to the kopitiam and surrender. We were so struggling in the car. Me and my bff were pushing each other to go down and tell the Taukeniu as we didn't encounter such issue in our lifetime before. So embarrassing. Ended up we both got down of the car and approached the cashier and told the Taukeniu the whole incident.  The whole scene was like 2 unexperience thieves stole something for the first time and self-surrender before being caught by others. Anyway, the taukeniu didn't even notice we didn't pay for the breakfast when we story her and she like don't give a damn at all. *Suppose to praise us marh for being so honest lerh!* At least don't gave us the meh face larh. Swt, I really don't know why most of the locals there behave in this way, they are like getting fed up with their boring life and dull til die soon or whatsoever. 

We returned back to Ah Ma House after settled the payment. This place is so nostalgic. It's like really bringing me back to my childhood. But the main business here were selling their traditional biscuits and cake.

Ah Ma House (阿嬷的家) Adress: Lot 10376, Jalan Tali air 5, Kampong Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor Malaysia.

We didn't buy any of the traditional biscuits here as we thought they are quite similar to Malacca local products which tourists can get it from Jonker Street, Malacca or from my mom also can larh. Lol.

ABC for RM 5 is kinda expensive. Lol. Perhaps, it's just a fake pricing sign.

We bought the frozen treats in sour plum favor where I used to buy it after school. That time was like 10 cents per stick and guess how much we bought from here. RM2.50 per stick. Maybe just because it's a tourist attraction, that's why the price is ridiculous. But it's okay as we aren't eating this so frequent nowadays.

I love to make bubble balloons when I was a kid! The 90's was the time when life was slower-paced. Childrens are easy to be satisfied with simple games and activities before the technology took over. I'm very proud to be one of the 90's as we were the last generation playing the games that have no longer rarely seen nowadays. I'm glad my bff wanna play with this bubble balloons, it brings me back to my childhood once again.

Sometimes I do wish to put my phone away for a day and take a trip back again! *You can live without your phone meh?*

My adorable bff. She starts to blog too. Do visit è–‡è–‡ ღ 自主性格 ❤分享

Okay, that's all for the Ah Ma House. There was Ah Gong House at the opposite road. But we didn't bother to visit it as there's nothing caught our attention. And no cars stop there too. We then stopped by Paddy Processing Factory (Address: Lot No. 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban2,  45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia) 

There's only one photo taken at Paddy Processing Factory. We stopped by for a few minutes and chao as I went there twice already. Do you ever notice there is no paddy field photo shared in my blog? Lol, because we went on the harvesting season. So you can only see rice straw covered the entire landscape of the field. 

I only can showcase the pictures I took at fish village rather than the rice straws because it looks like a dead field with dry grasses. So sien, don't wish to have it in my post la la la

 Our last stop was Sekinchan Beach called Pantai Redang.

One of the attraction there is the wishing tree beside the Chinese temple at Pantai Redang.

the eye-catching wishing tree with lots of red ribbons hanging on the stems.


We didn't have much time as my bff have her monthsary dinner with her boyfriend in the evening. So we just took a quick walk at the beach before going back to KL.


That's all for our short getaway. Thanks for reading!

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