Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life After Working Abroad

Howdy people?! 
"How's life?" is the most hottest question haunted me after I moved to a new land. As you know, I have started my new job at Singapore on February 2017. Did not blog about anything after my Bangkok post as I was busy adapting the life here.

Although Singapore and Malaysia is sharing almost similar cultures and weather but still there are so much to adapt. I mean not everyone can just pack their bag and move to a new land bah! It was uneasy. I'm talking about moving to another country. It's all-change-in-one.

Weather where got same with Malaysia? Don't lie larh. It's so scotching hot! The heat ray spices your skin! 
I was in a mixed emotional during the first week in Singapore. I could not persuade myself to love or accept everything in Singapore. I hate taking public transport as I own a car in Malaysia and all the while I drive everywhere I want to. Now, I have to follow the schedules of all public transports to get to where I want to and do a lot of walking. And worry about hanging out too late as the MRT closed at midnight. I were so rely on Waze and google map every time I went out because I were so worry that I might forget the way back home. 

I rather stay at home and bored to death also don't feel like exploring this place because wa tak suka everything about here!

People here are so stressful. Wait, I'm not generalizing all the Singaporean. But there are high significantly high population of Singaporean with attitude problem. I'm not saying the young one only but the older one are obnoxious and rude too. The most unpleasant experience was taking public transport. I mean I do give my seat to the older one when I saw he/ she were standing even though my seat is not the reserved seat. But still those idiotic aunties I really cannot "tahan" with their rudeness. There was one time, me and my friend were taking mrt from Pioneer to Bugis. We were so exhausted and there were plenty of empty seats on the mrt. So we choose to sit, and please be mindful, we are taking the normal seats but not the reserved seats. There was two aunties sat on the reserved seats beside me after passed a few stations. we actually took a quick nap while waiting to drop-off at Bugis station. While I was napping with my earphone plugged-on with a low volume of my favorite song and my hand supporting my head to prevent knocking on others if I dose-off. Then I heard someone were talking loudly. I took one of my earplug off and listen. Okay, only I realize these two rude aunties were talking to each other loudly, but were literally    wanted to let everyone in the mrt to know that younger generation "me" nowadays don't give seat for the elderly. And when I turn my head to their side, I saw there was an angmoh aunty and uncle standing near to the door at the other side holding the pole. The angmoh look at the idiotic aunties and said they are okay to stand. At that second, I wanted to give my seat to either one of them, but since I heard they are okay to stand, I turn my head back and continue to nap. Then the idiotic aunties continue to have their conversation loudly on the reserved seats. "It is pretty rude larh the youngster nowadays, they actually saw elderly and they pretend to sleep, turn their head away... they go to school for education but they don't actually have basic manners.. bla bla bla etc." .  What is wrong with these people? Instead of talking about me, why don't you fucking let your seats for them then?And the two angmohs already said they are okay to stand, why don't you fucking point a gun on their head and force them to sit? Duh... they make me look like a bad person don't they. I mean, I paid for the fare and I also deserve a good seat what. Or there is a rules saying the young one MUST stand even though the older one don't want to sit! And I hate taking mrt as I have to keep aware of older people entering mrt from station by station. Walao, sibeh boh eng leh like that. Can you guys just tap my shoulder and wake me up to give you my seat IF I really dosed off larh. I don't mind to give away my seat. Just that it's so tiring to keep looking around to see is there anyone in need.  But most of the time I rather stand than to take the seat larh I'm tiring of kena sound for nothing again. See, take mrt also can so stress! 

Sometime, I do hope they can slow down a little. People tend to chiong here and there even at the mall. I can't even walk to the opposite side. Sometime, I get to stuck in the middle and being pushed around. I told some of my friends and guess what they say? "Welcome to the Kiasuism world!" You have to follow the beat, else you cannot cope with this environment. So I become a bit kiasu too.  Urgh...Nahhh, I really don't want to be one, is the society changed me.

Things are not always set up perfectly on the ground. I dislike so much about this country. Anyhow, I told myself this is where I choose. Instead of complaining, I should choose to accept and respect my choice. I set a self-struggling time frame. I give myself 2 weeks time to complain and hate. The third week I should keep my mouth shut for all of these and to accept this country.

The third week came. I start to jog at the trail near my stay place. Jogging become my type of work stress relieve. My new job isn't that bad actually. Most of the stress is created by myself. I can't wait to master all of my job so that I don't have to keep interrupting my colleagues. I did a few mistakes at work. I was so stress. I mean I blame myself for making so many mistakes at once and somehow I don't understand what did I just done. Lol. But I really amaze myself for not dropping a single drop of tear at all after experiencing all these difficult life trails. *clamps* 

I lost a few kgs after walking so much and jogging around and don't really go yumcha that often as it's quite hard to find mamak stall here. They have those 24-hours McDonald's Restaurant, but I don't really hang out there though. I just miss Malaysia Mamak stall. Aww...

Working aboard is a huge transformation experience. I get to know so much about myself and I still have a lot more to learn about myself. I force to learn how to deal with everything on my own. I moved in to a HDB and shared a master bedroom with another two girls who I do not know.

I went to the mall to buy all the daily stuffs that I need. I mean without a car, I able to carry my own goods walking around with my aunty-looked hair and back to my room. X-miles away from home helps me grow a "can do" attitude. I will be force to become self-dependent and self-confident.

I'm glad that me and my roommates able to blend well quite fast. I used to own a room by myself when I was working in KL. It was so weird at the first few weeks sleeping with strangers in a room and I have less privacy. But then, I found out it was quite fine. And I learn to share my feelings and thoughts with them *because I don't usually share my thoughts with people.* They were my first new friends on the first day I move in to Singapore. It's really not bad to have roommates after all. There is always a someone to talk to after a long working day and the feeling of scrolling and tapping our phone together in the same room every night with pajamas is so special.

Sometime I will drag one of them out to have supper with me in the middle of the night. Lol. Just can't get rid of our Malaysian "yumcha" culture.

Besides, I also learn to say Goodbye and to enjoy myself. It was so hard to say goodbye to the habits I have already used to, friends that I used to hang out, food that I used to crave for, place I used to go and etc. I don't visit my parents that often compare to the time I was working in KL. Because it is really tiring to travel back and forth every weekend as the crowd at the immigration checkpoint you will never want to know, okay, I tell u, it is insane! Every time I arrive my hometown it is already 1 or 2 am. I feel so bad to let my parents to pick me up from the bus central at such late hour. So I minimized my frequency of travelling back but making more video cals or voice calls to them like almost everyday.

So during the weekend in Singapore, I value and enjoy me time by shopping alone, eat alone, jog alone and etc. I want to try to watch a movie alone too! I start to love a weekend with no responsibilities, no plan, and nowhere to be at all. It might sounds pitiful to you but it's not at all, literally.

I am a morning person, only during the weekend *haha* and I can't explain what is the reason. There is a self-alarm clock in me. I woke up at 7:30am every weekend. It's either I wake up to go for a morning jog at the stadium nearby my stay place or to continue snuggle on my bed until I feel like starting my day.
So far, I never miss out jogging at 7:30am *I have many weekends staying in Singapore*.

There was a day I jog on the street instead in the stadium. I actually found a few interesting places around my stay place. And I enjoy the way jogging back because I get to grab a home-cooked soy milk. It only available during the morning. Maybe the soy milk make me to feel great to wake up early in the weekend morning. Lol.

I went to the grocery store alone. *It seems so lonely, but actually not at all*. I actually got to enjoy my own sweet time to shop and to decide to buy or not to buy for hours at the store. And no one bother about chasing you home or to rush for a dinner date with friends.

My feet hurt because of too much of walking. Singapore was crowned as the world fastest walker in 2007. Til then I'm not sure if there is any country has beaten the record or not. 

So I'm a person that loves to walk freely. I dislike people blocking my way or walking in front of me or I am walking behind a large group of people. I feel like lacking of air. *Ya larh, I'm short marh!* So every time I will try to overtake them when it happens. What I wanna say is they already walking fast enough, in order to overtake them, I have to ramp faster than them and congratulation I get to breath and walk freely. That's the pace of walking in Singapore. And I'm used to it now.

I mean after all, it's the time that matters. Slowly you will adapt all the new things although you do not like it initially. But why not accept them with open arms than to avoid all of the changes?  The only way is to be optimistic enough to make your life easy. Optimism doesn't mean that you have to "be" always happy. In fact, forcing yourself to be happy worsen your emotions and it's unhealthy. Learn to stop blaming yourself for mistake, learn to complain less * I know I complain a lot in my blog, but that isn't really a frustration, it's just my blogging style* and be thankful for everything that happens on you, I'm still learning though. And the most important part is never afraid of keep learning.

I actually get to know myself better each day. I am looking forward to learn and gain new experience. Even a smallest part of your day can not only make the day more enjoyable and you will start to be thankful and appreciate for everything that comes on your way.

I learnt the hard way because nothing is easy at the starting point. 

Don't hate, Just live! 😊

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