Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

I know it's kind of late for "Resolution" post. I mean we have entered the 12th day of the year and I only wanted to blog about it now. 

So, what is your new year resolution? I have been asked during the last week of 2016. It is a question that evokes mixed feelings and I have not set any yet. was the answer I gave every time. I was avoiding that question. I have so much to say about my resolution for 2017 literally, yet I wasn't ready for it. *On that time larh*

Perhaps 2016 wasn't the worst year after all. Although I heard many have said 2016 was bad to them, and I am glad it wasn't that bad to me. 2015 was quite nasty and it taught me a lot, and I had a decent days in 2016.

Why am I afraid of starting a new year?
I have been racing with the time for the past 2 months. I have put myself into heavy dilemma. I have made so many attempts to Singapore. Everyone was wondering what am I up to. I did not share much about the reason i flew there so often because I was doubting on my own decision-making. I accepted a job offer in Singapore, that is why I visited there so frequent. I was overly worried about the living style there and I was afraid I fail to overcome my fear of change. That was why I actually don't hope 2017 come so fast. 

What builds my courage to walk out from my comfort zone? 
My family and close friends know me well. They know I enjoy my current job and I have good bosses that's why I have been working for years with them. In the other side of the enjoyment actually spoilt me for nestling in my comfort zone. That was where the dilemma starts. My mom actually gave the most supports to me *every time*. She didn't make the choice for me but she breaks out both goods and bads for my stay and leave. So that I can focus on what I want in my life. I told her that I couldn't make my decision as I don't know which one suit me well. I mean not everyone get good bosses and colleagues, and reasonable pay and benefits. But, I know I was having a war with myself , I desperately crave for changes, and yet I am uncomfortable and terrified when it occurs. I am still young and I'm not attach to anyone *Meh, don't give me that look. Not gonna talk about that*.  You are a free soul now, what to fear about failing? Why not give it a try?! My mom said so. I can say that I have the most amazing mom ever! That actually pumps up my spirit to go for it. Besides, I also shared with a few closed friends as I want to accumulate variety of answers as references. Thank you everyone. You guys rocks! And finally, I chosen for a change in life,

I'm not going to set multiples hardcore resolution where it takes forever to accomplish. This time I'll go for a few simple one that might make a huge change in me.

  • Get in shape (lose 5kg) 
  • Sign up a diving course 
  • Read more
  • Try at least one or two solo backpack trip
  • Find a significant other *this is my mom wishes larh literally, not mine. But I promised her that I will keep an eye larh* 

Wishing everyone have an absolute blast ringing in this new year! 

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