Monday, January 9, 2017

Annoucement : Return to blogging

Yea, I know. It's like *What dafuq, after a lengthily absence, and now you are back? No one gonna read your blog anyway.*

Getting more traffic is not my main purpose since the day I decided to blog in 2011 years til now. I enjoy blogging, I love to share my lifestyle. But probably not gonna blog about the contents during the past 2 years larh *You stupid meh? No one cares pun!* Okay larh, maybe I'll just go through briefly in my blog post next time. 

Stories behind the 2 years isn't a big deal now. The point is I found back my ultimate comeback to blogging! 

Just to let ya all know I'm still living happily as always and simply just to announce I'm back to blogging. I would like to thank those who used to follow my blog, text me in person to ask where have I been, and some even try so hard to encourage me to blog again.
Thank you for reading this! 

I'm keeping this post short and simple just like my hair *It's growing longer now anyway*. 
See ya on my next post soon! 

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