Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Chapter

Hi! I'm back. It have been a loooooooooooooong time my blog has been abandoned. Felt so sorry to it. ='( "I got no time!!!!" ----> is no more an excuse. I missed lot's of post to be shared. >.<" Almost forgot what is it.

So, what's the new mission shall I achieve in this year? Last year I was like sinking in the bathtub and playing bubbles with no mission. Probably this year I'm gonna set a goal for maaself!


Well, it doesn't mean that I'm suffering in my last year. =.=" just want it to be better than last year. In all way! Currently I'm still sticking with the same job. Although it's sux, yet I learn and I adapt many things from there. Just make it as a stone step for where I shall begin. I might not notice one day it will become a big foot step higher on my achievement. Wow, what I'm thinking? Normally my brain will only stuff with nonsense >.<"  Going toward adult stage? haha. That's good or bad? Which mean I'm getting mature or getting old? errrrk... 

No, I'm getting chubbier! and i got double chins *OwYeah*, I hate it ='(

Add-on one sub-mission, I need to slim down in 2012!!!!! but after CNY larh, hehe~ Obviously I can't make it before CNY. Everyone is preparing for CNY! How about YOU? 

These were what I bought for CNY ^_^ Shopping Spree! They cheer me up and forget the stress! 

Will update constantly! 

Missing Malacca! Tata!!

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