Sunday, January 29, 2012

21st Birthday Party

Back to Malacca again to continue my CNY leaves. Lol! But hope that i'll have a blast days during my leaves. STOP calling me and yell at me regarding the work! I hate it! Something wrong with the people in my workplace. Haihz~ tired of repeating... 

Anyway, that's not the point i wanted to mention in this post as the title is obviously not for that. Shin Yuu group has requested the photos but I have been dragging like almost a month.

Well, this is a photo sharing post as Shin Yuu group is waiting for the epics taken on the BF's 21st birthday party. I have been a busy girl the whole week to plan and organize his unforgettable birthday party. 

I was rushing here and there until midnight. These balloons almost caught me in an accident. I stuffed 30 hydrogen gas balloons in the car and drove all the way to A'Famosa Resort. Can't even use the back mirror.  Damn dangerous! Please don't try it. And the strings were tangled and I got no idea how the friends could let them free without using scissor because it was like no way. Well done guys.

Thanks for helping me to deco the place while I'm rushing to get all the food here. 

We have our DJ-jian in the house. lol! 

aik, alamak! DJ feels hungry ... 

Never mind, we have DJ Xian An to assist him. lol
*actually they are just taking turn to watch movie XD*

Next, the pool is tested the water temperature is just okay. lol * WHAT A PARTY?*

Ivan Panda walk-by. Snapped! 

They are starting to BBQ although the birthday boy haven't reach yet.

everyone is looking at the camera only Wen is starring at the chicken wings.

*knock! knock! open the door lerh~* the birthday boy said.

look at his touching smiley look =')

me and him. ignore my auntie look... 

here he blew the candles and wishes gonna come true soon

Jelly cake. 1st try and not bad tho! if u guys wanna make reservation please pm me. =)

so in birthday mood huh =')

eyes with happy tears??

here're the 2 cute friends/ colleagues. Mom likes them and named them 1st cute & 2nd cute.

One of the edited epics base on their face reaction.

yea, as what i said ... the star of the day

So, I guess epics start now~ enjoy*


 Finally get 1 group photo =.=" 

Okay, continue enjoy the epics~

 I was in the kitchen busy with the stuffs, then was carried out by the bf and was thrown into the pool.. 

 Look how Victor walk =.=" 

 haha! I like this photo... Leng Zai indeed.

 Lol.. I think he was pissed -off and want to say " I had enough!"

 But then, no one care ... *Thrown again*

 Ivan's new hair style and Jian's new look

Group photo again =)

1st person when to bed.

 My dad, Bro and Mum were in the kitchen cleaning and cleaning and cleaning ... lol

 Makan time

Now he found the chili sauce

 ?? Erk... i don't know ... u ask him why bah >.<"

 Guo Zhi's Gf ... half drunk

 Wen always got snapped with funny pose.

 Enjoy the food and Fei enjoy the heat ..

 I made this =)

2nd birthday cake: Millicrepe

 Hahahaha! Sorry and don't whack me >.<" ... I just love to edit. lol

 Finally eveyone settle down and playing poker cards.

 This shown how tired are they... Thanks a lot for helping me and make the birthday party so happening
Love you guys!

Here well end well. Happy Birthday to the bf =)

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  1. Guys, these are truly nice 21st birthday ideas. Looks like a fun-filled celebration.

    Cheers guys!