Thursday, January 19, 2012

CNY Shopping Mood


Yea, that's hurt. Anyway, there's nothing can be done.

Hey there, see .. I promised I wouldn't leave my blog deadly again. This time wanted to show-off my stuffs bought for this year CNY ^^ to pamper myself *although i got no extra leave for CNY*. Went to several boutiques in Time Square and these are what I picked. 

5 sets of clothings 

although I'm not able to try it on in each day of CNY *the boss doesn't allow me to take too much of leaves* <-- he took almost 1 week! fml. Well, at least my superior able to fight for 2 days leave on chu 8 & chu 9 for prayers. Thanks for that anyway. *feel uncomfortable to praise someone sometimes*

Last weekend me and the bf went back to Malacca. I miss Malacca damn lot! I miss my home even more. Love to go home even though my bed is no more a bed but a mattress on the floor *but thin one larh! not cheapo one okay!*, love my home desktop, love my shower heater *ya, i use cold water at kl, bloody hell!*, love the huge and clean washing machine, love all my pillows and etc. Bought one piece of blouse for mum and she loves it. 

Went to bunga raya lorong for the well-known ChaSiew SiewYok rice and the fresh blended sugar cane juice. After that proceed to DP and Plaza Mahkota for shopping again to forget about the stress. *my mood was like super down because of the unapproved CNY leaves incident*. It's quite hurt for a fresh graduate girl to get use to a 2 days of Public Hols for CNY celebration only! Normally I celebrate CNY for 1 week *collage life the best!* 

    One of my favorite beverage "apple shake with pearls" at Big Apple to freeze my brain for thinking the sad story. Lol. But it make me feels better and generate shopping mood for me. ^o^

 When to Etude House and bought 2 things costed me quite  a lot. *but luckily the bf say "I pay for these!"* Thankiew~

 A small free gift as courtesy for customer who spend exceeding RM not-sure-how-much. Love the packaging, very femininity 

 Water proof eye linear form Etude House

 A nude colour lipstick which i'm looking for quite sometimes! cute name it owned too.." So-Chic-Beige "
One of the reason I love etude cosmatic is the packaging is very tempting me >.<" not only that, quality is not bad tho. But expensive ='( 

 Found a necklace shop selling all kinds of necklace and I love the vintage type! and I choose crown as symbolic me. 

 Last Monday me and the bf went to SS2 night market and i'm hunting for puffy contact lens. And I managed to find it! Thanks the bf as well as I almost forgot what's the objective of going to the night market.  
Friendly recommendation: the guilty food- Penang laksa at the first stall is  délicieux *delicious in french* ! For spicy & sour  food lover might love it! 

Also bought a box of fake lashes and a small bottle of nail glue for my DIY manicure purpose ^^ 

That's all the nonsense I bought just to pamper myself and It does work! Gonna doll-up on CNY with all the colorful dresses!

Chaoz. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Hey Fatt Choy!! 

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