Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY Make-up Tutorial

Hi, Giong Hee Fatt Zai to all the readers!! Yea, I'm a Hokkien mix Hakka but I know nothing about Hakka. *what a shame* lol. 

Let's welcome the year of Dragon.... which i think it's seems like a very favorable year by people as dragon considered the luckiest year in the Chinese zodiac. Many couples planning hard to get marry on the ending of last year so that they could get a dragon baby on this year to bring more luck and prosperity to the family. 

I born in the year of Horse. This year it's not a very good year for Horsy. Just trying to make something different on this year. *I mean my post to change some Feng-Shui thingy*. Lol!  I would like to share my CNY make-up tutorial. 

I love before and after pic >.<". Teehee!

Here comes... 

First of all, you'll need a completely natural face with zero make-up and some sunshine to make your photo look more revery.

Hide your fringe and shift your hair into aside/ tie up your hair as nobody want the hair to mess-up everything   in the end. *I might look auntie during the process*

1. I'm using BB cream bought from Elianto. I use it as the make-up base which it able to brighten, moisturize the skin, and it contain SPF 25 PA+ which have the feature of sun protection! 

This is the look after applied BB cream. See, it brighten the face and covered the visible pores.

2. As BB cream is in liquid form and slightly oily. I choose to apply silky white powder foundation "03 tan" to create shine-free skin and i need some tone on my skin as I'm owning a tan skin. 03 tan colour is exactly my skin colour.

It's much nature after applying silky white foundation compare with before applying it.

3. Put on your favorite contact lens. I chosen super barbie sandy lens - brownish colour just to match my outfit where it has some leopard print looking on the dress. And I prefer brown lens because it look great for  asian.  

4. Apply shinny white shadow ....

... on your half eyelid. Make sure it's even because you might not want it look like eye dirt. Shinny white shadow create a pop-out looked "3d illusion" on the eyes as my eyes lid are a bit flat.

5. Highlight bottom eyeline with pearl sparkle white enhances eye-makeup with crystal tear drop effect. Start from the inner eye corner.

I'm using tear drop liner from Etude. It provide firm and soft brush which will not burns your eyelids.

Tadah! Eyes part look more brighter. People might attracted by the eyes first only to the rest.

6. Apply dark brown and hazzle nut colour....

.... on the other half of the eyelid. It makes the center of the eyelid more bulge.

6. Draw the eyeliner and slightly exceed the actual length of the eyelid. I'm using dark waterproof eyeliner from Etude. 

It created a lengthily eye

7. Make a sharp triangle corner at the end of the eyelid and slightly link it to the bottom eyelid.

A bit of Sandara Park's style. Something similar to cat eyes.

8. Curl the eye lashes before apply falsie.

9. I personally loving falsie with long length at the eye. Sexy look!

10. Put on falsie. I did not trim the falsie because I drawn a lengthily eyeliner, do you remember? Will need to trim to fit the actual eyelid.

11. I do not have to put on double eyelid tape because falsie created double eyelid on my eyes and it's parallel type! I don't prefer inner eyelid. This is what I love my eyes!

12. Since I have thick bottom lashes on my button eyelid, mascara is just so fine for me just to thicken and darken them. For those having little lashes on the bottom eyelid why not try to put on falsie on it. It create bigger eyes as well.

13. I owned a big nose ='(. So, apply the shinny white eye shadow between the eyes to the bulge part of the nose to sharper the nose.

14. Apply beige/ nude lipstick colour. Do not choose bright or sharp colour lipstick as this make-up you want people to focus on your eyes than the lips.

15. Lip gloss from Etude as well *Gosh, almost everything from Etude >.<"*

16. Lastly, apply lip gloss to give the lips a glossy lustre and serious shine.

here comes the "After" pic! 

sunshine makes the pic warm

That's all for the first tutorial. Ignore the mole on my fore head. >.<" 

Fancy photos to share: 

Happy Chinese New Year to All! Hope you guys share your make-up tips so that we can adapt different skills of dolling-up =)

Bye! Stay tuned for next post. *took-off falsie!* 

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