Saturday, November 12, 2011

12-11-2011 "knock knock"

Hello, anybody here? lol... I'm still alive just I got none to blog about. >.<". Nah, Actually I went to Tioman island quite long a time but I didn't blog about it ... yea, photos of me not chio at all + super fat ...  That's why not gonna blog about it... Anyway, Just a quick update which is to inform that I'm still alive, life is still tension but gone better than before or shall I say I quite getting use to this fucking place now. Hmm, some more what? Ohya, this year lotsa friends get married *hope they wouldn't screwed-up their life after marriage* lol... Okay, that's it. 

Okay, shall zip my mouth/ tie my hands up *too much of bull shit i'm typing* . Okay bye! going back to hometown for 2nd tattoo i guess! bye agian!

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