Friday, January 21, 2011

January Babes!

Finally, no more classes, no more assignments, no more presentations, no more quizzes! *gosh, the happiest moment ever!* Nah~ Final Exams is coming. >.<" And then there's go my IT Program =)

In January didn't really blog much because all events are almost the same. I had friends who're born in January. Seriously, there's too much.

Start with Joe Joe babe

 Joe Joe and the boys

 Joe Joe and the Sisters! =)

Yilise @ Jexx's creation *since Joe Joe love to eat bread + milo* >.<"

The ladies and me brought her to Amigo after class for a simple 21st celebration

        JoeJoe ordered her japanese "volcano Lamen" *super spicy* and I ordered my mushroom chicken chop as usual =.=" *what a boring person*

other side dishes:  sushi-ssssssss

other side dishes: Japan's Pizzato

lastly, super unclear group pixi =.="

Happy belated birthday to Joe Joe again!

Next, goes to Theresa babe's day!

She's my high school classmate. The other high school classmates planned to give Theresa a small yet sweet surprise to the January Babe. So, they invited me and other high school friends, Theresa's co-worker, and her best friends to attend the surprise party at San Francisco Steak House.*secretly* 

Firstly they just make Theresa thought there's Mandy, Elin & Yee Ling celebrating with her. We all was waiting her at the Steak House. When she came, she was stunned *hope she was stunned* there's others celebrating as well. ^^

all birthday babe looks pretty when having their birthday celebration. =)

We have pro & chio-photographer and editor: Elin

Keat Ying & Ai Fang- both my high school classmates

Yee Ling & Ee Ling- haha! I purposely put both photo together because we have almost the same name. lol
She's MMUian too. Consider as my new friend bah. haha! I knew her from Theresa Birthday Party.

                 Elin and Ee Win- the co-workers                Tadang!* The super kawaii birthday babe- Theresa

cute chubby Ah bii and skinny Mandy- They are sisters.
Okay, the birthday singing time!
 The ladies ♥
 Happy birthday to you ~ x4

=.=" i look so bitchy here *dunno what make me feel so funny*

I wish~ I wish... I have another 10 wishes.

everyone have a pic with the January babe.

And then the group of ladies:

 love the photo
both January babes: Theresa and Yee Ling

Once again, Happy Birthday Theresa!

p/s: all Theresa's birthday photos taken from Elin

The same day, I went to Guan Siang baby boy birthday party as well. Sorry for didn't attend WS baby boy birthday party. Both birthday party was held on the same time. So, I only get to go one unless i can clone another me =.=". I choose to attend GS's birthday since we are graduating soon *very soon!*. So, all the events related to my semesters classmates, I'll attend.T^T Everyone was trying hard to get along, stick together and cherish the short moment before separate.

He rented a bungalow at A'Famosa for his 21st steamboat and BBQ birthday party.

 Mama JoeJoe and me ^^

 yilise cullen and fatty me ='( * i really need to loss some weight!*

still eating =.="

chubby GS.

i wish my chubbiness stay chubby always >.<"

all GS's birthday photos grabbed from his friends.
 the classmates: Kok Yee-the Angel and Birthday boy

 The classmates: Berry-the Majong kaki & Birthday boy

 The classmate: Sze En and the birthday boy

 the classmate: Yilise- the cullen's vempire family member =.=" & birthday boy

 the classmates: TBY- mama JoeJoe's hubby *lol* & Birthday boy

 the classmate: Chee Keat- the chef of the day & the birthday boy

 the classmates: MamaJeoJeo & the birthday boy

lastly, me and the birthday boy *dunno why he is having his hand up like taking an oath* >.<"

Prezzies opening sections:

Some prezzies tested his patience. lol
the present is not in this size. It's far more smaller than this

he actually used almost 30 minutes to unwrapped this present. =.="

 open and open pieces by pieces

cursing and cursing the one who present this >.<" lol

is almost there...

 aww... the tiny  boxie

 the golden key badge for the necklace.

his effort dowsn't make him down. haha!

Next, the group pixies

 his bunch of crazy friends *the 1 with the neck tie behave so aggressive and rough >.<* i don't really like that fella.

 =.=" feet licking?*puke* >.<"

 we are the best. Teehee! the classmates

 again, we look the best among the group pixies =P

 one of the molest-photo =.="

 self-timer: haha! cannot make it

 molest- photo again *poor white tee guy*

 his another group of friends

 Frankly, there's still 1 more January baby boy to go~ Jeromie. Haha! But he postponed his birthday celebration to CNY holidays. So, everyone manage to attend. =)

Happy Birthday to all January Babies! May your birthday wishes come true! That's all for the post.. stay tune for more delayed posts >.<"

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